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Yamana Gold Inc. (AUY)

NYSE - NYSE Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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4.8100+0.2800 (+6.18%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
4.9200 +0.11 (+2.29%)
Pre-Market: 08:26AM EDT

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    I have a feeling gold is going to go on a tear with how’s things are going down south
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    Yahoo! has been so bad lately - especially the AUY board. I like using now instead for my daily research.
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    Today seemed quite constructive. Market down and many miners positive. A long way back though.
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    Silver leading as it should, and we mine a lot of the stuff too.
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    If FED stops hikes or reverses on rates super inflation will be inbound. The question is will the globalist shills in the WH admin listen to the UN asking the FED to stop hikes, essentially saving 3rd work countries from collapse at the cost of our own people. Well, that's what they've done up to this point, so why would they stop now?
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    Market instability has started. The situation in Great Britain will be repeated in multiple markets as leveraged hedge funds, retirement finds and the derivatives markets fracture and in many cases blow up. "Gross Exposure Becomes Net Exposure" the moment that financial markets freeze up. There is a real chance that the Fed will have to pivot when this happens. 7% mortgages have frozen the real estate market and prices are falling precipitously...
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    Do you invest in the stock market? If so you need to join for their daily emails with must-have watchlists. I don’t know what I would do without them!
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    Next target 5.13
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    GFI chairman restating he is confident they have the votes. To me, that would not be necessary to publicize if he was confident.
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    The Bank of Japan started selling dollars in order to prop up the Yen. Back to money and banking. If the dollar is worth too much, from Japanese perspective, American goods cost more and Japanese goods cost less. This would be inflationary for Japan as merchants there raise their prices in Yen so that they can get more dollars. If the BOJ sells dollars, dollar goes down which is better for those merchants and their inflation.
    It also raises gold price in dollars which is good for miners. It's not just the Japanese who are having this problem but all European currencies. So they will all, we hope, do the same thing and stop the escalating value of the Dollar which is good for miners who want higher gold price.
    It's sort of like whack o mole as the Fed will respond by raising interest rates causing a higher demand for dollars and erasing those efforts.
    I suppose our Fed knew that eventually this would happen, but figured the idea was to slow the acceleration of the inflation rate here which has probably already started to happened some.
    Maybe to all the above. If there's a real economist in the audience speak up.
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    @D Eith XAU up, what is causing reversal mid day on AUY any GFI?
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    The last time that gold was this low AUY was at about $2.75-$3/share. All that has been keeping AUY around $4 is the proposed merger. You can go on and on about should be values, but the market disagrees with you. The price of AUY is almost 100% dependent on the price of gold.
    The economy is raising costs of operations and lowering revenues and until that changes AUY will keep dropping in price, not because of the merger, but inspire of the merger.
    Additionally, we are descending into a recession that doesn't encourage the buying of gold or especially silver, a commodity used to produce some things.
    Some of you are in lala land believing in fantasies of value that just aren't there.
    However, I'm not sure where an invested dollar can actually do better than right here because nothing really seems safe now, not even gold. I see no real support until about $1450.
    If someone has a better story , one that can make me smile, not laugh, I'd really like to hear it.
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    M current thought on the deal. The deal goes thru as planned with no changes. I then expect if GFI price remains in the $7 - $8 range then GFI will start a massive buyback. This will add value to our shares if you continue to hold. If (can't say when anymore as the world is upside down) the price of gold goes up, I expect a better return than if we were a stand alone company. Also, we got our first real look at the AUY value of their MARA share this past week.
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    To sum up today's market downfall, "The government giveth and the government taketh away." 😏
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    What just happened??? All gold dropping suddenly.
  • H
    1.58M at 1:11pm, price between $4.48 - $4.485.
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    Today in Wall Street Journal article:
    "The dollar’s strength has rippled across Wall Street, weighing on the profits U.S. companies make abroad and keeping a lid on investments tied to commodities such as gold and oil.
    “The strong dollar has created a headwind for about every major asset class,” said Russ Koesterich, co-head of Global Asset Allocation at BlackRock. “It’s another aspect of tighter financial conditions and that affects everything.”
    Investors and economists are raising the prospect of global action to help weaken the dollar—though they caution the chance of such a step remains small. In 1985, the U.S., France, West Germany, the U.K. and Japan launched a joint effort, known as the Plaza Accord, to drive down the dollar’s value amid concerns it was weighing on the global economy.
    “There could be some justification for a coordinated intervention to weaken the dollar,” said Paresh Upadhyaya, director of currency strategy at asset-management firm Amundi US. “Outside the U.S., a strong dollar is now becoming a massive negative headwind for central banks.”
    China’s central bank has attempted to shore up the yuan by releasing more dollar liquidity into the market. It has cut the amount of reserves banks need to hold against their foreign-exchange deposits and has consistently set the daily fixing—a benchmark point for the currency—stronger than market expectations. "

    Note the reference to 1985. It was in those years that USA and Reagan destroyed the Soviet economy. I remember oil cratering in those days, an asset that the Soviets and todays Russia rely on.
    I suppose gold is just caught up in the middle of this, but my sense is that USA is working to financially destroy Putin and also give the Chinese a real headache, too.
    It's all rather confusing and it takes at least a masters in economics to fully understand, but simply, the USA can torpedo other economies by reducing value of their currency and effectively making it difficult for them to pay their debts. If they don't pay, their currency becomes worthless and their economy can't finance itself and declines. Then their people overthrow their governments.
    This method is cheaper than waging physical war. But there can be damage inside USA to business interests such as oil, gold and other asset classes.
    I don't think AUY will go bankrupt because it's not over leveraged. However, share price will probably suffer until FED and Treasury get their desired results. Maybe.
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    i am aware that “supposedly” auy board already has enough votes for the deal. that being the case i will still vote no for the deal. auy as it stands right now is worth minimal 9-12 u.s. per share. no deal
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    Gold is up in almost every currency on earth except the dollar. But it is sucking mud against the dollar!
    The good news is that it creates demand for gold and when the dollar reverses (and it will) gold will do well. Unfortunately, there is little resistance all the way down to $1,500.
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