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    I saw two articles by Motley Fool contributing writers "Sean Williams" and "Sushree Mohanty" appearing in Yahoo's ACB page and news feed. While reading them I once again recognized an unmistakable reluctance for either to "write off" ACB and by contrast emphasized the fact that as long as ACB continues to succeed in efforts to reduce administrative and operational costs, such as their recent announcement that they had renegotiated their credit facilities that will result in a 10 million dollar savings per quarter, as well as other reductions in facility and manpower costs. Both stressed the need for increasing sales in Europe and other foreign markets and these numbers should be the most up to date and transparent since Germany has now been open to ACB for a full quarter. Other main impactful areas to look at will be a full quarter of derivative sales and revenue derived from "Reliva" sales in U.S. CBD markets. Although downplayed by some here ,Mr. Martin led 'Reliva" before coming to ACB and "Reliva" made EBITDA for last 12 months. He will be able to im mediately charge up derivative sales in CBD in U.S. and THC in Canada and some parts of EU. My point being I am not seeing analysts exhibiting the same degree of lets say "panic" and ,seemingly, lets call it, 'calcified negativity" on the part of some here? None, but a few, speak of "impending doom and tragedy" and in fact always state that providing ACB executes as it has started to do, it definitely still in the game. All agree, that I have read, that confronting balance sheet problems was necessary and expected , to happen at some point and time, by should have come as no big surprise to later investors who completed their DD before plucking their money down? Analysts , in my opinion, as a whole still view ACB as a definite "playa" ?? Good luck to all!
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    July Canada weed sales $231 Million. This is a 15% increase over June, which was $201 Million. June was a 8% increase over May which was the highest month on record. Month over month compounding increase between 8 to 15%. We are now seeing rapid growth in the sector, migration of illicit market and provincial governments loosing controls. I am invested in ACB, APHA, CGC and CRONOS. All 4 are best suited to take advantage of rapid expansion. They all restructured because demand was not there. Demand is rising really quickly and bottlenecks are being removed. With compounded monthly growth of 8%, this sector will be doing $340 Million in just 6 months. 46% increase from July. Even maintaining current share levels ACB will see sales eclipse $100Million a quarter in the next 6 months. They have done everything needed to reposition themselves for success. The goodwill write downs were needed to balance the books, they have reduced costs, streamlined operations and absorbed all of their acquisitions. Now that all that is done, They will either merge, or be bought out at this value. This company is now a steal at these prices
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    "Investment firms will enter now" . I don't think you people have a clue on how investment firms and funds work. For starters, investment firms look for price movement before making a move. This can be either up or down, an then they look for an explanation. This current ER will show a revenue miss (per Singers words), a revenue decline (again per Singer), an operational loss (this they are not EBITA positive) and even bigger, massive losses due to the write downs. Those are not things investment firms look to invest in, especially the revenue decline. These firms did buy in last ER. Again, the revenue beat combined with a well timed RS allowed funds which could not invest in the user $5 market, to buy in. I suspect the timing of the Reliva news was added in to further push up the price. While the swing traders cashed out, the funds got real tricky. They already realized that the ER was not nearly as good as people thought it was (they lost 137 million last quarter and they missed their EPS badly). Instead of selling for profit they lent out their own shares to be shorted (by themselves no less). Why would they do that you may ask? They knew it was dropping and selling meant they would have to pay interest to borrow those same shares. They paid interest, to themselves. You will see them start to cover the day after ER and the whole cycle will start again. They'll cover in the $5's and the price will start to climb, exuberant longs will think "this is it" and add more, when in reality it is a well orchestrated plan by large funds that can make a difference.
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    ACB long,

