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Digital Turbine, Inc. (APPS)

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  • B
    Just finished a real upbeat article from Investor Place on Digital Turbine.
    Very reassuring.
  • B
    For all longs let’s hope we are correct to be holding after a 40% drop. Numbers seem to say we are but this stock has truly been a roller coaster ride. Earnings report is arriving in 10 so hang tight and stay positive.
  • D
    Just bought a lot more shares. on top of the LEAPs I've been buying.

    This is my most confident stock in the whole market, long since 6.
  • F
    Have been busy at work recently so not found too much time to comment here. I wanted to comment on what it means to me, to be a 'long term investor', especially in light of the recent share price weakness. The term 'long term investor' is used such a lot these days that you could be forgiven for thinking the world is made up exclusively of either short term traders OR long term investors. I'm not sure what other long term investors think, but here's my perspective. As a long term investor I consider myself a part-owner in a business. Although not hands-on, I will look to understand all aspects of the company ranging from what they do, how they've been performing, profitability, sales, recruitment, staff welfare and culture, ambitions, resilience, how effectively they deploy capital etc. I'll know the backdrop of the market in which they operate in, and consider whether that sector encourages or concerns me (I am a top down selector, so I look for the best performing companies I can find and then exclude sectors I might dislike eg. crypto, pharma, tobacco etc). I will spend a lot of time considering this investment and even if I like what I see, I might consider the timing or price not right, so I might wait. I might similarly consider the price to be one of the less important factors (within certain parameters) as I might expect fair terminal value to be many, many times my initial purchase price that a few dollars per share difference is largely irrelevant. Once everything feels right and I've made my initial investment I'll keep learning and tracking business performance. If the company keeps growing shareholder value I'll feel comfortable. If business performance falls short of expectations I might be a little concerned, but all great companies have ups and downs, and regardless things like customer renewals, cancellations, capital expenses, recruitment, macro events etc don't naturally smooth themselves over a financial quarter, so I'm keen to hear the narrative that explains these changes. Meanwhile 'the stock market' is running a daily auction to not only offer me further shares but also for me to sell my business stake. I can take it or I can simply choose to ignore it. As a part owner in a business that I've spent a lot of time researching and evaluating I'll have a very good idea of where the company is, how it compares to others and importantly what I think the future looks like. I am no more likely to accept a low offer for my shares that I would be to change employers just because the share price of a competitor had done better in the last few months. So I often find the advertised share price an irrelevant proxy for the value of the company - it may as well be a parallel track of participants trading sentiment tokens, which is largely what it is of course much of the time. So if anyone is interested in my thoughts for the share price at the moment, my comment is that it (in my opinion) does not even closely reflect the value of the business so my likelihood of selling goes even lower (zero basically) and my likelihood of increasing my holding goes up. So I genuinely focus on what I own as a part-owner in a business with great sales, profits, growth.. and pretty much disregard the share price offered today by the market. I'm entirely focused on the next business update which I hope will show expansion, growth, efficiency, and we can then debate what price we each think that's worth to us, but I'd expect $APPS to be closer to $140 right now with a number of assumptions which will be validated in a few weeks. I have no pressure to sell, and every reason to continue to hold a business that has showed incredible expansion if the outlook remains strong. Red days mean nothing to me so long as the company continues to grow in its reported earnings. Having mental fortitude is highly important once you've figured out a way to select stocks that fit your investment style and objectives.
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    Lets hope Stone gets this right, Although have not read AdColony REPORT as some stated they are losing money. However still a piece needed to complete puzzle.
  • A
    puzzling and troubling that this is down when about every other digital and mobile advertising company is soaring on the incredible earnings by SNAP and Twitter. either manipulation somehow or there is a real issue we are not seeing. if it's the former, fear not, DT earnings will also reflect, to some degree, the quarter that SNAP has just booked
  • M
    And then I look at the valuation for Snapchat...$121B and earns not a single dime. TTD has like a $38B mkt cap and barely has numbers any better than ours. And here we are...down on a day when its quite clear that the mobile Advertising market is robust. Today defies common sense. I'm done watching for now. Have a great weekend!!
  • J
    Would be interesting to have a time machine and look at the price in one year from now
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    I just wonder and wander and wander again that even after all the super fundamentals , all good research reports, why no big buyer can see this stock, they see even TTD but ignores APPS for months after months. Why?
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    TipRanks: Based on 5 Wall Street analysts offering 12 month price targets for Digital Turbine in the last 3 months. The average price target is $107.60 with a high forecast of $132.00 and a low forecast of $86.00. The average price target represents a 68.65% change from the last price of $63.80.
  • J
    I agree w Dennis. SNAP & TWTR big beats. Smartphones are such an integral part of business and social lives of many, many people. And Verizon has a trade-in deal to entice upgrades to (new) 5G phones!! APPS will beat again....I think🤣 💪💰🏆
  • S
    I have to believe apps rubbed someone (entity) with deep pockets the wrong way.
  • T
    This will fly, wait for it. By the end of summer we will reach new highs! The MCAP doesn't even come close to justifying the amazing moves the management took to turn DT into a cash cow conglomerate that will be making billions 💰🤑💲💶💵 See you all in triple digits! APPS is a one-way ticket to the moon 🌕📈📊🐂💰🚀
  • M
    This action today makes zero sense. SMH
  • H
    I stand solid in my valuation, share price should be at $118 minimum ..
  • J
    This is making me laugh so hard. All ad/social network stocks (FB,GOOGL,SNAP,TTD…) are moving higher due to SNAP and TWTR results. But APPS is not doing anything and is forecasted to grow the fastest and has better value than let’s say TTD or SNAP. Amazing buying opportunity
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    Norril The Oracle
    So I used to come to these message boards ages ago, when Yahoo was Yahoo. There was a lot of shared research back then. It appears to be 99% nonsense comments that look about the same at WSB on Reddit. Is there a good financial investment forum these days that isn't filled with gibberish?
  • L
    14 days til earnings
    I predict 20+% in those 14 days
  • M
    I should be given a hats off respect as I have lost half a million in three months and haven't sold a single share. long and strong. cheers!
  • E
    Repost from three days ago and I think it’s worth repeating. Patience Patience!

    EmmittEmmitt3 days ago
    @Michael the valuation is there. I do think this SHOULD be 115-120 but I think what we think and what will happen are separate issues. Reason I say this is because this acquisition hasn’t been fully absorbed. I think large investor are sidelined to get a good picture of several ER. See what’s reported. Oct we see most of the terms of the acquisition completed except the unknown ones which will need an additional ER and K10’s to see what the terms of these are ( 50 million incentive). This ER will need to be complete blow out and above to move needle. Gaining momentum after the 2nd qt and 3rd and so on. But I think we need one more after this. Sorry if you where expecting run up but things changed with May-june 10k. Then again the market has a mind of its own sometimes and there could be surprise run up. Calling it the way I see it. Patience it will come.