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Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

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76.47-1.52 (-1.95%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
75.25 -1.22 (-1.60%)
Pre-Market: 04:07AM EDT
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    After market just turned green during MU conference call. Hope it holds.
  • D
    All priced in, let's start the up trend.
  • p
    We were once a energy dependent county. Just a couple years ago. I’m still in shock that gas is 8.00 in CA. Mind blowing
  • B
    This was the worst first half for the market in 50 years and it’s all because of 3 things :

  • F
    AMD down twice as much as Intel.
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    David Smith
    The first 2 months after early Mid Nov 2021 to end of Jan 22 the stock dropped from about $155 to $105 and for 5 months it has slowly been dropping to it's new low of $77.99 teasing us along the way by going up to the $120's. The stock is back to where it was in July 2021..... It is not AMD fault but the economy. I have half of what I had but know that AMD will recover.
  • S
    Although this crash is painful, but is healthy for long run. The best part is good quality stocks like AMD also got punished hard! 

    Let’s take a closer look at AMD’s performance & outlook (guidance), so we may have a better idea about AMD’s potential and true value!

    Below is a brief summary of AMD key data & info:
    (1) Annual EPS- 2017 to 2021:
      $0.10 (2017), 0.46, 0.64, 1.29, 2.79 (2021)
      $3.41 (2022 Q1)
    (2) Annual profit margin- 2017-2021:
      Gross margin: 34%, 39%, 43%, 45%, 48%
      [54% expected for 2022]

     (3) Quarterly EPS: 2020 Q4 to 2022 Q1:
      Non-Gaap: $0.52 (2020 Q4), 0.52, 0.63, 0.73, 0.92, 1.13 (2022 Q1)
      Gaap: 0.32, 0.45, 0.58, 0.75, 0.80, 0.56
      [Note: Low 2022 Q1 Gaap EPS was due to XLNX merger’s 1 time cost.]

    (4) 2022 Guidance:
    - Revenue growth= 60%, (up from 31% in 3 months)
    - TAM (5-year target)
      $79B (Mar 2020), 135B (Feb 2022), 300B (Jun 2022)

    (5) Others
    - 30x (times) energy efficiency improvement by 2025: On track
    - Buyback: $4B (May 2021), 8B (Feb 2022)

    (1) AMD 2022 Q1 EPS already reached $1.13! If revenue growth =0% , 2022 EPS will be $4.52. 
    With 60% guided revenue growth, 2022 EPS likely will be around $5.5?

    (2) In view of the sharp increases in guided revenue growth (31%& to 60% in 3 months) and TAM ($135B to 300B in 4 months), AMD annual earning growth likely will grow at 50-100% in the next few years!

    (3) So far, AMD seems to be one of the very few companies still providing very positive growth in this bear market! If that is realistic, AMD should soon become a big new high tech leader in the industry!

    [Note: So far, Dr. Su seems to be one of the few CEOs who can deliver and trustworthy! Let’s see whether manipulators or Dr. Su will win in this cruel battle field?]

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    Kris...batman sent you a message...check your 6.
    Steven...same message.
  • m
    From what I remembered, in the past fours years, when ever I was on vacation, AMD kept going up, I am goin on vacation starting July 5th, guys, get ready, 👍👍👍👍👍
  • K
    OK, I’m placing buys. What happens next?

    Yes every time!
  • b
    Cramer had some very nice comments tonight on AMD. Basically nothing we don’t know but telling the world how great a job Lisa Su has done and just how diverse AMD has become. Worth watching.
  • S
    Sports Fan
    There's a chip shortage!! AMD's price is unjustifiably low.

    As a long term AMD shareholder, I bought more shares this morning. Good luck LONGS!
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    BIG Jake
    incase you missed it core CPE data came in better than expected.
  • b
    Gus Richard over at Northland upgrades His rating on AMD and adjusts PT (lowers) to $95.
  • R
    Markets want 1929 levels
  • T
    So I guess the world has stopped buying computers? Don't computers run the entire world? I don't understand.
  • D
    I wish yahoo would get rid of all the spam on their message boards. All these promotions for financial websites and people and their made up testimonials.

    Half of the top reactions are spam with all their targeted upvotes and canned replies.
  • W
    Breaking AMD news: Northland Capital upgrades AMD to outperform ~ $95 price target {MT Newswires at 0845 EEDT}