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AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. (AMC)

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  • r
    1) Two technical analyst just increaseD AMC price target to $13. 2) Box office results continue to improve. 3) The government is pushing for a full economic re opening to mid june. 4) Vaccination numbers are quite good at 20%. 5) Official releases are promising blockbuster movies being lined up....... so many positives yet the SP is tanking. This appears and in most likelihood are scare tactics.
  • s
    The most AMC has ever been shorted
    03/31 - 04/09. 73.82 million shares short
    According to NYSE 04/12/21
  • B
    If the squeeze does happen in AH or Pre Market for AMC, I don't think we the retailers have much to worry about as we own 90+% of the stock they have to buy from us at some point. This is what's good about AMC. we own the show, no pun intended. Sorry Adam.
  • I
    NYSE just released updated & most accurate Short Interest for AMC! 73.82 million shares short! (Via NYSE -> Ortex)

    The most AMC has ever been shorted. They tripled down on their short position. Let’s squeeze

  • P
    Short interest 19.75 percent
    Utilization 95.89%
    Shares on loan 131.52 million
    Record highs getting close
  • C
    the share recount data will be finalized and available by visiting the actual amc offices on april 20th i am pretty sure someone will take a trip down there to get the results out if they don't publicly release them
  • N
    Night father
    I put stop sell order at 1000$ and that’s how long I will stay in this stock. That’s it. Very simple.
    I won’t be distracted by daily ups and downs and daily price.
    I will just check the stock when I want to buy more.
  • d
    This manipulation is off the charts! Nobody has ever seen this type of blatant manipulation before and that in itself tells you the gravity of the situation.

    But that is a great thing for us because now they have to see it, they can no longer look away and keep a straight face. When the dust settles, with as public as this conundrum is, there will certainly have to be answers for why this stock was being singled out and subjected to questionable trading tactics. If it is determined that what they are doing is perfectly legal and within their rights, what are you saying to the retail investor?, that no matter how hard retail traders try to invest into the stock market, their profit or loss can be controlled artificially? What do they say to American companies who decide to go public? that their prospects of keeping their shareholders and attracting more money with more investors are hampered by the whims of hedge funds?

    Lots of questions to be answered by our government, banks, hedge funds. market makers,media etc... and I am sure lots of finger pointing going on and lots of damage control measures being taken.

    You couldn't have scripted a better movie and have hundreds of millions on the edge of their seats.
  • .
    The entire world knows billions of synthetic shares are about to be EXPOSED with a share count or a moon shot never seen in the history of the stock exchange.
  • C
    Sir, the bank is on line 1. They need you to pay for the shares you borrowed.
  • T
    Something very odd happening with the market today; all stocks I track are being heavily attacked today. These stocks have typically been highly shorted. Are the HFs making a last push before rule changes or spotlight on naked short activity? I'm holding strong through these attacks and not selling my positions. There is no news to justify the stock declines. Novice investors will panic sell and regret it when these stocks turn. Something is afoot here!!
  • B
    Not selling! Just accumulating for the big squeeze! $30+ open shouldn't surprise me when they cover.
  • C
    some guy earlier posted he moved his shares away from robinhood to fidelity should have read this first

    According to the 606 reports for the fourth quarter of 2020 for the following nine online brokers, Citadel was providing payment-for-order-flow (giving a cash rebate for trade orders directed to it) to each of the following: Robinhood, E-Trade, TD Ameritrade, Charles Schwab, WeBull, Ally Invest Securities, First Trade and TradeStation. At Fidelity Brokerage Services, it was directing stock and option orders to Citadel Securities but was only receiving payment-for-order-flow on the option orders, according to its 606 report.
  • R
    Robert - #AMC2K
    Does anyone have the answer to this? I can't seem to find anything when I do my DD:

    The share audit has to be completed 10 days prior the the shareholders meeting on May 4th. But does that mean that all synthetic shares discovered in the audit will need to be covered and destroyed on the spot, or will there be some BS grace period that the HF's are given that could spill over into the following weeks/months after the meeting on May 4th?

    I can't seem to find any clear information on this...which I find rather odd actually.
  • J
    So everyone knows. AMC synthetic shares exchanged between hedge funds (not on stock market) but on dark pools and OTCC. The FAKE shares are reported to be apprx 1-2Billion! So they have to buy real shares and fast! Share recount due Apr 20th ahead of May 4th shareholder meeting.
  • B
    They'd rather crash the whole market than admit they effed-up and pay-up.
  • S
    Seth Day
    I think people need to understand some big news today. Gary Gensler just got voted in today to be the new chairman for the SEC on a vote that went 14-10! He is extraordinarily hated by Wall Street being a big favor of the little guy having a fair game. He was a big part of a screwing the hedge funds back in 2008 whenever we had a market crash and will not hesitate once to destroy Citadel. He could play into a huge factor in pushing the squeeze over the hump a lot faster! Have faith my friends and continue to buy and hold this stock!! We are getting closer and closer to the finish line and the reward will be life changing for a lot of us! Ignore the price and relax. Utilization and short interest rate are still going up day by day!
  • O
    Hedgies are afraid of the Interview with AMC CEO and Trey's Trades . They know there will be some information about Q1 earnings for example and it will be very positive . There will be many good news . Shorts don't know when exactly it will happen but for sure these days so they attack today before all the good news . And yes April 20 will be a big day ! 📑⏰
  • K
    Market ultimately get green and all shares go up, matter of time.
    Patience is the key
  • I
    I’m currently $4,000 in the red but holding strong. Just waiting for the squeeze and watching her pop.