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Aurora Solar Technologies Inc. (ACU.V)

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  • M
    why do people not like this stock?
  • J
    6000 volume…..💀
  • W
    Gord? Gord? Where are you????
  • G
    Any news I missed?
  • M
    seems like people good about things when it's going their way...
  • K
    I wish I never bought this pumper stock. Break even is $0.35.
  • Z
    Aurora Solar Technologies is a leader in the development and delivery of inline process measurement, analysis, and control systems for solar cell manufacturers. We believe that solar power will dominate the renewable energy field, and our mission is to bring quality and profitability to every customer through superior control of critical processes during solar cell manufacturing.
    Aurora’s products are used by some of the world’s most advanced and respected solar cell manufacturers. With headquarters near Vancouver, Canada, Aurora has operations in Shanghai, China, and partners in all major solar manufacturing market
  • J
    $3.00 - $4.00 short term = 1 - 3 months.
    Aurora is working with SIX out of the ten largest solar panel manufacturers around the globe! 🌎
  • K
    It's tough to see the shares dip this low however based on the last press release there is potential lined up for 2022. So this should be seen as a buying opportunity. "Aurora is pleased to announce that a second InsightTM Essentials evaluation agreement has been signed, with a major solar cell and module manufacturer in China. This new evaluation, starting in the current quarter and expected to complete during the first half of 2022, aligns with the Company's plan for a staged rollout of Insight, culminating in general market availability later in 2022."
  • M
    Between January -October 2020 231GW of new solar cell plants were announced. There has been many more since then. With all these announced plants + the existing plants the global capacity for solar cell manufacturing is around 480GW. ACU says it hopes to get 750k-1.5M per 5 GW plant. Could you imagine if they get just half the market...
  • J
    Strong Aurora Solar Team

    Gordon Deans, P. Eng., M. Eng.
    CEO and Founder
    Extensive leadership experience in new product development and market introduction, public company turnarounds with Nortel, Norsat, Omron Adept Automation

    Wei Deng, MBA, M. Sc.
    General Manager – Asia Pacific
    30 years of global management experience in marketing, sales strategic planning, and investment in high-tech industries, including senior positions at Microsoft China, Librestream Technologies, and Norsat International.

    Product team
    • Experience: Creo/Kodak, Sierra Wireless, Alpha
    Technologies, Schneider Electric, others

    Johnson Wong, Ph.D.
    Chief Physicist
    University of New South Wales, SERIS, Industry- recognized expert in solar cell physics and design. Co-inventor of “Griddler”, a widely-used solar cell simulation product.

    Board of Directors
    John McNicol - Senior executive with proven track record of creating shareholder value

    Kevin Dodds, CPA - Sr executive specializing in corporate, financing, operational matters in high-growth companies

    David Toyoda, LLB- experienced securities legal and corporate organization expert

    Gordon Deans – CEO and Founder
  • K
    This company has very low/almost no debt. So it can either raise more money by taking more debt or issuing more shares/selling their own shares to raise money. Both ways will make it's price decrease.

    Put if you look at the big picture, ACU.V's income has risen and before last week's crash it was up almost +300%. It has a huge potential. The price drops this month is because of the US bonds which hopefully Jerome Powell will talk about today.

    Now, ACU.V biggest issue is cash burnout. They have a lot of cash reserve and it's all about how are they gonna spend it to grow more. I really doubt they'll get bought out at this stage unless a Chinese solar company sees their potential soon. But Canada-Chinese deals right now aren't looking so great.

    Price drops are normal. I'm holding for as long as it takes with this. Solar is a growth industry, maybe not in Canada so much but in Asia and US. So again, just hold on and buy more if you can. I'm predicting this stock will come back to $0.50 and stay like this for maybe till Q3 or Q4. Then Hopefully, grows to over $1 if it maintains its growth and potential.

    People invest in a company's future not its value today! Keep that in mind.
  • M
    Just joined! See lots of potential with this company and the solar energy sector.
  • j
    Right market, right time, right price!! Right on!! Watched a YouTube video with CEO Gordon Deans from 5 months ago and was impressed by his attention to detail, he’s a numbers man, he’s all about measurement, data and tweaking out better results both in production and cost can tell he lives and breaths solar cell technologies, just the type of small cap Solar company that I want my money to grow in!!
  • J
    The future of energy is solar.
    The future of solar is Aurora.
    Imagine the potential...
    As of right now most solar panels achieve only 20 percent efficiency.
    That means that out of 100% of the sunlight that touches the panel, that panel can only capture 20%.
    The popular theory is that we will only ever be able to achieve 40% - 41%.
    Think about this... Aurora is constantly collecting data and monitoring the production of the solar cells themselves and in time they will be the ones that deliver to the manufacturer the ability to achieve those higher percentages.
    This stock hasn’t even begun to flex its potential and you are in on the ground floor.
  • N
    If you're selling this you really need to give your heads a shake. This company makes what top solar panel manufacturers need to increase their profit margins. This is the ultimate pick and shovel stock for the solar industry and it is still under $.5.
  • M
    If you think this is good wait till they announce the first insight contracts later this month/early sept
  • K
    This is the market correction, it's happening to most stocks in this sector. It's a short term sell-off, but it will go up in the long term
  • M
    The company is presenting at a trade show in China this week with all the major players there. Hopefully some big contracts come from this