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Allegiant Travel Company (ALGT)

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80.28-4.49 (-5.30%)
At close: 04:00PM EDT
84.16 +3.88 (+4.83%)
After hours: 07:57PM EDT

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    The Critic
    Tens of millions for people traveling and going on vacation over the next year so keep buying. No, I'll be buying your $85 dollar shares for $45 buy the end of December. Thanks.
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    The Critic
    This will see $50 before it sees $100
  • J
    ALGT frontier merger next please
  • K
    Buying opportunity.
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    Small Time Gambler
    Here we come 70
  • M
    85 today
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    Who is selling this and why?? This is ridiculous
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    In case you missed it:

    Scheduled Service
    November 2020 November 2019 Change
    Passengers 682,976 1,101,346 (38.0%)
    Revenue passenger miles (000) 596,377 962,614 (38.0%)
    Available seat miles (000) 1,034,482 1,197,831 (13.6%)
    Load factor 57.6% 80.4% (22.8pts)
    Departures 6,940 8,189 (15.3%)
    Average stage length (miles) 861 857 0.5%
    Total System*
    November 2020 November 2019 Change
    Passengers 692,327 1,129,065 (38.7%)
    Available seat miles (000) 1,065,731 1,255,381 (15.1%)
    Departures 7,201 8,739 (17.6%)
    Average stage length (miles) 854 841 1.5%

    No, ALGT is not making money.
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    The earnings call went great and they are set up for positive earnings for the rest of 2021. The only problem I see with the 1.55 million shares (9% of existing float) in the secondary is that it is more than ALGT stock typically trades in a two-week period. The 150k daily volume also includes the huge volumes from new shares being created of the JETS ETF, of which ALGT is a disproportionately large member.
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    $CLVS conversation
    MAI Capital Management,has filed Form 13F for Q1 2021.Opened NEW positions in $AABB $ALGT $ASH $ASHR $ATRS $AZEK $BFAM $BNS $CFRX $CLVS

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  • b
    From what I’ve come across this was a very one-sided portrayal that is lacking the whole truth. Plus as mentioned the md 80s are going to be phased out by year-end so the impact will be minimal.
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    FYI- - The analysts write up on the upgrade.

    Allegiant Travel Co. (ALGT) shares were up 2.8% to $112.39 in early afternoon trading.

    Raymond James upgraded the company to Strong Buy from Outperform and boosted its target price to $135.00 from $115.00.

    The Raymond James note said Allegiant is refocusing on its airline roots, completely halting non-airline projects. "In an eventual recovery, its founding roots of opportunistically buying mid-life, out-of-favor aircraft/parts makes Allegiant well-suited to seize on likely dislocations in aircraft assets to grow in a capital-'lighter' fashion," the analyst note said.

    Raymond James said Allegiant's network and leisure customer base fit well with its expectation of domestic/leisure recovering faster than international/business.

    Raymond James also said Allegiant's geographical exposure and business model results in a relatively lower earnings risk profile versus its U.S. peers.
  • a
    Because of the spike in COVID cases, all recovery stocks (oil, travel, etc.) have stalled or rolled back.Please take a look at #vyst if you can. They produce UV Air Filters and own the patent on it for hospitals, schools etc etc and are trading so low and due to COVID round 2 this is a HUGE potential! Increased over 150% the last two days and the volume s over 5X typical days already this morning! It is relatively unknown but since COVID is not going away the potential for this is exponential compared to the stock price so it may be worth it to invest in this technology, as the vaccines in development still may have a way to go. Two of my retail clients are utilizing thsi technology, and the investors in the company are confident in the product. This is the ONLY publicly traded UV filter!!! Come on board and help ALL your investments get on track!
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    $JETS conversation
    Friday's coordinated airline short fails*

    A group of shorts thought that significant airline insider selling in February, combined with the decline provoked by increasing bond yields on Friday, was a very good sign to sell airlines. By 11:30 eastern, the trend reversed after realizing that since over 50% of U.S. 65 year olds have been vaccinated, the Covid-19 mortality rate was effectively cut by 40%. *This is just my opinion of course.

