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Yamana Gold Inc. (AUY)

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4.7353-0.1347 (-2.77%)
As of 02:29PM EDT. Market open.

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  • D
    Oversold again!
  • E
    Try reading the SEDAR filings.
    There are no break-up fees if the shareholders vote it down.
    These fees have to do with withholding recent material events that impact company valuations or just trying to back out for no reason (ask Musk about that one).
  • R
    I hold a significant amount (for me) of auy shares. I don’t understand the negativity to the gfi merger. On a discounted cash flow basis this is a great deal for auy shareholders. It appears that earnings double in the first year to about 60 cents per auy share and the dividend goes up commensurately. All the future mine development that auy has remain in the company and will be developed in the course of time in a considerably more globally diverse enterprise.
  • j
    Deal is going sour.
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    Why is it Goldfields CEO goes on Kitco to convince shareholders what a great deal it is, while Marrone does not go online to convince AUY shareholders? Looks like a great deal for GFI and they still don’t have the votes. It sounds like a lousy deal for AUY shareholders and yet no need to convince AUY shareholders. Everything is backwards!
  • j
    Sincere question here regarding deal termination as I've had difficulty locating break-up clauses:

    If GFI fails to receive approval from 75% of its shareholders, would we receive a $450MM break-up fee from them? I've tried searching EDGAR filings and can't seem to find the comprehensive merger agreement terms. I realize that this is a merger between SA and CA companies so perhaps I'm just not familiar with the right portals to review for this information. Thanks in advance for sincere input and especially if anyone can point me to the appropriate section of the agreement regarding deal termination!
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    At this weeks closing price of $9.41 the GFI deal is worth $5.64 to Yamana Shareholders. That is a .54 premium or about 11%. This is an exceptional deal for GFI shareholders. Let's hope they vote against it and Yamana continues on its path to success.
    Either way Yamana shareholders win and if they do not like the deal can move on to other companies with their hard earned investable funds.
  • T
    Fellow Yamana Shareholders, please, indulge me for a moment. Let's say that GFI continues to tank to $8 (for WHATEVER reason), while Yamana remains about where it is at $5 when the steal is about to be consummated. Yamana shareholders would, then receive .60 of GFI for each of our shares, thus being $4.80 a piece, while Marrone would STILL receive his $50,000,000.00 (FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS) parachute. Would that make everyone happy, or would you be mad as heck, as I am, now, and would make me even more upset, if that's possible, should that scenario occurred.
  • J
    do you folks think Yamaha gold will top out at 8.00 by the end of the month
  • h
    Have you guys ever heard of ( The picks on there are way better than AUY
  • n
    Can Yamaha go more than 6?
  • K
    Can we hold the Penny? Great Penny trading stock here!!
  • G
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    Now we are through the inflation report and are into another marking time period as we wait for the vote and results. On the 26th of August we get GFI's earnings which they have projected to be was follows:

    Gold Fields Limited (GFI) advises that headline earnings per share for the six months ended 30 June 2022 (H1 2022) are expected to range from $0.56-0.60 per share ($0.11-0.15 per share higher), which is 24% to 33% higher than the headline earnings of $0.45 per share reported for the six months ended 30 June 2021 (H1 2021). The increase in headline earnings is driven by higher production and gold price, partially offset by higher costs.

    Basic earnings per share for H1 2021 are expected to range from $0.55-0.59 per share $0.11- 0.15 per share higher), which is 25% to 34% higher than the basic earnings of $0.44 per share reported for H1 2021.

    Normalized earnings per share for H1 2022 are expected to range from $0.54-0.58 per share ($0.05-0.09 per share higher), which is 10% to 18% higher than the normalized earnings of $0.49 per share reported for H1 2021.
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    Anyone want to bet gold gets manipulated down today?? Dec 22 price is up $19.80/oz as I post this..
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    Nice bump up for a Monday, not sure what news it is based on. Perhaps the fact that gold is above $1,800 again? Perhaps because confidence in the deal is rising (doubt it)?
    Another thing I am looking for is a currency crisis. Will it be the Euro? Ruble? Yuan? Brazilian Real? Will it be any of the southeast asian economies that are sucking mud as exports fall? And why do I raise the subject?
    I raise the subject because gold does incredibly well in a currency crisis. The notion that the currency and interest rate derivative market and its trillions of unregulated trading volume is actually balanced is absurd. I can not see what currency it will be, or what derivative market but I am on high alert that within 6 months we will have at least one currency collapse and its associated contagion.
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    Gold Fields H1 results on the 26th.
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    Earnings are in with a net of .09 for Q2 and above expectations of the market. What has become clear is that Malartic is about to blow the lid off of its growth profile. There will be a second ramp, shaft and lift that can provide another 20 tons per day for the processing plant that will be running at less than 50% of its 55-60 thousand tons per day capacity. Additionally there will be some open pit opportunities from near surface open pits at Camflo and within the Malartic complex to bring the processing rate near 50,000 tons per day. Malartic can produce one point million to one point four million ounces of gold quite easily for over 20 years. If this buyout by GFI fails, Yamana will do just fine...
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    Look at the JPMorgan/ Chase trial going on right now and you will understand what is going on in gold. This has trickled thru to the miners who are manipulated the same way. So much for the free market system.
  • K
    Unbelievable a blow-out earnings report and the stock goes down! Toss in the worst inflation the US/Western Europe has seen in the last 30 years, and things make even less sense!