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    Is this stock a Good buy atm?
  • O
    Go on BITK chart, put it in 4h chart, select draw and pick linear line. Trace a line under the principal resistance (1,14$) and trace a line from our highest peek (2,24$) to where we are now. You will see we are in descending triangle formation, we will see the breakout very soon.
  • E
    call me crazy but I have consolidated my position over the last two weeks I bought another 10k. The way some people trade this stock makes me think that someone knows what others don't and that something big is coming. the future will tell
  • S
    This is an absolute steal for this price but I see everyone fell off this board. Come on people. This is hitting $2 soon with Bitcoin snd etherium starting to pop. March is over. It’s time for some highs.
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    hold it
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    John Lambo
    This stock is in a acccumalation zone. It does get new partnerships weekly so it willl slowly gain traction, if everone in here goes to their twitter page and retweets the companies activities it will bring in new investors and the share price will go up. It should have a higher value. Undervalued for sure.
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    Amplify Games Joins Blockchain Game Alliance

    Vancouver, British Columbia - March 11, 2021 -- BlockchainK2 Corp. wholly owned subsidiary Amplify Games (“BlockchainK2” or the “Company”) (TSX.V: BITK) (OTCQB: BIDCF) (FSE: KRL2) is pleased to announce that they have joined the largest association of companies promoting blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFT’s) within the gaming industry: the BGA or the Blockchain Game Alliance.

    Amplify Games will be joining over 180 fellow BGA members, including Ubisoft, Atari, and AMD.

    “Blockchain technology brings broader choice, security and flexibility to both gamers and publishers,” said Joerg Roskowetz, Head of Blockchain Technology, AMD. “Next-generation blockchain game platforms will give gamers access to exclusive online content, and provide new ways for them to truly own it. They will also provide game publishers with new channels to distribute digital game content.”

    As one of those new channels to distribute digital games and game content, Amplify Games will contribute to the mission of the Blockchain Game Alliance by releasing a blockchain-based platform to connect game studios and influencers as well as enhance gamers’ experiences on platforms they already use. Amplify is a platform targeted squarely at the mainstream gaming audience, where they can see the benefits of blockchain and NFT’s without needing to dramatically change how they are already engage with the games they play.

    “Amplify Games’ storefronts and influencer network can be an ideal gateway for mainstream gamers to be exposed, for the first time, to the true power and opportunities afforded by blockchain and NFT’s in a comfortable and familiar environment.” said Tony Caputo, CEO of Amplify Games.

    Amplify Games’ inclusion into the BGA will enable new partnerships with blockchain technologies companies and inclusion of new game titles on the Amplify platform through relationships with game studio members.

    About Blockchain Game Alliance

    The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is a coalition of over 180 game and blockchain companies committed to advocating for blockchain technology within the game industry. Their goal is to spread awareness about blockchain technologies and encourage adoption by highlighting their potential to foster new ways to create, publish, play, and build strong communities around games. The BGA also provides an open forum for individuals and companies to share knowledge and collaborate, create common standards, establish best practices, and network.

    For More information on the BGA, please visit:
    About Amplify Games Inc.

    Amplify Games is a gaming technology platform that is solving the problems of today with technology that will empower the future of digital game distribution and promotion. The platform uses blockchain technology to change the current studio, publisher, influencer paradigm. This combination of the needs within the gaming industry and the solutions that blockchain and NFT’s can provide to meet those needs is what will enable Amplify Games to take advantage of huge opportunities in the $45 billion digital games market.

    For more information Amplify Games please visit:

    For further information, please contact Tony Caputo, CEO
    About BlockchainK2 Corp.

