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Cardano CAD (ADA-CAD)

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2.6158-0.0643 (-2.40%)
As of 4:05PM BST. Market open.
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  • e
    I won’t be putting another dime into this thing until the wallet issue gets resolved. Yoroi having sync issues and not working. Downloaded Daedalus and it’s stuck saying cardano node is not responding and cardano node not syncing. Absolutely no way to get any decent answers other than just wait and it will fix itself. Been 3 days now. I guess too bad for me. So long money.
  • M
    Michelle K.
    Nobody becomes a millionaire or a billionaire by working for others and depending on them. Good investment brings millions of dollars and consistency bring billions; the market is all about bitcoin at the moment.
  • D
    Successful people don't become that way overnight. What most people see at a glance wealth, a great career, purpose is the result of hard work and hustle over time. I pray that anyone reads this will be successful in life
  • T
    Telegrm Eisenbergtrade
    Here we go , time for every one of the financial backers who didn't put resources into Bitcoin to begin considering it a ponzi .

    I'm pondering when these financial backers will at long last acknowledge this new resource class.

    Long BTC , DOT , ETH , SOL , XTZ
  • e
    Honestly is anyone having issues with the Yoroi wallet not showing staking balance and rewards total? Says experiencing synchronization issues. Looked online and on the Twitter feed but all news seems to be from about a week ago. What’s the deal man it’s not a confidence booster when your money is in some glitchy wallet
  • j
    News Alert. Ada's Plutus Application Backend (PAB) just finished, it's currently being tested as we speak. This means we will see things like meld or sundae swap finally launch very soon. I am very bullish with this news, last chance load up as ADA will pump when things finally get launched. I have decided to dump my last reserves into ADA over the next few days as the launch will be hitting any day now. Best of luck to everyone and I am not a financial advisor, do your own homework.
  • B
    Initially bought ada at .8 and have been accumulating around this range for a while now. I think 4-5 $ by early 2022 is very conservative
  • N
    When you invest, your buying a day you don't have to work.
  • e
    Obviously won’t be able to get worthwhile honest information on a chat board like this but feels good to vent. Just put it out there. Tried watching YouTube videos and searching around. Anyone got a good resource to look at? I guess just buy and accumulate over a long period of time. So goes the saying.
  • S
    ADA is good but for long term, not short term. Beside it is heavy due to 33 billions coins in circulation. It will be up anyway but slowly. If you have patience, you will be the winner.
  • P
    I think there will eventually be a supply shortage as the price goes up, all because of staking. I mean if you had 5000 ADA coins and the price shot up to 5 bucks, would you honestly sell it? Think about it. There will be 3 coins added to your supply every 5 days per 1000 coins. So 15 coins a month times $50 bucks. Thats a $750 monthly passive income. Another issue is that 32 billion coins is not really that many. Once the whales start buying. They will just purchase and hold on to it.
    Now tell me, Would you sell your ADA?
  • S
    I strongly believe the ADA patterns is a potential for a strong bounce in 2022. Hold tight.
  • t
    It's going to 3.00 hearing that and reading that for 3 weeks. Any real thoughts on this stagnation anyone?
  • T
    Seriously thinking about converting all my $ADA to $ETH as I’m starting to think I’ll make more money both short to medium term? Peoples thoughts? I do really still like Cardano
  • O
    Olivia, Livia, Liv
    why is ada still on the decline, if super champion in smart contracts ?
  • B
    Understand people are frustration but you need to think of Cardano as a framed building with walls at this point. When Plutus arrives, hopefully by the end of Nov, that's like businesses moving into the building. That's when you will start to see growth. There is no real reason the price of ADA should go up until this happens.
  • R
    next stop $3.75 ...... if your planning on buying more ADA ..... do it now
  • R
    Some people need to better understand where Cardano(ADA) is in their development. Other ecosysytems are increasing in price because they are further ahead in their development. Cardano will get there, just need to give it time. Plutus is the next step which will make the price increase. No reason to stress out about it. If so, there are many other cryptos out there to chose from.
  • C
    Cartoon boy
    Right now, the Cardano network is much faster, consumes less energy, and charges less in fees than Ethereum. That last point is especially important, as it can cost hundreds of dollars on the Ethereum blockchain to execute smart contracts, such as to buy and sell NFTs or take out an asset loan. The base transaction fee on the Cardano network is about 97.3% lower.

    As a result, Cardano will have a lot of opportunities to monetize its technological edge over Ethereum in the next year. Furthermore, Cardano developers recently attained a partnership with Chainlink. The deal would enable Cardano smart contracts to link their execution to real-world data like price feeds, weather patterns, election results, consumer transactions, economic indicators, and more, just like how these data are incorporated in clauses in regular contracts. Therefore, I would consider buying the promising coin on the dip using a small amount of capital.
    Order still set at 1.70$ the whole market will be hit , accumulating
  • J
    Any news on the Africa tour?? If you are going to have all the hype, at least have something to show for it??