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    1000th Global news yesterday was nice, but the interviews were awesome, check this out:

    “Since the start of the year, we’ve been selling more planes than we’re delivering, and this trend is continuing as I speak,” chief executive officer Éric Martel said Thursday. “It’s been an extraordinary year. Our strategy was to replenish the order book this year, and we’re ahead of where we wanted to be.”


    “Bombardier is still considering whether to increase production rates to meet the rising demand, Martel said. A decision, which will be based in part on supplier readiness, will probably be announced in February, he said.“
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    With 11.2 billion in back up orders, I think this stock is undervalued. The volatility over the last few days with the variant has been over emphasised in the media pushing the whole market down when analysts where talkin about a Santa rally in December. I think once the CDC or the WHO come out and tell us the variant is not as most variants weaken over time as they mutate, the market will once again move toward the upside. Inflation they say is a concern, but I think once you see the reality over the next few quarters, the Fed will slow down any rate increases until the second half of 2022 with only one or two rate hikes that will have been forecast into the markets with single digit returns or low double digits returns for 2022. Aviation will return and these manipulative media and hedge funds are pushing fear to get better prices and load up for what will continue to be a continuation of higher prices in 2022. Just my take, good luck to all.
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    Futures are set for high triple digit gains (700 plus) for Friday December 3, 2021 after it closed Thursday at just over 600 plus points. We are seeing a huge reversal after news that spooked the markets is not as bad as it was made out to be by the pundits on BNN and CNBC. All rigged for big institutions to get in on missed opportunity last time around. Look for continued strength into next week...we may after all see a Santa Clause rally! Good luck to all.
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    Official: Bombardier Marks Dual Celebration – NetJets Accepts First Global 7500 Business Jet as Bombardier Delivers 1,000th Global Aircraft
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    Excellent comments from RBC’s meetings w Bombardier mgmt:

    Highlights from investor meetings with management

    Our view: We had the pleasure of hosting BBD’s EVP and CFO, Bart Demosky, and VP Financial Planning and IR, Francis Richer de La Fleche, for a series of virtual investor meetings yesterday and last week. Key topics covered during the meetingsincluded the demand backdrop,supply chain environment, the competitive environment, and potential upside to the long-term services opportunity. Overall, we view the meetings as constructive to our positive view on the shares, and we continue to see BBD as representing attractive risk/reward at current levels.

    Key points:

    Demand environment shows no signs of slowing down. Demand for private aircraft and private flying remains broad-based and robust, driven by increases in aircraft utilization and growth in new customers. On this, management highlighted that fleet operators are flying their aircraft significantly more now (in many cases well over 1,000 hours per year) than they were pre-pandemic, while the penetration rate of customers who can afford to fly private has now surpassed pre-COVID levels. Additionally, BBD noted that the pricing environment has also been strong (though no Y/Y change provided, as it is not a number the company discloses) given the strength of the current demand backdrop.

    Not considering equity raise. During the meetings, management put to rest any concerns around a potential equity raise and clarified that commentary on the Q3 call regarding its intent to be “opportunistic in our future capital market transactions” was in reference to future debt raises/ refinancings, not new equity issuance. We believe that concerns around a potential equity raise served as amoderate overhang on the stock following Q3 results and therefore view this recent commentary as alleviating a key near-term concern.

    BBD less impacted by supply chain issues. Management noted that BBD has been able to successfully navigate the ongoing supply chain challenges due to: 1) long lead times (typically 9–12 months) on aircraft parts orders, which give suppliers the time they need to get product ready; and 2) a “north-south” supply chain that spans primarily Canada-US-Mexico, thereby reducing logistical challenges with current suppliers. Overall, we view the company’s supply chain position as a competitive advantage that further supports our high conviction around management’s ability to meet near-term delivery guidance.

