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  • C
    As a value investor i think it s a great long term stock to buy for mainly the following reasons i dont want to influence others thoughts but i share with u part of my thesis .. i think there are some great people in this platform so why not i share my thoughts :
    Macroeconomically speaking china Is one of the only countries in the world to have experienced positive gdp sofar , great investment rate ,way higher in comparison with the One of the Usa .furthermore according to many Economist Will be the leading economy within 10 years.
    One thing i like to Alibaba Is that in his core business in One of his projects Is to expand his logistics in to the smaller cities in china ( china has a Low density of population so It Will grow mainly in the rooral Areas where babà plants are expanding)
    From a valutation point of view according to my calculations (the discounted cash flow analysis) has a present value of 340 $
    People are selling of for the slighly negative earnings due to the recent fine . Baba Is a business growing roughly 30% a year in average .
    Political tencions between the country ate not concerning management Is different jack ma Is out of the the boards ( holds just shares) .
    On the other hand the only riso is due to political tencions with the Usa .. massive fiscal expancions like the One in the Usa tipucally lead to increase in imports .. i personally think the political tencions are not done yet there are several incentivs for the Usa not to comperate with china.. i wait for americans telling me what they think about the political situation there ☺️ timing Is difficult there Is a lot of sentiment involved with this stock ... Predictions : i am not a magician but my target within a year Is above 300 greatings and good luck to everyone from North of Italy
  • a
    It is not normal for BABA to drop almost 1% a day for months when the market goes up. What will happen when there is a market correction?
  • t
    a good stock for longterm investment.

    high cash, low debt compare to equity, high growth.

    tech stock is the future, china has many population and growth of economic.
  • I
    Coming up on 7 year anniversary of IPO next month. We can now factor into a technical observation of the stock price performance and compare to earlier performance other stocks just to name a few since their IPO’s.
    Tesla was disgraced, said we can never have an electric car and stock Heavily shorted for years until finally laid stagnant fir another several until recently.
    AMZN IPO 1997 gained popularity in early years to gain market share only to be punished for its quick intuitive innovational way of doing Bussiness, the stock dropped to less than a 1/3rd of its value at one point; it laid low after that for about 7 years { till 2012}
    NVDA laid unpopular for a decade until the popularity grew with its market cap, then MM took it down over 1/2 on the charts in 3 months to shake out the week hands {7/2018-10/2018} since then a 5 banger
    AAPL has a wild story with innovation growth and its stock price as well. The stock was shorted and also in many ways {media ect.. } was ‘weighted’ down. History has proven the company clearly.
    We can compare BABA’s performance with any of these just 3 examples.
    If a stock has only a long term pattern of revenue growth and performance and only possibility direction in long term is up; technicals and fundamentals, anything will be and can be done to profit for the long term growth potentials. Short it to accumulate at lower levels. Collect market cap share by shaking out week hands, or taunt at low levels to add to the ‘chase’ on the way up.
    This will also be {past tense} an example in the financial equity’s market history outline blueprint.
  • 🖕
    Alibaba with great business model, multiple earnings beats, high liquidity and big load of cash and yet people are buying GameStop instead. Am I missing something here??
  • M
    Buying BABA is playing at a casino where you have 80% odds of winning. WINNER WINNER WINNER
  • K
    Kevin Pellegrine
    Never selling, undervalued and it will realize it’s full potential. I don’t care if that’s this month, 6 months or a year. I’m expecting this to hit $300 within a year, could hit it within a few months tho.
  • K
    Did you know revenue soared 64% in the last quarter compared to the same quarter last year. Operating profit was up 50%. Also Non-gaap net income (excl antitrust fine) soared 84%. The actual profitability of the core-commerce is even higher because of expenses and investments in new businesses. This is not a company, it’s a cash machine. I’m pretty sure the management is ashamed towards the ccp that they are so profitable. Does anyone here actually read those quarterly reports?
  • j
    BABA should declare a dividend..esp for all that have held so many years!!. A dividend will encourage people to have some faith in the stock, This and some encouraging news from the CEO would help also...
  • J
    in march 2020, when everyone was scared of oil, i invested 25% in $CPE callon petroleum at 5$. it did’t move for months but whenever i tought about my investment before falling asleep, i became completely zen. today CPE is at $50 (!)
    i have the exact same feeling with BABA now that i invested 25% in it when everyone is scared of china. it won’t be a 10-bagger in one year but it will gain at least 50% to 75%. that’s why i feel zen. see you in 5 years. cheers! 🤗
  • K
    In 25 years I’ve been investing in stock, I’ve never seen such a great company underperform for such a long time. This is my worst investment over that period. I’m wondering who keeps selling this at these levels. The traded volume has never been so low. Yet most of the large funds own shares of Alibaba.
  • D
    NIO up over 7% carries the same political risk, but nowhere near as profitable as BABA. Am I missing something??
  • F
    hsbc, citi, J.P. Morgan, cs, gs, all increse their positions in baba, especially hsbc (Shanghai), but the price keeps trending down, my theory is these big players try to accumulate large positions at bargain price before soaring up, any other way to explain this?
  • C
    Falling under $200 may be what's needed to bring massive attention/interest back to the stock. As of now, the stock doesn't appear to have many buyers.
  • J
    Julius Caesar - Renaissance
    To my opinion downside risk is limited to 195-199 USD. My average is about 221,60 HKD or 228,50 USD per share.
    Doom scenario: 170 USD per share.
  • 0
    Baidu and Tencent have a good gain so far today. Hopefully Alibaba will follow soon.
  • T
    You dont have to be Charlie munger or an expert trader to know that BABA is one of the best stocks right now. Way undervalued and lot of growth
  • M
    Lots of BaBa hate. This is going to see 20-40% recovery over summer. Hold unless you think China’s economy is shrinking.
  • I
    Just some facts for a positive note that ended the week oversold on the one year chart on 6/20/20 low which is exactly 211.82 :: same as today:
    BlackRock, the world’s biggest asset manager, on Friday (today) said the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) had given its Chinese fund management unit approval to begin operations.
    Still, China's mutual fund market is likely to triple to 60 trillion yuan ($8.75 trillion) in a decade, forecast Shanghai-based fund consultancy Z-Ben Advisors.
    Can we get a 109% gain here like it did when it bottomed at 139 [5/27/19] after hitting 211 high [4/29/19]
    Let’s remember next month is (only) 7 year IPO anniversary@ 89.
    {3 1/2 X bottom ever 5 year} average…….
  • M
    Manish Kumar
    Best time to buy.. forming double bottom more obvious in weekly chart.. also decreasing stock price with very low volume in weekly chart, suggest reversal is very likely in 1-2 weeks.