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  • t
    Does anyone know what the legal settlement was about?
  • B
    As a very frustrated long term investor I have been following this company for 10 plus years...It always seems that the prize is next month quarter.....or next is also discouraging that there appears to be no institutional interest....
    I guess I'll just have to wait....
  • L
    Did anyone catch when this new mobile product, which is being redesigned, and that will make a big difference to the company, is expected to ramp up?
  • B
    Interesting conference call.... Improved sales..reduced payroll by 18%..completed stock buyback of 1.5M shares....plenty of cash ..they seem to be in a good position to ride out the COVID crisis... feeling better for now ....comments ??
  • j
    anyone have the date on the big report?
  • J
    What is driving this down? Insider panic? How low <2?. If they can't generate profit, is there a bottom?
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    Is this stock acquisition good or bad ??? It seems our CEO is either confident in the companies future or trying to take the company over and maybe screw the shareholders.....I welcome opinions...
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    $BKTI Fundamental Global Investors, LLC, 10%-owner,Director of BK Technologies Corp bought 11237 shares on 2020-06-17.
    FormWhispers - Trading Ideas from Insiders BK Technologies Corp BKTI.
    FormWhispers - Trading Ideas from Insiders BK Technologies Corp BKTI.
  • J
    Management Must Go! $4.4 million loss on $40.1 million in sales is a disaster... This company used to be profitable with $25 million in sales. What happened?
  • D
    What's happening? Big jumps in share $!
  • Z
    Makes logical sense why price is down short term…dilution plus more shares to trade hands?
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    What do you guys think it will take for this to start moving? I would have thought the ER would have done it but it seems frozen/slipping. I understand the broader market panic is affecting everything but this company seems pretty solid for all of that.
  • L
    Someone has heard the same story too many times before.
  • L
    HINT: It is always nice to get a heads-up notice of when the quarterly conference call will be, before the morning of the quarterly conference call.
  • E
    1) Good sales growth
    2) Gross margins 43%
    3) R&D 3.7mm (1.6mm above last yr)
    4) Loss on investment 1.2mm
    5) 290k paid to The sales group (TSG)
    6) current assets + investments - total liabilities = 1.80/sh

    If you adjust earnings for the additional spend on R&D and the loss on investments (new accounting rules) and payment to the sales group
    earnings would have been about 24 cents not 4 cents.

    these were real expenses but the additional spend on R&D should be temporary with the benefits later this year and next.
    Payments to TSG will end this year and investments in PIH are near purchase price.

    Adjusted earnings of 24 cents and a P/E of 20 would give a price near $5.00 and the company has net working capital and investments of $1.80. Mr, Market wil sooner or later see the value of these shares.

    Good Luck
  • o
    News anyone???
  • R
    There was a revolving loan agreement with Chase. Hope it means they are spending more on manufacturing => more sales.

    What is your take on the new CTO? Haven’t heard from you about Bkti for a while. Hope they will release the Bkr all band radios soon.
  • E
    Bkti holds 477000 shares of pih thru fig investment
    pih just announced the sale of their insurance unit which should produce a BV of about 8.50 a share.
    BKTI was last market the value at about 3.2mm and now it is worth about 4mm.

    Just ruff figures
  • R
    Conference Call:
    1. Multiband product launch next week
    2. No solid plan on PIH -- 1347 Property Insurance Holdings
    3. Not sure why the mgmt doesn't want to tell the addressable market for the new product

    @ED SCHULTHEIS, as always thanks for getting more insight in the conference call.
  • E
    Gross margins looked little light
    R&D about 1mm higher than last yr 3.8mm higher in last 12 months

    If you adjust the operating earnings by the 3.8mm additional R&D spend (for multi-band radios)
    you get 3,3mm in operating earnings 20% tax 2,6 mm adjusted earnings or about 20 cents a share.

    R&D spend was real but the revenue stream associated with this additional spend will be in the future.

    Unexpected large stock repurchase in the 4th q should lead to larger earnings in the near future.

    Prepayments higher indicate the launch of multi-band is just around the corner.

    Investment (losses) in FIG-PIH should reverse with the sale of Subsidiary and rise in pih stock from 4.02 at year end to 6.02 yesterday.

    This looks to be a very good report. First and fourth quarters tend to be quite light with revenues in the past of only 6-7 mm compared to the much higher 2nd & 3rd quarters. The operating loss was only 523k with the additional 1mm spend on R&D.
    The large repurchases indicate to me that management is confident in the future sales and earnings for BKTI.

    Look Forward to the conference call

    Good Luck