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    Moody's just downgraded their debt to Ba3, which is pretty bad. Also, Q4 20 traffic estimates forecast load factor to still be down by 70% compared to Q4 19.With $60mm/month cash burn, $400mm cash on hand, zero revenue, and a long multi year battle to get back to pre-covid numbers, this seems very overvalued to me. To those looking at the 52 week range, please understand this will be a much smaller company by the end of the year. Just be careful folks, market does appear very overheated. Also, I do not like the pump occurring during the overnight futures markets. Retail investors are not trading overnight futures, seems like a systematic institutional pump. Best of luck to you all, still plenty money to be made, just be cautious.
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    Rating Action: Moody's places all ratings of Allegiant Travel Company on review for downgrade
    17 Mar 2020

    New York, March 17, 2020 -- Moody's Investors Service ("Moody's") placed the ratings of Allegiant Travel Company ("Allegiant"), including the Ba3 corporate family rating, on review for downgrade. The speculative grade liquidity rating remains unchanged at SGL-3.

    The rapid and widening spread of the coronavirus outbreak, the deteriorating global economic outlook, falling oil prices and asset price declines are creating a severe and extensive credit shock across many sectors, regions and markets. The combined credit effects of these developments are unprecedented. The passenger airline sector has been one of the sectors most significantly affected by the shock given its exposure to travel restrictions and sensitivity to consumer demand and sentiment. More specifically, Allegiant is left vulnerable to shifts in market sentiment in these unprecedented operating conditions, and the company remains vulnerable to the outbreak continuing to spread. Moody's regards the coronavirus outbreak as a social risk under its ESG framework, given the substantial implications for public health and safety. Today's actions reflect the impact on Allegiant of the breadth and severity of the shock, and the broad deterioration in credit quality it has triggered.

    With the review for downgrade, Moody's considers that the coronavirus will significantly curtail US domestic and global demand for air travel through at least June. For now, Moody's assumes a measured pace of recovery in demand commencing in the third quarter. Moody's anticipates that the accelerating incidence of the coronavirus across the US will lead to further capacity reductions across the industry and, potentially, a temporary restriction on passenger air services, both domestically and to and from additional foreign countries. Moody's current assumption is that domestic industry capacity in the US is cut by 50% in the second quarter and by 25% in the third quarter versus the respective quarters in 2019. For the three US global carriers, Moody's assumes capacity on international routes will shrink by 90% or more in the second quarter and a slower recovery than for domestic traffic following the virus' decline. Moody's assumes Allegiant's full year capacity would reduce by at least 20%. However, there are high risks of more challenging downside scenarios and the severity and duration of the pandemic and travel restrictions are uncertain.

    In its review, Moody's will consider (i) the sufficiency of the company's liquidity profile; (ii) Allegiant's ability to timely and, in what magnitude, aggressively reduce expenses and capital investments to preserve cash outflows as new booking levels recede; (iii) evolving market conditions, including demand patterns and responsive additional capacity cuts; (iv) the potential for and types of support the US government might provide to the US airlines; and (v) the potential to timely restore its credit metrics and sustain a strong cash buffer following the coronavirus, which will require prioritization of debt reduction.
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    $JETS conversation
    The U.S. government wants to hire 6,000 new airport security screeners by the summer as progress in vaccinating people for Covid-19 is projected to lead to an increase in travel.

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    Allegiant was first airline to return to profitability and has strong balance sheet. Yet ALGT has irrationally sold-off more than other airlines. Allegiant is focused on US leisure travel. US is mostly vaccinated and eager to travel. Since Allegiant only flies routes on limited days, they are best positioned to keep flying profitability, because they can more easily
    scale down or up. Allegiant has revamped its fleet to a single, efficient plane (Airbus A320 series). Similar biz model to Southwest's all Boeing 737 fleet. For anyone not afraid to invest in airlines, ALGT seems like the best value. I welcome opinions of those that agree or disagree.
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    ALGT is the best of the bare-bone airlines. Not glamours, but planes are clean and on-time. You can fly from Buffalo to Florida for $99..sometimes for as little as $49 if you book ahead. This is perfect for Grandma or Aunt Sally coming to visit or kids going to college. Plus, ALGT is building a brand new condo-hotel resort in Fla, with 5 swimming pools, gift shops, hotels, rental cars. They will capture the customer business from the airport to rental cars to hotel to restaurants. Great synergy idea stock... but at this price... Yikes... Waiting for the first sign of a pull back.
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    Reading the recently released 1st quarter 10Q, allegiant reported a loss of $2.08. Forthe 2nd quarter. l would estimate revenue of around $90 million plus $76 million in CARES grants or $166 million for 2nd quarter revenue or a little less than a $300 million drop if there had been no corona virus. Costs will obviously drop substantially as things like jet fuel, landing fees and contracting fees plummet. The loss for the second quarter will be large maybe $8 per share but that is a guess. The company though is estimating a $100 million income tax return in April 2021 from the CARES act for losses in 2020 so that suggest that they are projecting a 2020 loss of over $300 million or around $20/share for 2020.