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AltaGas Ltd. (ALA.TO)

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25.35-0.38 (-1.48%)
As of 02:07PM EST. Market open.
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  • A
    They started paying quarterly dividends, instead of monthly. The reason fo today's decline.
  • D
    Would have thought that with record cold temps this stock would be skyrocketing
  • S
    What happed to Dividend payable on Dec 31,2021
  • L
    Never thought i would get so excited about a gas company.

    Anyway; its going up.. and up and up soon. here comes 30, and then after that 40's.
  • p
    PEOPLE ARE SO SENSITIVE!!! the omicron variant is nothing to be concerned about!!!! It’s much less severe than the common flu and if you compare it to the delta variant it’s much less severe than that one and the one before. The things people say “more contagious” “vaccine must be modified and probably won’t be affective” “it arrived in the US/Canada” stop feeding into the headlines so much! Feed into the data and the data is saying it’s nothing to be concerned about!
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    With natural gas in high demand why is this stock having a hard time in reaching $30+?!
  • L
    This stock is probably going to moonshot over the next 2 years by the way.

    At least 4-5 major reasons.
    - Alberta is booming like crazy at the moment. Our primary exports are all trading at breakout prices. That will lead to investment and it would not shock me to see a private placement offering here soon.
    - Natural Gas is going to moon shot over the next 24 months. This is good news for pipeline companies as a lot more will go through the lines given the time.
    - Because this stock is largely having revenue based on energy revenue, and the fact that it has some green energy plays, coupled with the fossil fuels, altagas sits in a pretty good middle ground between the old guard and new guard to please multiple investor types.
    - Dependency on energy revenue and tied in there will mean lots of inflationary fee passing on as Altagas is largely midstream. This will lead to an increased profit while keeping profit margins roughly similar.

    My price target? 30 dollars a share by mid next year, and potentially going to see 40's again by year end. The problem with the stock atm is it just has not caught its swagger yet. The movement is already in motion, the market is just not taking notice.
  • M
    They're making alot of money and putting alot into R and D, which is fine, but as a public company they owe something to the shareholders. I've stayed with them all the time even through the time when shares dropped to a dollar or two. It's about time they did something for investors. That's should be a requirement for a publicly traded company. Our investment is what has made them grow to where they are today and that's the reason they're getting paid good money to work for us.
  • A
    My bad, the today's drop was caused by me buying shares at 25.47
    So of course it will probably continue down more yet....
  • R
    Normalized EPS1 of $1.29 in Q1 2021 compared to $0.79 in Q1 2020, representing a 63% year-over-year increase.

    Normalized FFO1 per share of $2.08 in Q1 2021 compared to $1.51 in Q1 2020, representing a 38% year-over-year increase.

    Normalized EBITDA1 of $674 million in Q1 2021 compared to $499 million in Q1 2020, representing a 35% year-over-year increase and reflected solid performance across the platform.
  • r
    Here is my comment from 2 months ago:
    "With high dividend and decent growth potential, this is one of the TSX stocks. My modeling shows, including the $0.96 div, in 52w, you will end up at $16.6 - $25.5 with midpoint of $22.4"

    It seems that this stock is on track to reach my price target.
  • Y
    This is just the beginning. 24 per share could be in the future. Load up. 6.6% +growth in price.
  • s
    A couple of days ago I spoke to the Investor Relations department at Altagas. The representative made a couple of important points:

    i) The spin-off of Canadian assets is only a partial spin-off. It is not a complete split of Canadian from American assets. Only certain Canadian assets are being spun-off.

    ii) The commitment to increase the dividend was removed in the last quarterly update. They no longer predict the dividend growth of 6-8% that they did previously. That being said, there are no plans to cut the current dividend and the representative specifically said "The CEO has no intention of offering a dividend which is not sustainable - it is not our policy to do so". When I asked if this means the current dividend will be maintained she stated "We have no indication that the dividend will be cut and this will be mentioned in the next quarterly update".

    With the earnings growth that the WGL acquisition offers, it would appear that ALA is trading at a significant discount because of the perceived unknowns in the spin-off. However, the information on the spinoff is already posted on Sedar and the Investor Relations contact that I spoke to is a bit surprised with how much misinformation is out there and affecting the current stock price.
  • U
    I think my cost average is $30 in this for the long haul I think this is a good company
  • B
    With the rate reset of perferred shares, Altagas would have retain more cash from their payout. This will improve the balance sheet further with such low costs of capital now. The utility business still generate and generate granteed decent return. I expect free cash flow will rise
  • V
    company has reinterduced the premium drip plan give a 3% discount to the average share price.
  • r
    With high dividend and decent growth potential, this is one of the TSX stocks. My modeling shows, including the $0.96 div, in 52w, you will end up at $16.6 - $25.5 with midpoint of $22.4
  • A
    People need to chill out. Just hold onto it. It can't drop that much further. You might as well hold for at least a year to attempt to recover any losses.
  • k
    I listened to the conference call. The Board will make a decision on the 2019 dividend in the next few weeks. The anticipated increase in the FFO as a result of the WGL transaction (and everything else) has been cut back from 15/25% to 10%. The FFO for 2017 was $3.60/share based on 175 million shares and a declared dividend of $2.12/share. There are currently 270 million shares so a 10% increase in FFO equates to something like $2.56/share.
  • k
    Of interest is the fact that Terry McAllister, the former CEO of WGL and current board member, bought 44k shares of Altagas on September 21, one week after the first IPO news release. That demonstrates some degree of confidence in the ongoing venture.