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  • J
    Jayde Jk
    Patent sale, oh patent sale… How come you’re not tired of asking the same question over and over and commenting the same over and over… I understand that everyone wants to find out, I’m also eager to find out and I would like to find out today, now, this moment, but it’s not happening and there is nothing we can do. Nobody promised 100% that it would be this quarter, it was said 80% this quarter which will end tomorrow, so one more day until the end…. I can only imagine how many bad comments I will see on this board if this deal is not announced today or tomorrow… just remember, no one promised 100% that it would be this quarter so go from there….
  • S
    State Street Corp Invests $4.81 Million in BlackBerry Limited (NYSE:BB)
  • F
    Are Blackberry shares on sale for < $10 today
    because Mr. Chen keeps financial dealing facts away from Blackberry's shareholders?

    Shareholders need some Accountability from the Executives who run Blackberry. IMO
  • K
    Today there are so many ways to get caught up in the quick money. Reddit pumps, crazy high evaluations for IPO’s and market cap evaluations for a ton of stocks mathematically don’t make sense for the long term. At some point the revenue needs to justify such high market caps, or does it?

    Today in a lot of cases it’s hype, and speculation, or just FOMO that gets investors to buy in.

    I don’t share that trying to get into debates about any individual stock but only to state that in this market, with such uncertainty, I feel good about my long term investment in BB.

    BB market cap is low in comparison to competitors.
    IOt and Cybersecurity have big growth opportunities for years to come.
    EV is in its infancy and QNX will continue to grow.
    Ivy is not even considered in current market cap. Who knows what amount of revenue this can bring to the table!!

    Short term swings don’t mean much to me.
    The last 10 years of results don’t mean much to me either.

    I like the outlook over the next 10 years.

    Stay the course, and be patient.

    Happy Sunday longs!
  • A
    Know what you own. This will be like owning SHOP at $30. Patients is key. Just remember, at this SP, every $10 increase doubles your investment. 🙏
  • J
    To all pumpers and bashers, choose a side.

    Pumpers, please select thumbs up
    Bashers, please select thumbs down

    I have chosen my side already, you can find out from my previous posts. I am comfortable with my pick, since my capital gain is currently hovering between 2.7M and 3M+. GLTA
  • F
    The longer is takes for $BB get to $1000 - the more time I have to buy shares :)
  • M
    If you are patient you'll be rewarded. If you listen to the bashers you'll live with regret. These dips are nothing more than a great sale price for a future behemoth company.
  • s
    Qnx-Aws, BlackBerry IVY was co-created with Amazon Web Services (“AWS”) as part of a multi-year, global agreement in December 2020. It is a scalable, cloud-connected software platform that enables automakers to enhance operations of connected vehicles with BlackBerry QNX and AWS technology, thereby creating customized driver and passenger experiences.

    It reads vehicle sensor data and captures actionable insights with support for multi-cloud deployments. The trailblazing solution facilitates automotive suppliers and automakers to minimize costs by shifting processing to the edge and reducing raw data transmission. Further, it boosts innovation in the automotive industry while unleashing new business models and revenue streams.

    On the virtue of such robust characteristics and diligent operational execution, the joint accelerator program by BlackBerry and L-SPARK intends to capture valuable insights and unique ideas from the chosen Canada-based tech startups, in turn, delivering high-impact transportation use cases on the back of in-vehicle data. This will help enhance customer experiences while unleashing the potential of next-gen intelligent connected vehicles.

    Moving forward, BlackBerry intends to drive healthy revenue growth and increase market share in the industry vertical. With a holistic growth model, focusing on organic and inorganic initiatives, the company continues to invest in product development and go-to-market strategy. Riding on such dynamic business fundamentals, BlackBerry appears well prepared to drive long-term sustainable growth, thereby instilling optimism among investors.
  • F
    What are they waiting for before they'll put out some really good news?
    A stock market correction?

    1: They didn't tell us what Facebook had to pay to settle the lawsuit. I believe that kind of information shouldn't have been kept from investors. Sounds kind of shady. IMO

    2: 80% confidence that they would have a deal with the "potential" Buyer of the patents by the end of quarter. ???????

