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ACME Lithium Inc. (ACME.CN)

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At close: 03:59PM EDT

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  • S
    If you really want to invest in a lithium producer that is about to start producing you need to look at TMRC. They will be the 2nd largest lithium producer in the US (along with being the largest and only gallium producer for semi-conductor chips in the US) and one of the top 2-3 rare earth producers in North American. Their feasibility study is about to be released and their operating partner, USA Rare Earth, is about to go IPO (with Goldman Sachs being the book runner).
  • c
    Metals experts are calling for major shortages that will send prices flying soon. Metals stocks like ACLHF will be huge winners. Also, big copper discovery by 10 to 15 cent RMESF should be huge percentage bonanza for Red Metal shareholders. Mapping news is imminent that could send shares rising.
  • U
    Uncle Al
    Okay. ll you saying scam, were is your proof?! Any losing trader can say scam for sour grapes, but can you DOCUMENT you claim? on the positive side I will document using the two days releases. The first one on the new discoveries performed by independent laboratory analysis and outside drilling companies that performed the sample drill. So now you are talking about at least three corporations would have to collude and conspire to break the laws of two countries for what? A lousy 85 cents. a share? Can you taste you gentlemen have not noticed lithium is the highest demand metal on this planet right now and prices are screaming up. Any stock is proving reserves is going to go up. That is supply and demand capitalism not scam.
  • R
  • R
    Anybody else thinking it's a fake pump?
  • S
    Ding Something is going on with this Company
  • H
    If you want to get in on lithium, just invest in LIT ETF. A lot better than trying to catch lightning in a bottle. Most jr. miners aren't mining companies at all. They just hope to sell their rights to real mining companies. And they disappear before ever turning a profit. Learned this the hard way.
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    Uncle Al
    This looks like one to put away for a couple years and see how it does. I switched here after getting a call on my AWLIF stock. I have been in stocks from 1972 until now, and that was a boiler room pumper as sure as I am sitting here! So I hung up the phone, sold my AWLIF and started looking for a LEGITIMATE early stage lithium company that could make money for ME, the shareholder, and not some con game con artists.
    After more than a little research, I ended up here. I still do not have a huge amount of money in this. I can always add later, because if I did my homework and these guys are going to amount to something there is a LOT of upside room for adding. Even the best legitimate start ups have a lot of ground to cover to get to the top of the hill, so best to not put all your hopes in one place.
  • A
    Someone can tell me how can I buy it please? Merrill, my broker, does not allow to trade low priced stocks
  • t
    tom c
    after reading about the company, they do not mine. They are acquisition and exploration company that then sells the claims... if I understand correctly
  • M
    Acme? Is it anything like their anti road runner products?
  • S
    New to this stock and seems something is up. Good thing going to happen?
  • J
    a 35 million dollar market cap with no drill results? I'm I missing something?
  • R
    SCAM, recycling same Notice in different sentences and different dates, that's how you spot SCAM
  • S
    It could be exciting
  • C
    Out of 1000 small pump stocks, 900 are scams, 90 are junk, 9 are a coin toss and there’s one worth keeping.
    Where does this one fit?
  • J
    Seems like a lot of upside on this one.
  • M
    They claim lots of deposits but no mining activities.
    Lack of mining tech?
  • L
    Lithium stock should start flying
  • W
    Warrior Monk
    Picked up a nice amount @ .87 just see what happens 🙃