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Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. (BEP-UN.TO)

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  • J
    Bought more yesterday bought more today. - look at this sell-off as a buying opportunity - renewables are the future - we aren’t even close to starting the first inning. Banks do not want to lend to Oil co. That is a big deal!!!!! Stay long and get green - buy more on dips !! Timeframe is 5-10 years not 5 -10 minutes. I own 2200 plus shares at 54$ - It’s okay to be frustrated but keep your focus on the urgent need for cleaner energy - we are no longer just talking about it ! GL friends
  • R
    Real Mannie
    As a young long term investor in my early 20s, I see the way the world is moving and the transitions major companies and governments all over the world are making to go carbon-neutral. This mornings earnings call - CEO Connor T mentioned their 700+/- customer base worldwide of their energy production. BEP along with other giants such as NEE are long term plays to get in and ride for decades to come if you do your DD. Not here for a quick buck, here because I know the exponential growth opportunity this presents in the long term. Gonna keep buying shares every pull-back and ride it out while collecting diviy’s on a 5-9% compound annual growth basis.

    The cost of producing renewable energy over the years has dropped, even according to Wright’s Law you can easily understand how much more it’ll be easier and less costly with better technological advancements in the future. BEP is keen in finding value in the undervalued - hence their offloading of Wind assets to take on more Solar via divesting and not acquiring more unnecessary debt loans. To any young investor on this board this is just a tip to get your eyes open and paying attention to the real world outside of just the short term “stock performance ”
  • A
    averaged up today, she goes down more, I'll do it again. I'll collect the dividend to stay happy until this absolutely rockets through the summer again
  • S
    Steven P
    Selling off renewable stocks at a loss makes zero sense unless you absolutely need the money.
  • D
    Just remember..66% of revenue comes from hydroelectric (water turbines) these guys hold THE largest in wind 20000mw to unload 880 is not a big deal..they are raising capital by divesting instead of borrowing..which is good..the wind doesnt always blow and the sun doesnt always shine. They are getting into hydrogen and renewables(plastic byproduct) more steady cashflow for both with higher revenue and profit..even at this price $47.11 is a great buy in time if you have extra cash..back up to atleast $54 if not more by end of summer
  • L
    It almost touched the 40$ pre pandemic. At 44$ now its a buy. Strong earnings, increasing divy, solid management. Go BEP
  • P
    Puck Daddy
    This is a long term story that’ll take some time. Add to severe dips such as this and ride it out. A lifelong hold…
  • R
    Every analyst following BEP-UN have it as a "Hold" which is pretty much dead $$$ or worse. Too bad seemed to be in the right industry at the right time with the right group with a dividend. Think it is a 3 or 4 day sell and then it comes back a bit.
  • b
    I feel numb to the losses at this point...
  • C
    This stock has been a real dog as of late. Market seems to not like the sell off of wind assets. They better have a good story to tell for earnings. And solid earnings.
  • c
    This used to be one of my best stocks and it’s been tanking since the new year- what gives?!
  • B
    In at 53 with 200 shares. Thinking of selling at a loss.
  • B
    Renewable energy like solar, hydropower and blue hydrogen stocks poised to decimate Big Oil’s obscene profits, make OPEC obsolete and will hand the United States 100% energy independence. In fact, the U.S. Department of Defense just invested $250 million in over 60 different projects. Google, Facebook and car manufacturers like Tesla, GM, Toyota and BMW are spending billions. And billionaires like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are going all in. The International Energy Agency predicts $48 trillion could soon flow into this sector, making it the #1 source of energy on the planet. Goldman Sachs is already calling this phenomenon a “once in a lifetime opportunity.”
    It’s time to get in.
  • L
    Just when I am ready to average down on BEP, the price goes up. Not sure if I should be happy or sad. lol
  • s
    Target Down RBC Capital Sector Perform CAD 59
  • B
    From what I could find out, the reason they dumped their wind asset is to focus more on their solar energy business, as solar has higher returns over the long term.

    I don't mind this as long as they put those money to good use and invest into some nice solar opportunities.
    Besides, I also own NEP, which are more focused on wind and off-shore wind farms, so I win on that side too. I would rather have NEP manage wind assets and BEP invest more in solar to be honest...
  • a
    I don't get BEP. In the US, there are all these regional utility companies that are gradually transitioning into renewable energy. What does BEP offer that these utility companies do not?
  • T
    This stock reminds me of a the dead skunk laying along side the road I saw yesterday.
  • T
    The BEPs all red premarket. Another down day? It looks like the “red” revolution for green revolution stocks.
  • D
    BEP selling their wind assets was beautiful. If you look through the financial statements you will see that solar produces 2X more FFO per MW then wind. BEP also purchased Terrform in 2020 for $.93M / MW and then sold some of the wind assets for $1.83M / MW, nearly doubling the money. This money will now be used to find higher margin assets in solar. People who sold without doing DD are the suckers here. This is a great business, with great management!