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BitcoinCash KRW (BCH-KRW)

CCC - CoinMarketCap. Currency in KRW
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672,833.30+19,696.63 (+3.02%)
As of 6:58PM BST. Market open.
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    Ladies and gentleman, I really am posting this to see what you all think about BitcoinCash. My question to all of you is: wouldn’t it be smarter to invest in BCH rather than all of the smaller crypto currency out there? We all know Bitcoin is the clear winner especially because Elon Musk invested nearly over a billion dollars and Jack Dorsie is a big fan too. If we follow simple economics, wouldn’t BitcoinCash most likely be the next winner in crypto since it is a fork and also has a limited number of supply? Please let me know what you guys think
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    by far and away the mst undervalued crypto I have seen. Relative to the Big 2, this is now 1/2 of what it was 6 months ago
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    I don't think that BCH-USD has another 10% in gains in it. Looks pretty bad here. I actually found the other day and their stocks are way better...
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    when bitcoin was at this range months ago, BCH was over $1,000, losing ground does not make any sense.
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    This will hit 1200 again, only a matter of time...
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    Bitcoin cash - the new stable coin🪙
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    Bitcoin scam I sold everything on 70 % loss I don't think it will reach ever again 1200-1500$ GL
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    $599 is coming today.., be patient you all, it should happen shortly 🤞🤞