    My friend told me about this up and coming company in a new sector that promises EBITDA positive, soon. They went hard at expanding at first which caused issues, but they diluted almost 1 billion shares in a reverse split which now caused the stock price to drop almost 50% since the split, but it’s ok because they are on their 3rd or 4th CEO so things are looking up. They shut down a bunch of facilities and fired employees to cut costs, so things are looking up. They are predicting a 1.6-1.8 billion dollar write down, I know the write down is almost double the market cap but things are on the right path now.
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    Do you want to lose 98% of your investment within one year timeframe, invest in ACB.
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    Very undervalued stock. Expenses are slashed over 60%. 2.0 products flying off the shelves. Talks with another big company are underway to join forces
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    To all longs. Can u tell just one reason to convince the shorts that ACB is a good stock to hold. A VALID REASON.
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    For months I asked longs to give me only one decent reason why they bought that stock, but never got an answer.
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    Mike, yes and no! Yes the current share price reflects a lot of the bad news this upcoming ER has. By your own post, this ER contains bad news. So there is no reason to be optimistic. Will there be a clean up of the financial sheet. Yes of course, but at what cost. They laid off hundreds of workers and closed down multiple facilities. Those facilities cannot stay closed and empty forever. And even in doing so, it wasn't enough. Will it be an improvement, of course. But please tell me where the next quarters of cuts are coming from? They have no IR department anymore. Is that a good business practice? Do you think institutions are wanting to buy in to a company that cannot even afford an IR department? The no in my answer is based on the fact that this will be a year end report. We all know what Q4 will look like. Have you thought about the year end report? How will Wall Street react to a 3.5 billion dollar loss and an EPS of -$30? That hasn't been reflected in the share price yet. I'm sure you are correct and we'll see the price rise up to the release. Shorts will want a new entry position and will let it climb before dumping their shares. Watch and see the last hour of trading on Tuesday. Your $6.40 is good if you dump it Tuesday afternoon. I think you'll be able to buy back in the low 5's. We'll soon see. But the short answer to your question is Q4 is baked in, Year end is not.
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    Watch as the share price craters all day and into close - On Weds 9-23-2020 at opening bell the share price will plummet south very fast . Auroras Exec's over the last 24 months have destroyed the company with their personal greed and egos . Terry Booth and Cam Battley jumped ship right after the "RED FACE MOMENT " and cash in all their free stock options just before the massive sell off.

    Miguel Marin is not going to be your answer to save Aurora - If Michael Singer could not turn this around after 8 months as interim CEO , then how can Mr. Martin with "NO EXPERIENCE" at this level. Remember that Mr. Singer is also guilty of the down fall of Aurora as he signed off on all the bad deals that Terry Booth placed on his desk.

    The Company is going broke and will go to the ATM to raise more money and further dilute the shares that they ( Exec's ) promised they would no longer do ! So , everything that is being done NOW is to get books cleaned up and prepare Aurora for a sale / merger or failure , in any case the current shareholders will loose.
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    why hasn't Terry and company been charged with insider trading?
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    ACB share holders.
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    Three blind mice
    Anyone notice revenue is declining??????????? Well what do you think is going to happen when they shut down grow facilities. Anyone know how padanios is doing? We never hear about revenue there. Anyone hear about the investment in Mexico or the Hemp investment in Europe??? No??? Me either???
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    Bread Maker
    LCBO’s are always full, CANNABIS stores have line ups and will continue this trend the only difference is that all the products in the LCBO are addictive and cause many ailments and cannabis products can be recreational medical/pharmaceutical not to mention byproducts of cannabis can be found in a list too long to even put here
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    For those still holding this stock and feel they have fallen into the abyss and languish in apprehension and doubt, perhaps take solace in yet another example of analyst derived "optimism"! In an article that came out yesterday on "Tip Ranks", "Jefferies" analyst "Owen Bennett" pointed out all the negatives we expected with "Bennett" tagging ACB with an underperform and sell rating" only to go on to say "ACB could go on to deliver 51% share price spike within 12 months"? Think the article reflective of the majority of analysts who are quick to point out deficiencies but reluctant to write off this company, and in fact, espouse some very optimistic assumptions provided ACB continues on successful execution of the "Business Transformation Plan" announced previously. The impairment announced for this quarter had to be dealt with and now that black swan is outt'a the box, so to speak? Good luck to all!
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    ACB could jump much higher tomorrow. usually event of CEO replacement, ER is key point
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    Go to your trading platform's home page and click on earnings announcements. You will see many of the upcoming ER's and their estimates. Please note that the estimates do not give the figure in terms of EBITDA but rather EPS. On the bottom of tomorrow's list you will see our very own ACB . The estimate for Q4 alone is -$8.84. That's a negative 8.84. Look at the other company's listed, and not just on tomorrow's, scroll through the next few days. Nowhere will you see anything close to that outrageous number. But institutions will be wanting in on this big turnaround. SMH!
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    Mike, thanks for your explanation. I respectfully disagree. First off they are on pace for about 290 million annually. This quarter is supposed to be 70 to 72. While global demand might increase, acb has no way to really capitalize on it. The big us market is closed right now. Germany is playing politics to keep outsiders out and they closed their Latin America assets. Investment firms know this. As far as low cost, their all in costs are not the lowest. And revenue doesn't matter when your expenses exceed the revenue. While they have lowered expenses it was no where near enough to be EBITDA positive and they really don't have anywhere left to cut those expenses. What will they close next? Yes their covenants were restructured but only by necessity, otherwise they would be in default and only by 1 quarter.
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    Because we're very committed to science, we tried a bunch of edibles. Here's what we found.
    Because we're very committed to science, we tried a bunch of edibles. Here's what we found.
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    I'm looking to sell my initial investment on this POC made in 2015. Is the best option to sell then write it off as a loss next year when filing my taxes? Any advice would be appreciated. Please leave sarcasm out of it - I can't take anymore of it on this board hahaha