    Sometimes, I wonder, is it all just a game?
  • R

    BB will be showcasing IVY to developers in Amazon's Invent convention Nov 29 - Dec 3
  • J
    Settlement announcement & Good ER together before Christmas is even better. Stay tuned longs !
  • J
    Hang in there folks. Price is close to the 50 and 200 day moving average and has teetered there for some time with occasional jumps. This is not a stock to day trade. Tech is the future, no question. Cyber security even more so. BB is a profitable company. Everyone on here saying its going this way or that way are looking into a crystal ball. None of us know the outcome. Look at the big picture. Look at the guts of this company. I have no idea where it will go but I do trust in tech and especially cyber security.
  • M
    Bought the dip... Will buy any future ones also. This company will not fail. Buy, Hold, Get Rich.
  • J
    Jayde Jk
    Let’s have a fun. My friend @Rio22 just replied to me. He thinks I work for an institution and that I’m here to sell BB shares. Yesterday he posted that I’m a manipulator, and that I like to lie.

    Dear Rio22, I don’t work for an institution, I’m not a manipulator and I don’t lie. I’m just someone who is invested in BB and has a positive opinion, whether you like it or not.

    Second, tell me how someone could sell BB shares on BB board, where everyone already know about BB. Shouldn’t that person go to other boards to promote it?

    So here's the fun. Let's see how good I am at selling and find out if Rio22's theory that someone can sell shares on such a board works. LOL. I don’t need to sell BB, it will rise on its own, BB is now very well known, but Rio22, BB is not my only holding, and there is another company which shares I would like to sell because that company is still under the radar.

    Sorry everyone, I’ve never done this and I never pump my other holdings on other boards, but this is just for Rio22, and of course everyone else is welcome to take a look.

    The company is called ARHT MEDIA (TSX.V: ART.V or OTC: ARHTF). It’s a hologram technology company. I’m invested in that company for over a year, and I will be honest. For the most part, I was bag holding it, and averaging down. It’s my only holding that has not given me any returns yet. The stock price is cheap, currently $0.24Cad, it’s slightly above my average now, and I can sell it and leave but I still think there is potential because holograms are the future especially what is coming with Mataverse. It’s under the radar and not many investors are aware of it since it’s a Canadian company. They have some big corporate clients, but unfortunately NDAs with them. One example that I can give you are the NBAs hologram interviews done by AT&T HoloVision last year. Everyone thought it was AT&T but no one knew that Arht technology was being used. Arht Media recently entered into agreement with WeWork and WeWork is currently installing Arht Media’s technology at their locations around the world (I believe 100 or more). This will give a great bust to their revenue. Also, they had a number of recent partnerships and events, and one of them is that Arht technology will be used at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. There is a lot about the company, but if you’re interested, it’s the best to read for yourself. Here is a link to their website

    So @Rio22, what do you say, do you want to buy?
  • J
    Jayde Jk
    BlackBerry, L-SPARK Launch Third Cohort of Accelerator Program to Advance Canadian Connected Vehicle Technology Innovation

    November 23, 2021
    Chosen companies will have access to BlackBerry IVY to deliver high-impact transportation use cases leveraging in-vehicle data

    WATERLOO and OTTAWA, ONTARIO – November 23, 2021 – BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB) and L-SPARK, Canada’s largest software-as-a-service accelerator, today announced a third phase of their joint accelerator program, which aims to grow Canadian technology companies focused on connected vehicle solutions.

    Following the success of the first and second cohorts, the partnership will once again help small and medium-sized technology enterprises (SMEs) grow their businesses and bring new products to market using BlackBerry® QNX® technology. New this year, the accelerator will provide selected companies with access to BlackBerry’s Intelligent Vehicle Data Platform – BlackBerry IVY™, enabling them to develop high-impact solutions leveraging in-vehicle data to improve driver and passenger experiences.
  • M
    $BB looking strong for 2023 and beyond, though I think the stock will gain traction in 2022. They have a well-diversified portfolio of business in markets that are growing rapidly. Beyond that, their products are rated exceptionally compared to their competitors. Fundamentally, this company is very strong, if they can improve sales strategies (their weak point imo) this will take off.
  • J
    Add more shares today at $9.66
  • T
    Remember what John Chen did for Sybase. Increased stockholders value by almost 15x. But just before that happend, a lot of investors collapsed psychologically and jumped of the ship. Trust JC!
  • J
    Jayde Jk
    Just a small note from me:

    “You don't have to disrespect and insult others simply to hold your own ground. If you do, that shows how shaky your own position is.”

    Whatever your position in BB is, just be civil, we can all share this board to express our opinion whether positive or negative, we can also have disagreements, but in doing so we can all respect each other.