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Ascent Solar Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)

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  • M
    Kinda tired of losing money with this stock, No matter how much news comes out with companies joining and ordering it continues to drop. Makes no sense to me. People keep talking dilution. So when they accept the next round of money will it drop again? What type of split is expected and what will happen to this stock then? Usually a stock splits when its too expensive for most people to buy in. Not understanding why this would split. Can anyone explain these issues?
  • J
    Can someone explain to me how long institutional investors and professional market makers can allow a security to trade at an absorption level? High volume limited price movement. Will this just continue until some news breaks?
  • l
    Just did my DD and came across this website about perovskite technology in solar energy - most efficient solar technology for thin-film structure out there today, and ASTI with tubesolar joint effort to include it in their CIG- thin film solar technology! If they succeed, it's going to be the greatest innovation!
    Ascent Solar enters agreement with TubeSolar to jointly develop high efficiency CIGS-Perovskite tandem PV cells | Perovskite-Info
  • k
    Company is recruiting large number of people.
  • J
    Called this drop a couple weeks back. We'll continue to slide until there are actual earnings reported, actual new customers paying actual invoices. Bullish and (very) patient. Will average down as it drops below a penny. 3 year hold - I don't think anyone is getting rich from this any time soon.
  • J
    I’m not working, big companies would like to buy good-cheap solars, I am sure large solar companies buy off solars from ASTI. Just to boost their price off. Actually is same. Just like barbers that charge people for higher cost services, actually is the same profession people. Just like post office , which they help fedex and ups delivered their packages for low cost. Lol
  • a
    I believe I'm out and truly think Crypto is less risky...well at least I'm making 7 times the amount I invested in it. On the other side I'm down thousands on otc-bb's. Ok I'm done complaining. Good luck to all whom hold.
  • z
    Does anyone know what is going on with this stock? I was down 80%,….I have averaged down now three times. I just bought a month ago for .0155 only for it to go down another 30% in a month. Anyone?
  • d
    Good morning
  • a
    Why are 95% of otc-bb's getting completely killed over the last 7 months. I own asti and 9 others and the average down is 72% down. I know there risky but " COME ON MAN "
  • U
    USA=Depression is Here
    Hmmm Elon Musk's solar sector in trouble his rooftop system isn't really working too well THIS must be better than his and a whole lot cheaper.
  • S
    looks like I get a tax loss for Christmas
  • k
    the greatest part of being down over 85% is there's no point in selling lol good luck longs
  • J
    Going back in , just brought 83333 shares on Friday. Will go up slowly. If you are buying on Tuesday, or holding mark bullish on my comment.
  • D
    No matter what the outcome comes, eventually it’s gonna go back up.
  • R
    Educate yourselves folks. I have posted on share structure, [ unregistered shares vs registered shs ] , and a valuation comparison [ mmat ] , whereby Lockheed Martin left asti and invested in mmat 2017, I keep coming back here to find out new found info, but instead get drowned by a lake of tears.
  • R
    3b shares added would sit the price roughly just over 1 penny or near at .011.
  • p
    I have no choice but to buy more and more, adding 100k more to $ 0.01,goo luck
  • P
    I mentioned to shareholders to send e-mails and hold ASTI accountable.... who has done this ?