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Aircastle Limited (AYR)

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    Blue Horseshoe
    I punched out of 2,000 shares at $26.45 due to a Sell Limit order of $24.00 if you can believe that:) AYR Opened at $26.75 and the best I could get was $26.45 so that tells you it was quite overpriced based on the company sales news. I initially bought AYR for the Dividend and I liked their industry and leasing business. The Boeing 737Max grounding definitely helped AYR increase share value. But if you bought at or below $20/share take your profits folks.
  • P
    Possibly sell the company!! Anyone have a good idea as to what would be a fair buyout price for the company?
  • n
    so, dividend is rising again and is above 6% now, trading below book value, raises share buy back program, market fundamentals are good and they're buying more and newer aircraft next quarter. buying even more now
  • j
    Would be a good time to start buying back your stock. Aircastle Announces Third Quarter 2018 Results
    •November 1, 2018
    Quarterly Dividend Increased 7.1% to $0.30 per Common Share Share Repurchase Program Increased to $100 million STAMFORD, Conn. , Nov. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Key Financial Metrics Total revenues (1) were ...
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    vauw..this stock will be 30 soon it looks all expectations...unbelievable. I bought today from 21.15 20000 untits...vauwww
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    How many of those 1 mil shares short will want to cover before ex divi on the 30th?
  • A
    Today is March 16th and 3x normal volume has traded with the stock down about $3 on a recently approved sale @ $32/share. The market is decline is abysmal, but this decline means one of two things, which I'd like to get out to the public...

    Either the sale will not obtain regulatory approval by Morocco (highly unlikely because the acquiring company is already there and after this market decline, everyone will be thrilled that there is still a future), or, the selling pressure is due to extreme fear and forced portfolio unwinding, which to me means that we are close to bottom.

    I was doing just fine until 3/13 due to two significant SPY put trades I did over the past three weeks to hedge my portfolio. They did everything they expected to, but I got nervous that the Fed would act and we'd rally further, so I exited my puts last Friday while the market was only up 2%. Today is extreme fear and while my gut says to sell my entire portfolio and buy many, many thousands of shares of AYR just until the transaction closes (and get me recovered almost back to Jan 1st), I just can't do it. I'm posting this to memorialize my thinking and see in a few weeks if I was correct or not. To me, it's all about learning for the future.

    We will recover and life will return to normal. A vaccine for covid-19 will be found as there are at least 30-50 smart firms working on it globally. The day they announce the vaccine, the market will rally like you've never seen before! Thank you POTUS for your confusion, lack of leadership and ignorance as it was so easy to short the market. My mistake was not holding on longer. You are truly a PUTZ!
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    Many on the FLY board ignored my rants not to give away their shares and now its time to suggest the same here. AYR has a PE of about 7.7X which is among the lowest in the industry. Don't give away your shares at this level.
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    Common Dividend
    On February 9, 2018, Aircastle's Board of Directors declared a first quarter 2018 cash dividend on its common shares of
    $0.28 per share, payable on March 15, 2018 to shareholders of record on February 28, 2018. This is our 47th consecutive
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    $0.28 per share, payable on June 15, 2018 to shareholders of record on May 31, 2018. This is our 48th consecutive
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    This is what happens when a 10%+ shareholder sells everything
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    minnow 2
    900k shares short. That's gotta sting.
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    The recent runup to $32 per share is the direct result of a takeover offer from Marubeni, a Japanese investment company and a major shareholder in AYR. Transaction is expected to close in 2020. Purchase price is $32 cash and was approx. 20% over market value when announced.
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    CNBC analyst for transports, Phil Lebeau, said AYR was the stock play with the grounding of Boeing 737 Max airplanes. Great divendend and lie PE too!! Heading higher....
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    AYR is up 4.90% to 20.96
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    with the max grounding one would think aircraft leasers would have tremendous pricing leases expire new leases on B737/ a320 size planes should ratchet up 15-20 %.....right about now United, American, and Southwest Air would do anything for some planes
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    AYR - has broken out. Above $25. Dont see news. I dont think it is all tax related as taxes are not that high. Wonder what is driving it. AL has been marching up too. So maybe segment related as Transportations come into favor (DAL, AAL, etc). Wonder if any buyout, but dont see any rumors floating around. Anyone, Beuhler?
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    So beat earnings, refinanced debt and significantly lower interest rate, acquired 40 aircraft and yet sock is down over 4%. Crazy effing market. Volume is higher than average. So definitely some selling going on. Mgmt going back to rating agencies to hopefully get better credit rating. Dividend now well over 5%. Trading less than 10 time next years earnings. Looks like a solid investment at this price.
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    % Held by Insiders 1 30.40%
    % Held by Institutions 1 63.61% Thats 94% only about 6% of the shares for sale If some one wants to sell. That is about 4.8 million shares if like I said somebody wants to sell.
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    I can only assume that these sellers are doomsday people which makes no sense at all or that they’re so wealthy that the difference between $20 & $32 mean little or nothing to them. The 3rd choice might be that they know something that we holders don’t that might impact the purchase of AYR. I’m pretty certain that option 3 is not worthy. You go figure? This deal is as far as I know signed, sealed and almost delivered. I don’t intend to eat my words.