    Capital structure. Given progress made on debt reduction and cost-savings initiatives(which management noted are tracking nicely ahead of forecast), BBD believes there could be upside to its FCF profile in the near term and reiterated its target for positive FCF on a sustained basis beginning next year. In addition to this, we see furtherimprovementin the capitalstructure and continued deleveraging as key drivers behind the potential narrowing of the current valuation gap (~28%) vs. peers

    Note from LB1: Above is the summary; I add the complete comment regarding the supply chain:

    Supply chain and operations

    BBD less impacted by supply chain issues. Given how topical global supply chain/logistics challenges have been recently, this was a key question that came up during the meetings as investors were looking to better understand BBD’s specific supply chain situation. Overall, management highlighted that BBD has not felt a material impact from supply chain challenges, and that the company has been able to successfully manage the minor issues that it has encountered. The primary reason for this is the long lead times that BBD provides its suppliers once an aircraft is ordered, which gives them plenty of time to respond to the company’s demand/needs and successfully ensure that the required parts/products are delivered on time. Management also highlighted that because its supply chain is primarily “north-south” and spans Canada-US-Mexico, the logistical/transportation issues impacting its suppliers have not been as pronounced as other companies that source goods from overseas have experienced. Taken together, we we view the company’s supply chain position as a competitive advantage that further supports our conviction around management’s ability to meet near-term delivery guidance.
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    Stock manipulation of some sort!!! How is it we get a correction of such magnitude when BBD.B is showing good signs of turning around and many analysts are putting higher price targets on the stock. The stock has plunged just over 26% since its high's of $2.27. Some of the major banks are picking up the stock, buys to sells are at 3/1. Looks like the retail shareholders are getting spooked into selling when they should also be buying at these lower levels.
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    Bombardier Marks Dual Celebration – NetJets Accepts First Global 7500 Business Jet as Bombardier Delivers 1,000th Global Aircraft.
    Patrick Gallagher, NetJets’ President, Sales, Marketing and Services, receives the key to the Global 7500 from Éric Martel, Bombardier’s CEO and President.
    Delivery of industry’s longest-range business jet marks the first of 20 Global 7500 aircraft to join the NetJets fleet.
    Global 7500 aircraft continues to garner significant interest from customers who value features such as the largest and most unique cabin, innovative technology, unparalleled performance and the smoothest ride.
    The addition of a Global 7500 aircraft to the NetJets fleet redefines its large-cabin, long-range offering, and elevates the choice of travel options for its international Owners. With a 7,700 nm (14,260 km) range, NetJets Owners will be able to fly from New York to Beijing or San Francisco to Sydney without refueling stops. The Global 7500 aircraft is set to be the flagship aircraft in one of the finest fleets in business aviation. The largest and quietest aircraft in the NetJets fleet, this is the first of a firm order of 20 Global 7500 aircraft, sure to transform the way Owners experience global travel.
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    While Bombardier doesn’t release unit delivery numbers by aircraft model, it does by aircraft family. During the 12 months ended Sept. 30, 2021, Bombardier delivered 38 Challengers and 76 Globals. Although the Globals represented two thirds of those 114 deliveries, they probably contributed more than 75 percent of the related revenues due to their higher values
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    Demand for private jets is accelerating which works great for BBD.B. Their aircraft are efficient and when you look at the cost of private travel vs. business class, there is not much of a difference when you have a few people travelling. We have seen a selloff or should I say a massive correction from the high's! At these prices, you are getting a bargain of a deal, not to last much longer in my opinion. Keep holding at these prices and we will get a much faster rebound vs. giving it away at the low valuation currently.
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    Even the facedrive with a few million revenue and minus several dozens millions net income moved up to more than 60, it is billions of dollars revenue company, it should be more than 10 $... 😍
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    I work at Pearson in the private aircraft section of the airport. Never seen it this busy. I see the construction of the new Bombardier factory being built. Nothing to worry about BBD-B.TO , If you want quick money buy crypto or get a job.
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    Don't forget that fundamentals did not change and the FUD from Omicron is a good buying opportunity. Like if you're still holding!
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    Thanks for the opportunity to buy more omnicron!!!
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    new article in the Wall Street Journal , Nov 27, Private Flying Takes Off, Boosting Demand for Business Jets
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    If it ends the year at $ 2.50 - $ 3.00 most shareholders would be satisfied with that and call it progress and gladly wait another year to see $ 6.00 per share.
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    Noobs: it’s got to be manipulation!!! Of course I have little to no evidence, but I can’t be wrong, because, well, me, so the game must be rigged!!!

    Too funny.

    Serious investors: reasonable explanations are almost always available, just might take a bit to become evident. For Bombardier stock, macro: small-caps are being sold off hard, Covid fears are hitting travel stocks (check out ERJ for an especially good comp), and micro: Bombardier is in a bit of a ‘dead money’ period, after a lot of good news with next earnings report a while away.
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    We just need some positive news update from company, nothing else
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    The market is 220 points up and BBD is 3 cents down some think fishy