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    When you invest, you are buying a day that you don't have to work.
    I pray everyone reading this becomes successful.
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    ⭐ Top Bullish Charts | January 2022 💰💵📈
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    The financial part is just the beginning bringing awareness to what blockchain technology can be used for, its in infancy stages. This technology is the future, for machine learning to then bring in the next paradigm with quantum computing
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    Made my first buys the last few days, unfortunately I’m down!!! But I will be adding with weakness,I only have 11 shares but that’s quite a bit for me about 9 % of my money.
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    Economy is robust, labor market is stronger than ever, wages r high and interest rates even if increased by 2%, still r historically low! Innovation is in high gear.
    Earnings r robust. technology is severely corrected and still Walstreet is pushing it down!
    I think the biggies don’t let any Avg investor go make money!
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    short term bounceback will retrace to $3000 by end of week
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    What, did the market anticipate that Powell was going to announce that the Fed had changed their minds, and that they've decided to not taper? Rate rises were already baked in. In this kind of market, any announcement is an excuse to sell.
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    Joaquín Aguirre
    The rich stay rich by spending like the poor
    and investing without stopping then the poor
    stay poor by spending like rich without a proper investment
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    Time for Amazon to donate some money and create a couple mall riots. People are starting to feel comfortable again.
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    Hey jim, with the little j. I upped my account today. Up yours.
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    Sandor Clegane
    A year ago, if you went to BABA board, none of the longs would believe you if you told them BABA would trade at less than half in one year, in the low $100's. Today you will also downvote my comment if I tell you that AMZN will trend slowly to $1000 - $1,250, where it will be trading at a P/E of 25, which is very reasonable for a large cap with decelerating growth and no dividend policy after 25 years in business.

    BABA was not even much overvalued, but there is absolutely no reason for a mega-cap like AMZN to trade at 60 P/E - your best case scenario is dead money for at least 5 more years until earnings catch up.
  • K
    The fed will cause a rally. Since rate of inflation has slowed down, they will message it positively for the markets. Microsoft will push higher, similar to IBM and 3M despite modest positive earnings guidance or none in the case of IBM. TSLA will rock after the bell on Wed. Factory capacity is sold out for the year, they are in line to almost double production in 2022 to over 1.4M cars delivered.
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    Microsoft will set the tone after closing. If they do well and give good guidance it should help AMZN.
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    Steve G
    Amazon is still a great company and it's not going away. With regard to its business, nothing has significantly changed. For those looking to invest, the stock in the mid 2700's might be the opportunity to begin to accumulate. You can add a bit on a 50 point scale over time if it dips further.

    My current position in AMZN: none but looking to buy on weakness
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    Aaron Searz
    Amazon seems to be undervalued given its earnings and growth. Amazon is leader in AWS. AWS becomes more profitable the more it grows. Its retail arm is just growing in customers. AMZN is projected to grow its EPS at around 30% annually over at last the next five years. Amazon could expand its shipping operations to take on Fedex and UPS. Prime membership pricing could easily be doubled without losing many customers. Amazon is growing its digital advertising which is more pure profit. So much to like about Amazon.
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    CNBC article today quotes JP Morgan analyst Doug Anmuth that AMZN is a strong buy with a predicted price target of 4350
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    AMZN has been consolidating for 15+ months: it is time to move upside now!

    Go AMZN
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    Woah! Check out (! The tips shared there are way better than AMZN which does absolutely nothing…
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    A B
    AWS will have $80B+ in revenue with 35-40% margin and growth rate of 30%+. Alone AWS is worth $900B. The current market cap of AMZN is $1.44 Trillion. Subtract that AWS value from the AMZN market cap and that means the retail, advertising and all other segments of Amazon are currently selling for ONE time revenue. That is right 1x revenue. I am not a technical investor but it does matter in times of great lunacy (like this) and AMZN on a weekly chart has an RSI of 31 - on daily chart it is 21. So others who are dreaming of it falling 20% after earnings like NFLX did, AFTER the 20% haircut Netflix experienced last week its RSI is now the same as Amazon. Look at the chart from 3200, it is all sellers - meaning there isn't any trapped money hoping to get out. You can lead a horse to water...