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Alibaba Group Holding Limited (BABA)

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    fake Identity
    This delisting thingy is not new. Baba’s CFO addressed this back in May in their earnings call. I quote below;

    During the company's earnings call, Wu also proactively addressed investors' concerns over delisting risks, heightened this week by the U.S. Senate's unanimous passage of a bill that would delist Chinese companies that are not accessible to the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board's audits after a period of three years.

    "We are closely monitoring the developments of this bill," Wu said.

    Investors should know that there has been ongoing dialogue between regulators in both countries to allow more information to be passed on to the oversight board, she said.

    "Alibaba's financial statements are prepared in accordance with U.S. GAAP," the accounting standard adopted by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and the company has been for over 20 years audited by global accounting firm PwC, Wu said in her bid to assuage investors.

    "The integrity of Alibaba's financial statements speak for itself," the executive said.

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    IMHO seems negative news is not stopping for Alibaba anytime soon it seems to be ANT ipo being delayed .. market is not interested in BABA diversification cloud and singles day sales topping estimates instead its on the negative news 😊 do ur dd here glta
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    Don HC
    Is there a way or a tool that will let you view live trades like we have in TDAmeritrade Thinkorswim for hong kong trades? Trying to see whats the best way to get real time stock price in HK.
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    Delisting is not gonna happen immediately.
    Companies will be given 03 years to prepare/comply with the new rules and regulations.

    This seems to be a short term reaction....
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    Shorties and bashers always bring up how Xi will beat up on baba. What they haven't figured out is this is a positive, longer term. The sum of the parts exceeds the current baba stock price, by about $200. And that is conservative.
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    Acct oversight news is just more noise. stay the course and buy more on the dips if u are able 2.
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    From Zacks analyst blog: "BABA was undervalued before this November sell-off. Today the stock is a stronger buy than ever with robust upward momentum, 16 out of 16 analysts calling this a buy."

    "At the end of the day, China has no intention of disrupting its strongest tech giants. This was more of a powerplay by Chinese regulators to remind its domestic tech titans who really holds the cards. 

    BABA shares whiplash sell-off has created a fantastic opportunity to purchase one of Asia's highest potential enterprises at a substantial discount. From a technical and fundamental point of view, this stock is a buy.

    From a technical point of view, BABA was quite oversold last Wednesday when it bottomed. You can see my oscillators circled in red below, pointing to oversold. Now BABA has done a complete reversal and has robust upward momentum on its side.

    Alibaba has a cornucopia of digital products at its disposal, and it will use all of them to control and profit off the prolific digitalization occurring in Asia today.

    The fact that the Amazon of the East, BABA has not taken off to the extent of its western counterpart is baffling. Alibaba controls the e-commerce space (80% market share), the cloud-computing category (roughly 50% market share), and a 33% stake in the leading FinTech in the most populous and soon-to-be largest economy on earth.

    Alibaba is valued at less than half of Amazon despite producing substantially wider margins, greater profitability, and having a more extensive revenue growth outlook for the next couple of years."
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    No worries, just "Open Sesame" the books for annual audits by American regulators and all will be fine. BABA is the least of my concerns for a Chinese company. China has lots of reputation risk in BABA and wants it to compete on a global level to show national strength. When they comply and eliminate any last doubts, the stock should get a big bounce. GLTA!
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    BABA is on sale! If it goes down because of the “news” load up some more! Delist BABA? 😂
    Good try, we’re going to fly!
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    What's up with this pre-market selloff? Is this about the delisting, OMG...think about it, who's getting better from all this? Smaller Chinese companies would be able to buy back at ridiculously cheap prices...and for companies like Baba, you will get your shares exchanged by Hongkong listed shares...So in the end, it would be a lose-lose operation for Americans...anyway, stocks are cheap today...
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    hope it holds lower so I can buy more at 930am....guys this stock will be $1000 plus a year today
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    Alibaba has PricewaterhouseCoopers to verify their reports. And I have been to China many times and used Alibaba services frequently, and it is more integrated in society than Amazon.
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    Loaded more hk9988 at 260. Good luck to all who long BABA stay the course and be rewarded in the next few years.
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    James 4321
    This high growth stock continues to be way undervalued and my FOMO is still far outweighs any downside risk. I have been long since it was under $80 a share and I am not selling now. This will skyrocket past $1k a share in the next five to seven years. Shorts playing with fire will continue to get burned.
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    Fundamentally: it's still the same company as last week. Ant Financial being only visible on the balance sheet of Alibaba or also being traded for the public does not change the valuation too significantly. Some people might not like the Ant Financial part, but I still think it is a high growth business.
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    Alibaba owns a 65 percent stake in Alibaba Health, and the latter seems poised for big growth.
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    Opens red, closes green. Typical BABA as you will see. I have witnessed this at least a dozen times.
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    Kevin Pellegrine
    This stock is frustrating simply because there are so many uneducated people. The news keeps tricking investors by telling us the same exact thing over and over. “Ant IPO is halted”, “US votes to delist Chinese companies”. They just keep saying the same thing and people sell, that news was already baked in. BABA is severely undervalued, and it will stay that way until people actually take a look at their financials and see the opportunity here.