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Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. (APD)

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  • D
    Wonder what todays $10 jump and after hours bump was all about as there was no upgrade, no positive news.

    I shouldn’t be surprised as there’s been no justification for the extended beat down.

    This is the first double digit gain in over a year!

    One of these days this stock is going to explode. I’m waiting for the Jazan Phase 2 financial closing announced last October to close this October.

    Would be nice to not be delayed or be early for once not that the stocks going to go up on this closing as it did nothing after the first announced pomp and circumstance closing.

    Beggars can’t be choosy. I’ll take it and close my eyes and hope it’s still there when I wake up…
  • M
    Why doesn't APD buy Plug Power?
  • D
    This conversation board is as dead as the stock which if it only matched the competition it should be $100 higher than it currently is today.

    That gets it back to ground zero. Aka the money the stock has lost on the Jazan Project to date.

    It’s got a ton of ground to make up before it starts putting any positive money in anyones pockets let alone being the most profitable Industrial Gas Company in the world (as communicated by the CEO).

    As I said it would do after it’s last mundane quarterly earnings. It will meander up a little and down a little until the next quarterly earnings and the hope that 8 straight mundane quarterly earnings ends.

    APD is like the movie Groundhogs Day where it keeps repeating the same scene over and over again.
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    Allentown Pa
    David......part of me wonders if many of these big projects APD has begun (and which have yet to make enough profit that proves the wisdom of the investment) isn't a factor on why the company's appeal just isn't there. So many of them seem to be in parts of the world that make them risky........any thoughts on that point of view?
  • g
    Another potential, large NH3 deal, for APD. One day, these deals, should be reflected in the stock price.👍
  • W
    bear market is not over.
  • K
    Just got in today for 50 shares @ $242.00. I noted this on a youtube stock analysis. The word 'oligopoly'. An oligopoly is a market characterized by a small number of firms who realize they are interdependent in their pricing and output policies. I'll keep adding for sure, great dividend, covered by good cash flow from long term contracts.
  • D
    Yes Fridays $10 gain was simply a mirage as I suspected as the stock dropped $5.90 yesterday and is on its usual continuous downward slope to a 4 pm closing low currently down $4.20.

    Groundhogs Day…
  • N
    Collapse? APD is still trading with value today isn't? lol I guess you need the definition of a collapse. This isn't Enron chill out! Also the stock price isn't set by board of directors as you seem to think. Management doesn't care about the stock price, there job is the simply keep the business running. The reason that the prices are falling is because people like you spam chats sending panics who sell the stock. I highly doubt you've ever read a quarterly report, yet alone just some statistics on APD financial condition. If you want to have a say in Jazan than maybe try that first. If you truly understood fundamental analysis then you would have known about APD strong margins and ability to maintain a low debt. Yet you've never mentioned that once because you don't understand that and I really wouldn't care to teach you true analysis. Have fun. If you hate APD so much, sell, nothing holding you back and there's someone buying! At least someone like you wont have voting power in my company.
  • A
    Typical bear market couple big gains,and then the bottom falls out.did anybody bite
  • A
    I was wondering if that great dividend.that everbody talks about was making up yet for the 2 year collapse?
  • D
    Consider the following multitude of tremendous AP news releases in just the past 12 days with no positive investor reaction whatsoever!

    1. Today 04 May. AP to supply 1st Rotterdam green H2 filling station for trucks in 2023.

    2. 02 May. AP brings two Air Separation Units on stream in Asia.

    3. 28 April. AP signs long term industrial gases supply agreement with world leading semiconductor manufacturer in Asia.

    4. 27 April. Indonesia Bumi Resources & AP to start 2 billion methanol JV in May.

    5. 22 April. AP teaming up with World Energy to build 2 billion Conversion of Sustainable Aviation Fuel facility in Paramount, CA.

    Actual stock price at market open on 22 April at 9:30 am was $249.93!

    Closing stock price yesterday 03 May was $239.10!

    So over the course of 12 days worth of terrific AP news, the stock has dropped over $10!!!

    Now consider these actual APD stock prices over the past 18 months as follows:

    $327.89 on 9 November 2020.
    $314.84 on 10 November 2021.
    $307.84 on 5 January 2022.
    $235.40 on 02 May 2022.

    Remember AP actually beat earnings by 2 cents and sales by 10% the prior February earnings call and still fell terribly.

    Come Thursdays earnings, if APD misses once again or does not blow away investor expectations this stock could fall to $150.

    Compare APD stock performance to Linde YTD, Linde the past 12 months, Linde the past 2 years or Linde the past 5 years and you will see we’ve gotten our teeth kicked in by the competition!

    Once again. Actual APD stock prices over the past 18 months.

    $327.89 on 9 November 2020.
    $314.84 on 10 November 2021.
    $307.84 on 5 January 2022.
    $235.40 on 2 May 2022.

    I agree that sooner or later APD is going to explode well beyond $400 however this recent 12 day clip of terrific news is a small typical sample of what’s been occurring for the past 18 months with APD stock prices.

