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Bank of America Corporation (BAC-PM)

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As of 03:34PM EST. Market open.
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  • b
    Look's Like The Sun Keep's Coming Out , Good To See You Here Again , Look's Like $45.s Again , We Still Have A Great CEO , And BAC , Has A Great Staff Of People , And BAC , Has A Great Stock Buyback Program Going On And On , Thankyou , To Our Great CEO , Has Been Our Best , CEO , GL , William , And GLTA ,
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    Investing right now will be at every wise individual list. In few weeks you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today
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    BIGMONEY is posting for 6cents a post! BAC will be posting monumental losses from illegal shorting during the pandemic!
  • J
    Prison-dent By Next Christmas
  • M
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    I'm thankful that BAC and my Merrill Edge accounts make it easy to short AMC stock! I made a lot of money on my AMC short! Thanks BAC!
  • r
    Rate hikes mean the economy is over heating, i.e. inflation. The problem is this inflation is different. People DON'T want to work. 11 million jobs are unfilled causing businesses to raise wages and then higher prices. Fewer goods are being produced not that more goods couldn't be produced. FEAR of the Covid is still prevalent. Fear of dying is still greater than the joy of living. Time you'll NEVER get back.
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    BAC will be busy Margin calling to get depositors money back from those HFs. Suggest calling home offices first. Go $AMC on $HOOD.
  • H
    Thought for the day. Irony - Using a device that transmits inordinate amounts of complex information thousands of miles through thin aid -- via antennas and satellites -- all to convey to others that you "don't trust science."
  • R
    I’m curious how our friendly neighborhood bank sees retail investors.
    You better start seeing reality.
    We’re here to stay.
    We’re worth trillions.
  • G
    Bigmoney in $AMC. BoA is going to need bailed out paying out. They won't go bankrupt, they will be saved, but their stock will tank just like #hood will too.
  • a
    BAC got a little ahead of it's ski's with a forward PE of 12.9% and is consolidating it's position for a solid quarterly report on 1-19-22. Forward guidance will reflect the strong housing market and revenue enhanced interest rate increases. Could move to 46 as we approach the 19th. 2022 should give investors $55. Good long term hold in turbulent times......and BAC loves higher interest rates.
  • r
    BAC will make $30 BILLION this year =- a few billion. Next year add $7 billion from a 1% rate increase (per management's comments) and at least another billion from organic growth. Add in 500 million shares in buybacks. Say BAC NI is $38 Billion. EPS will jump to over $5/share with 7.5 billion OS.
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    I realized that the secret of making millions is saving for a better investment. I always tell myself you don't need that new Maserati or that vacation just yet. That mindset helped me make more money investing in bitcoin.
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    GRAHAM 1000
    Welcome all A. M. C. Share holders to your new and improved board
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    Tech under pressure. Inflation confirmed. Banks leading market. Not much to get excited about, except banks. Financials are undervalued and now represent a safe haven with strong growth potential. It's all about higher interest rates........banks make more money. Simple and safe. BAC will climb to 55 in 2022.
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    Evergrande likely in default as debt deadline passes without payment
  • D
    I'm not selling. AMC
  • r
    BAC has a higher P/E ration than its peers. Justified? Honest replies only.
  • A
    According to Zac's
    """"""""""""""Implied Volatility Surging for Bank of America (BAC) Stock Options"""""""" suggesting a giant move either way for BAC. Judging from lack of upwards movement on 2 consecutive DOW giant moves it is puzzling to me. Upwards revision in earnings to .78cents plus FED starting to be pro active in rate increase should be positive for BAC, so option traders are betting on upwards movement in BAC share price, or am I missing something ??? Share price to be held DOWN for unexpected depreciation in price???? Other banks are not reacting the same as BAC as of late is telling me there is something going on with BAC specifically. Any views on this ??????