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Acreage Holdings, Inc. (ACRGF)

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  • m
    I own 45,000 ACRGF and 15,000 CGC. If I’m driving at 60mph on a 10% incline and the conversion formula indicates a70/30 split with a .30 cents dividend, how many fixed shares do I get?
  • A
    help me out guys. i have 935 Acreage's shares, this means i will get 935*.3 = 280 CGC shares. My cost basis is 2500 usd. If will have 280 shares of CGC that means 280*14= 3920 usd. Thats a 50% return. seems to good to be true, right?
  • S
    TDA is telling me I am going to get a 0.7:1 conversion of CGC stock. Is this correct? That would be like 500% upside for me.
  • B
    New trading symbols go in effect at market open.
    Fixed shares ACRG.A.U
    Float shares ACRG.B.U
  • e
    Guys please help me here. I have 20,000 shares, I get $6,000 in the next few days. I also will have 70% floating shares which converts to about 4,267 $CGC shares. My question is this, what difference does it make what the $CGC share price is now, it won't affect the amount of shares I receive during the conversion, correct?

    Also how many $CGC shares do I receive for my floating shares?

    Thank you everyone for any input offered in this confusing time
  • a
    Found this on CSE, keeps deleting the link,
    CSE: ACRG.A.U 1.94 CSE: ACRG.B.U 1.66
  • a
    I just now got off the phone with a vanguard broker, she told me there is a lot going on with this stock this morning and things still being worked out. Nothing I need to do now and they will let me know . Stay tuned......
  • A
    I have 1,847 shares at $7.93 can someone explain what this deal means?
  • g
    question for anyone who wants to answer ,if you buy today are you eligible for the dividend payment,,thx
  • P
    strange stock ....

    guess no one wants a free $0.3 dividend
  • r
    The way I read it, you have until the end of today to buy and get the 30 cent cash payment. You might even have until the end of the day on tuesday to buy. Since it’s not a dividend I don’t expect much of a drop after. If anything will drop it will be CGC since they are paying it. Talk about confusing.
  • R
    I get the feeling CGC will wave the triggering event sooner than we think. I believe their are legal ways that can make this deal happen now.
  • R
    Last chance for a 11% payout. I moved from 30,000 shares to 20,000 just in case the stock drops more than 11% after the dividend. I will probably regret.
  • S
    Not really sure what's going on. I'm still holding the old shares.
  • J
    I own 10,000 shares. Are we all getting the .30 cents payment upfront now ? I have no clue what’s happening.
  • R
    Its good for ACRGF to be not trading on a day like this.
  • J
    Has anyone’s shares converted the the new tickets in their brokerage account?
  • M
    Monday and Tuesday will be interesting!
  • W
    The plot thickens Hehehehe. I don’t think anyone can say with 100% conviction, exactly how this plays out. Im surprised it didn’t run today. Maybe tomorrow, or the next day, or the next, or the next..............
    All i can say is this will create the biggest Cannabis company in the world by a mile, and they are also the most financially solvent because of Constellation. Question is, when will profits be realized to support such a massive market Cap?.................
  • D
    Only 76.14 million shares outstanding !