    Last October 2021 the CEO said the Jazan Phase 2 financing was expected to close this October 2022.

    That expected closing is just around the corner. Surely the analysts on this Thursdays earnings call will ask the status of this Phase 2 financial closing.

    If any of you remember what transpired when the initial Jazan Phase 1 financial closing was delayed 13 months from September 2020 to October 2021.

    The stock fell over $60 in one weeks timeframe!

    And perhaps some of you remember what transpired when AP held a special analysts call to announce the Jazan Phase 1 closing on October 2021.

    The stock went up a stinking 60 cents!

    Talk is cheap. Earnings is king. Until AP earnings blows away investor expectations, this stock will continue to falter.

    If your a shareholder like me, that’s not my interpretation of the company meeting their commitment to the shareholders.

    If your a shareholder like me, you have every reason to be very unhappy.
  • a
    Agree that the quarterly earnings were not knockout, yet they have beat consensus numbers in 3 out of the last 4 quarters despite labor shortages, specifically truck drivers, which is impacting their bottom line in addition to the ongoing supply chain issues that are impacting the profits of many companies.

    Many industrial companies out there are unable to match APD's performance, yet the stock price continues to languish on very low volume. The big money players appear to have lost interest in this company despite numerous projects in their pipeline that are positioning the company for long term growth. They also pay a great dividend, which has been increased every year for decades. What am I missing here?
  • N
    Umm... btw I actually have been following stock for 3 years now and even was down 30% at one point (still down now) No one is denying the fact that APD stock is underperforming the industrial gas industry who would argue that fact? You have been so quick to rule out APD stock price but havent responded to one of my comments about margins and debt. You clearly have no understanding of fundamental analysis whatsoever and for that simple fact I would bet you probably would never beat the SP in even a 3 yr period. If you bought this stock or any stock with the expectation for it to go up ever day then you need to buy a treasury or put your money in a CD/ bank. Good luck with your stonk trading skills
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    People can say whatever they'd like about Air Products and how they have struggled to keep up with the industrial gas industry. I am not denying the truth that APD has lagged behind Linde and competitors; the evidence is in plain sight! But you still must remember the considerable advantage of their margin (highest in the industry) and ROA (much higher than Linde's). Air Products has grown their profitability margins very fast over the past decade exceeding my expectations despite supply challenges which may be the cause for their slowing income. Regardless of Linde's EPS growth in the most recent year, APD is still growing earnings faster than Linde in the long term. The idea that Linde and Air Liquide will continue to perform better than APD in the near future is still on the table and I think it is possible. I do like Linde too. But, for now, I maintain my position that APD is a stable dividend aristocrat that is hitting a big bump, if not ditch in the road, and I still have lots of faith they will come out sooner or later. Hold long...
  • J
    Interesting WSJ article about difficulties with the NEOM project.
  • D
    Well they certainly didn’t have a knockout quarter that’s for sure and their forward guidance is nothing to rave about either!

    Currently still in the green albeit a very small amount.

    Considering where this stock was only back in January ($305) todays results is more of the same over the prior 6 quarters (18 months).

    Disappointing and unacceptable…
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    Well here we are, the night before, no not Christmas although it would be really nice to have Christmas in May as this beat down has gone on long enough!

    I have been super critical of APD’s performance the past 18 months but having said all that I know it’s just a matter of time until these countless billion dollar deals come to fruition and the dough starts rolling in!

    Truthfully there was no justifiable reason for the $20 drop the last February earnings call on a 2 cent earnings beat and a 10% sales beat.

    That the stock continued to plummet all the way from $307.84 on 05 January to $218.27 on 14 March was totally unwarranted in my opinion.

    As my last post indicated, to have two, 2 billion dollar deals announced, one plant startup and two new agreements signed all in the span of 8 business days (12 total days) and have the stock drop another $10 is a continuation of this unwarranted and unexplainable sell off.

    One would think from where APD was in January ($305) given the multitude of new agreements, new Plant startups and alike that this stock would start to look attractive to investors.

    It does start with earnings and it starts with increased forward guidance.

    We need both come tomorrow! Covid is over! LuAn’s all four gasifiers have been running for almost 9 months.

    Jazan is operational and Phase 2 financial closing is on the door step.

    It’s just a matter of time until APD pops and in a big way! I may have lost confidence but I haven’t lost all faith.

    If the stock takes a beat down tomorrow I’m bailing all out to cut further loses however I’m jumping back in as I do not plan to miss riding this train to $400 and well beyond.

    It’s time to show the shareholders the money and it needs to start tomorrow!

    Good luck to all APD shareholders!!!
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    As usual the status quo with APD which means another 3 months of languish and mundane results falling further behind Linde and the rest of the industrial gas sector.

    There really should be a call to arms here as this beat down has gone on far to long without response or accountability from management!

    The dividend is peanuts to the money long term shareholders have lost on this stock the last 18 months.

    Once again shareholders have EVERY reason to be very unhappy and deserve explanation and accountability for this ongoing 18 month and beyond beat down.

    Terribly disappointing results once again!