    BlockchainK2 Corp. is a holding company investing in blockchain technology solutions for capital markets and other sectors that can be made more efficient through tokenization. The Company owns a gaming platform Amplify Games Inc changing the way video games are distributed and promoted. BlockchainK2 is also invested in RealBlocks, a technology platform for private equity, private credit and real estate that provides tokenized secondary trading of LP interests. The company’s wholly owned subsidiary iRecover Inc is working to implement the findings and principles of behaviorism, social neurodevelopment, and behavioral economics in a blockchain based application to support individuals recovering from addiction. The Company also has executed a joint venture agreement with Standard Power, an industrial scale crypto currency mining facility with very low power costs in the United States. For information on BlockchainK2 Corp., please visit

    For further information, please contact: Sergei Stetsenko, CEO 604-630-8746

    Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

    Cautionary Note Regarding Forward Looking Statements

    This press release contains statements which constitute “forward-looking statements”, including information concerning the intentions, plans and future action of the Company described herein. The words “may”, “would”,
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    Hey guys we are now on stocktwits $BIDCF
  • O
    Dont panic and use your technical! We couldnt pierce the 1,63 resistance on 3 different occasions so we bounced down to the 1,35 support but it failed to hold. Now our support is on 1,21 and our uptrending is still intact but on the edge of failing. At this point i dont think we can go lower at all. patience.
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    This like watching a train crash in slow motion.
  • N
    Hello everyone!
    What a morning after beautiful chart yesterday!!
    Btc is at ~75k cad..get ready for Atleast 3$ by Monday noon if btc vl stay this level
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    WallStreetBets Is Now Targeting Crypto Miners

    Tyler Durden's Photo
    SUNDAY, MAR 14, 2021 - 11:59
    The WallStreetBets Reddit forum that skyrocketed in popularity this year amidst the GameStop chaos is now targeting crypto miners.

    Though the board has a "no cryptocurrency" rule, that doesn't prevent users from talking about stocks that are tied to cryptocurrency. And that's exactly what they're doing, according to Bloomberg. Names like Riot Blockchain (RIOT) and Marathon Digital Holdings (MARA) have become mainstays of conversation on the board.

    Perhaps lost amidst the bitcoin bluster is the fact that mining names have returned massive sums, in excess that of bitcoin. Marathon and Riot both surpassed 7,600% gains for the year as of March 12.

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    Users of the forum have been taking exception with the "no cryptocurrency" rule: “Oh, we can talk about RIOT now? Nice, I guess I can show this 16-bagger,” one post said. And while the forum isn't responsible for the names taking off - they have followed bitcoin's surge - it may begin contributing to still-growing interest in the names.

    Cryptos, at the same time, look as though they will continue going mainstream. Coinbase's upcoming NASDAQ listing will value it at about $90 billion.

    But at some point, laws of large numbers will kick in. Howard Wang, co-founder of New York-based investment advisory and market research firm Convoy Investments, told Bloomberg: “Investors should consider whether the business model is sustainable in an environment where Bitcoin prices aren’t quadrupling year over year. Bitcoin and miners are fundamentally different investments.”

    And obviously, layering a management team and a company on top of bitcoin, adds additional risk to the already ever-present risk of investing in bitcoin. Vijay Ayyar, head of Asia Pacific with crypto exchange Luno in Singapore said: “It’s quite hard to do better than just holding Bitcoin itself, frankly. Owning an asset versus the business that produces that asset are quite different both from a cost and opportunity perspective.”

    The report sites gold miners, down 40% over the last decade while gold was up 20%, as an example of this type of risk.

    Furthermore, bitcoin mining becomes a more expensive and energy consuming business as time progresses. Places like China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region have already banned the mining of crypto because of its drag on energy. Chinese bitcoin miners like Shenzhen Forms Syntron Information Co., Shenzhen Ysstech Info-Tech Co. and Brilliance Technology Co. have not shared in the run up, with the group collectively down 12% so far this year.

    Additionally, short seller Hindenburg Research alleged this year that China-based SOS Ltd. was an "obvious China based shell game".
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    I am not worried at all about this stock because I am not selling this stock till it reaches to three digits.. future is so bright and in future they are going to join with Amazon and Samsung..just wait and watch and hold
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    We need more people and more volume..more publicity so spread this word in other room as well..
  • s
    As i always says don’t listen to fishy people this is good and this is our future because btc will become largest asset in the world soon all these blockchain shapes our future
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    what price prediction do you guys see this going in the next year...?
  • s
    Bro because panic sellers selling it
  • N
    What a chart!!
    I am dying to see similar chart since long after 2.3 mark (3 weeks ago)
  • B
    What a finish heading into the weekend. Been waiting for weeks for it rise back up. Any ideas what is driving this?