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ASML Holding N.V. (ASMLF)

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573.33+14.33 (+2.56%)
At close: 03:51PM EDT
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  • F
    This is ome of the best stocks out there. Huge Monopoly in the EUV market, which is crucial for chip manufacturing
  • P
    ASML is the kind of stock you would say in 6 years ?how the #$%$ didn?t I buy this in 2022?.A MONOPOLY in an essential, PRICY market is very, very rare this days!Personally, I would probably wait for the bottom to arrive (probably after the the war in Europe) to load up, and BIG.
  • M
    Motley Fool just recommended ASML at 1:13 PM Eastern Time!
  • J
    Just like that, back to $523.
  • B
    Biceps Bob
    $675 again before June, lol. Watch.
  • B
    Biceps Bob
    Arnold Tan, just do the opposite and you will make money.
  • R
    ASML is buying back all their shares
  • C
    I don't own ASML so I haven't been tracking them other than their stock price. Can anyone give an explanation as to why revenue/sales are decreasing even though they are at max capacity? I could understand hits to the profits as costs rise, but what is the explanation for lower sales YoY?
  • R
    I plan to buy out ASML today!
  • W
    Wishy wish
    2k dollar EUV monopoly. They not only mint chips but has USD printing machine too.. most obvious investment to make forever..
  • a
    ASML reports #$%$3.5 billion net sales and #$%$695 million net income in Q1 2022?Sales growth expectations for 2022 unchanged
  • D
    it is all about relative investments.... when 2 - 5 years bonds yeild 3+% stocks
    WILL have to adjust to a low PE... take for eg ASML .. given all the bullish background for this company and its products... it still makes $ 13 / eps... rising to $ 15 in 2024... the same $ 550 invested in a 3 years Tnote will "earn" $ 17
    eps ($ 550 x 3.1 %) and will pay out the same 100% in the form of "dividend" every 6 months AND gurantee the pricipal... so for an investor the question is to BE or NOT to BE... investments in stocks must by virtue of risk involved command a risk discount.... hence ASML must be priced somewhere around
    $ 200-250 (50% off from here) to compete with the humble Tnote... when rates were at 0% for the past 2 years... investors had no problem paying $600 for ASML or $ 1600 for SHOP etc... ASML will settle around $225 before all is said and done...
  • p
    ASML not moving a lot. They've told the world they can only ramp so fast and I think this quarter's results tell that story. Various headwinds (supply chain) slowing deliveries a bit. But the health of the biz is bookings and that is just bonkers, 2x the revenues (7b euro vs 3.5b euro).

    Chip shortage is dictated by demand on one side and ASML on the other. World can only add capacity as fast as ASML enables it. The shares aren't cheap, but like other semi capex, the road ahead is going to be quite profitable
  • J
    Investing in assets is a cheat code for having a successful financial life, trading with the right account manager or software would free you from modern financial slavery.
  • B
    Biceps Bob
    AMDF will be flying high in November.
  • H
    Revenue is reported lower today, and they issued downside guidance. I'm trying to figure out why the stock is up 5% with these results. I'm not complaining, although I have a feeling this gap will be faded during the day so I may sell.
  • B
    Biceps Bob
    $1000 is where ASML is really valued.
  • R
    Have to wait till 2024 for any positive market moves
  • A
    Arnold Tan
    Now is time
  • A
    Just bought in ... first time shareholder for this stock
    How do people feel the headwinds for other semiconductor stocks affect ASML?
    How about other technologies producing a cheaper but competitive option? I believe there are efforts going on in Japan and China