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CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in KRW
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608,504.20-29,510.44 (-4.63%)
As of 3:13AM BST. Market open.
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  • M
    I invested in BCH a few months back just hoping that the value will increase in the next several months. I am not looking for the May high but maybe around $800 by the end of the year? Just wondering what other holders think. Thanks
  • T
    Bitcoin is going to pump pass 60k after this great dip.Start trading your bitcoin. Trading is risky, but with the help of an expert, the risk is reduced by 80%.
  • c
    About 40% of my portfolio in binance is invested in crypto any advice on any other stocks that I can grow a $10K capital to at least $40K?
  • k
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  • D
    how was everyone's break?
  • j
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    I would encourage newcomers to spend a few months developing a solid understanding of why Cryptocurrency is different. It's a revolution and it’s a money system that is beyond the control of any one or group of people and we’ve never had anything like that before. That is why newbies and stock holder need a maestro who could put them through and that's why I'm introducing Mr. Jeffrey to everyone around here he can be reached via 𝕥𝕖𝕝𝕖𝕘𝕣𝕒𝕞 @Jeffreystatham, he is the best, he's gonna guide you and with the help of his Signals and Volatilities, you'll get good returns and also better knowledge about Cryptocurrencies, they're lot of scammers here trying to lure people away with huge return on investment which turns out to be PONZI SCHEME.
  • C
    What in the world is gone happen with this crypto ? Can someone predict me a price or give me a advice ?
  • t
    I wanted to share a Crypto opportunity with you guys that looks enticing
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    Start Earning Crypto 24/7 By Helping Us Build "The People's Network"
  • L
    Be a really good time for the US to show China that financial smoke!
  • w
    I heard about BCH-USD the other day on ( It’s looking like an interesting play.
  • L
    Little panic selling over the weekend. Getting cheap again
  • J
    I'd say it's pretty obvious this is one of the more undervalued cryptos.
  • K
    I Wouldnt sell Cryptos here they are going higher remember they been down almost 2 weeks. its going continue go up it will go past $1100 will take a breather that area very small then go up to new Highs
  • D
    Back over 800 in 2 days 💰
  • S
    Trading may not be sensible for youngsters since it is practical to lose all your contributed capital. I'm sounding this advice since I had experience hard and fast setback endeavoring to trade with less data even ensuing to watching colossal heaps of video. Directing a good specialist that has an exceptional execution limit and a strong trading stage is a better decision than choose which makes danger the chiefs trading decision more fundamental. Levi Lucas is a decent expert in the trading scene who manages my trade valuably which grants me make withdrawals. his organization can be reached through his Telegram (@levilucas101) for sellers who should be powerful
  • J
    BCH will eventually prevail. It actually works as intended. 12 yrs later and btc does nothing well, unless you want to count scamming people, and making China rich.
  • M
    can someone explain what happened ?
  • J
    people are buying heavily on exchange, look at order books. The buy wall is stronger than majority of other cryptos right now. Not sure why, but it is.
  • J
    I feel sorry for you jim, i know you didn't get those 1000% gainz buying last year. it's ok, stick to what you know.