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Else Nutrition Holdings Inc. (BABY.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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0.6600-0.0500 (-7.04%)
At close: 03:59PM EDT

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  • m
    Question: Wouldnt the ELSE stock price be more stable if there were more market makers?
  • I
    What are their product prices compared to the go to products that parents have been going to historically?
  • g
    grandpa doug
    Obviously someone is selling
  • T
    Do these guys really think they will entice people to sell by driving down the price? They're not getting mine.
  • V
    Is there a problem with the supply of the baby cereals ?
    Not available on amazon !
  • M
    .4848..... Must be the shorts....huh?
  • F
    Fuzzy Bear
    Buy in fear and you’ll rejoice later!!
  • K
    Sales on Canada Amazon:

    Sept 22: #2550 in the grocery & gourmet food category
    Sept 19: #2305
    Octob 3: #1602

    The shakes changed categories and are harder to track. Not many reviews yet, so the star rating is only a 3 on the vanilla and chocolate. There are some good reviews there though, could do with an upvote or two if you find them useful.
  • r
    richard evans
    Doubled down at .71 CDN. Now holding 25k shares. Good luck to all.
  • L
    now one can buy at 66. this is all market makers manipulation to scare people into selling ahead of thursday's meetint
  • L
    Just bought 6400 and this will double volume, let’s see if it moves the price !
  • D
    Here's a bit of info. for everyone: Did you know the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) began trading in 1792?
  • S
    Super Baby!
    Who here can provide a logical and articulate reason for the decline in the stock price? This is apart from the recent dilution that took place.
    Seems to me we need some theories concerning what is taking place. Lets pull our minds together collectively.
    Here is an example of what I am requesting:
    My thought is been low volume leads to MM control, and that low volume is consistent with the overall decline in the majority of speculative stocks in the current market. Hence if Else reports good financials, volume should increase, MM loose their control, and the price should increase. However, until that takes place, the price should continue to decline and test levels of support as has already been seen.
    Thanks in advance to all who reasonably participate in good faith. Lets put this board to productive use and make it something worth reading.
  • S
    People do not sell. Metro is a huge company. They have many supermarket location in two largest provinces in Canada. Almost half the population of Canada live in Ontario and Quebec
  • G
    We are growing exponentially!!!
    "Launching our Ontario retail rollout through a collaboration with Metro Ontario Inc. could not be more exciting for Else," said Hamutal Yitzhak, CEO, and Co-Founder of Else Nutrition. “Ontario-based consumers are sophisticated, with a trained eye for nutrient-dense products for all walks of life, and Metro Ontario is a core destination for them. Further, we anticipate that this rollout will act as a springboard for their additional outstanding banners in Ontario and Quebec. We’re truly proud of this initiative”.
  • D
    Institutional investor's need to start scooping up shares of this. Nows your chance!
  • S
    Super Baby!
    10/02/2022. Looks like the price dropped without me being involved. The walk-a=thon for St. Therese Chinese Catholic Church was a good vacation. On the walk several of us, all Chinese, discussed baby formula in China. I discussed Else with them and what has been happening the the stock price and my analysis. A few said they would take a look after earnings in November.
  • M
    The products on Amazon are all selling well and seem to be hitting another surge in sales again as all the rankings and overall rankings are climbing quite a bit.
  • M
    Market is starting to look oversold to me.
  • s
    super baby
    Happy equinox to all. May Else be over $3.99 prior to the next equinox.