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Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)

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    One thing people get wrong is that the purchase announcement said it would be completed in MSFT's fiscal year ending June, 2023. This was due to the fact that they could not reasonably expect to complete it by June, 2022. It does NOT mean that they really expect it to take that long. But the FTC (or whoever is running this thing for the Government) has not given many clues as to what's going on. There won't be another better offer. We just need the FC to realize that access to GAMES is not exactly on Maslow's hierarchy of needs, and that having MSFT become the 3rd largest in the gaming space is not monopolistic.
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    The shorts are covering and knowing deal completion news may be coming sooner than you think.
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    —I still own a few shares here. I’m up enough to where I feel like it’s prudent for me to continue to wait…
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    I am staying far away from ATVI - It looks like it is going to drop off a cliff. I actually get way better stocks at (
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    ATVI board meeting today (6/21). Possible, but not probable that we'll hear something of interest.
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    On a day when the gaming sector got crushed, ATVI held all of Fridays gains and finished positive. Maybe this is the beginning? Time will tell.
  • s
    Wow..Huge volume with high jump? another bid is coming or what?
  • m
    either accumulated slowly or heavy short covering .
  • j
    One hurdle less. Workers of Atvi and Microsoft have created a base of negotiation after the deal concludes.

    Probably will wait and see if the price drops further this week to add further. Can't complain about a possible 26% yield.
  • p
    Strange that this is down almost 2%. Must be people liquidating to cover margin calls on other stuff.
  • K
    When FTC will give us their decision? Estimate?
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    Great day. Great action at the close.
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    Do not bet against Warren Buffett. He has connections, proven track record, and see bargains value. It looks more and more clear now that his bet is right.
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    Hugh steps forward with Union on closing the deal ... Hardly any remaining hurdle
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    Aiiight Joe
    Are we expecting news from the government? Or was it just insane short covering towards the end?
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    This stock is down 5% in 2 weeks off no news. pretty sad what they are doing to it. Almost to the pre offer price almost 5 months ago.
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    ATVI shares outstanding is 781.88M.
    So 781.88M x 95 = 74B
    Yet, I keep reading the total deal is $68.7 billion. So which of the 3 numbers above is not right?
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    Aiiight Joe
    With Diablo reaching the top on the IPHONE this company does not even need to be purchased by MSFT.

    But they will be aquired, like it or not!
  • o
    I understand the total focus on the "deal". But did ATVI really settle their class action sexual harrassment law suit for 18 million dollars? The California nut jobs appear to have had their head slammed in the door as the Federal judge told the CA lawyers they were out of their minds. The REASON for the lawsuits we were told and lead to beleave was because of the frat boy sex harrassment world blah blah blah... talk about media smoke and mirror show. No more daily lawsuits as it was totally made up. Wish we could countersue them for the destruction they created with their blown out of proportion lawsuits. I even read that the parents of the woman that killed herself asked that the lawsuit be dropped with prejudice. ALL QUIET IN MEDIA WORLD.. Mainstream media has NADA to say on this because it doesn't sell papers. WHOLE think stank and just wrecked this company. I stuck with it because I was SURE it was total garbage and expected a rebound that the company deserves but it appears they will not receive. Good luck to all longs.. this company has earned it imo. Lots of great employees at ATVI doing great things!
  • j
    This is the most predictable 20% return in the entire stock market.