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Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB)

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  • I
    Many vapes and pre-rolls on OCS. 51 skus available. Big increase in store count and sales in Ontario in July and August.
  • S
    Sneaky Pete
    well the good news is Aurora is fixing stuff and the U.S. and mexico, at the least will be medical legal in 2021. LOL, Trumpy Bear says today, now remember he is Pres trying for reelection, " I could call Exxon CEO today and offer him exploration permits in exchange for campaign contributions". Well Donnie, that may have worked as a businessman, but not as a President. Vote him out
  • H
    last hour lot of green volume, short covering possibly
  • B
    Buster Scruggs
    Shorts are in a panic! Huge sell off coming. Their outta boring quotes & time.. Focker is having panic attacks and will only communicate with Ben Stiller quotes.. guys lost it!
  • J
    Double down on those puts all you want, the overall trend is up now. Reversal confirmation on the 3M chart
  • a
    Cannabis stocks will skyrocket when JOE BIDEN takes office!!
  • V
    Vikas Shukla
    This is the Miguel Interview that seems to be driving the price up today
  • H
    Hugh Jazzcock
    As a retiree who grew up in the 60's, it's way past due that cannabis is legalized.
  • A
    I’ll give credit where credit is due. To any shorts or bashers who called the downtrend in the MJ sector last year. Great call, now what makes a really good trader is when to know to switch sides. I really hope I see some of those excellent fortune tellers start switching here. Because the tables are turning right now.
  • p
    Miguel, you gave a good interview on BNN, but not great. Your success will comes down to one word "TRUST" with the investors. We need to have a workable vision on Aurora with profit expectations early next year, with no excuses. Singer and others getting special $1,000,000 packages under challenging conditions with ACB is unheard off, as other corporations cancelled pay increases or reduce salaries slightly in 2020. Then ACB management wonders were the "trust" has gone. I do not fault you since you were not at the top of the food chain, but I would fire Singer due to his sneeky business practices and replace him with a younger and eager financial person (however Singer probably has a discharge clause that would hurt shareholder value even more). Taking this Singer action could increase your stock value showing you are serious abut managing a "tight ship". Also, all the directors have "mud on their faces" and I would downside that group as well, as they have done nothing as far as investors can see and Peltz was apart of it.
    Also, in 2021 ever management person at ACB get a 10% salary decrease. The front line folks stay at par for their good distribution efforts and managing the brand. I am a medical user and the deliveries and timely drops offs are done professionally with nice packaging. Next I would focus on the premium brands as you mention, but the excess cannabis inventory start focusing on Mexico (one idea & Germany another) and their self Mexican medicating ideology. Mexico loves to take pharmaceuticals at their local pharma (observed in Feb/Mar2020), to solve health problems outside of doctors advice. A much better CEO operator is needed in this company. The band of 3 took this company down and Singer was one of them.
  • M
    Looks like Miguel Martin is trying to be more transparent with people about ACB than his predecessor. His recent twitter post is a great example.

    Also, this stock has oversold in the past six weeks on news that was already known prior to the Q$ earnings release. That said, this stock is not going to make anybody a millionaire tomorrow, but it definitely is worthy of a $3-$10 upswing in the next few weeks. If they push positive EBITDA out another quarter at the November earnings, it will once again test new lows.

    I personally think it is time to give Miguel a fighting chance. Good luck all!
  • R
    very good company
  • D
    My Saturday morning rant. Most of us looked at the executive pay raise as ridiculous. But you need to look at it even further. First off, it was a milestone met reward of options. One of which was to be the leader in recreational sales (not based on revenue but rather grams sold). Several us on here felt the daily special would result in more manpower work for less money, so in other words a money losing business model. Indeed they captured the most grams sold and that kicked in a 20% bonus in options. Funny how as soon as that kicked in, they changed their business approach away from the daily special. In a the wake of covid 19, the US has seen several companies CEO's forego their normal salaries as a way to cut expenses and keep their work force intact. Acb has enriched their executives while laying off hundreds of employees. Surely Singer and the rest of the board had to know the effect this would all have with their shareholders. But they did it anyways. You really do have to wonder if this was done because it's their last opportunity. The latest round of asset sell offs (Uruguay and Cann group)for a loss, and the lack of mention of ICC Labs (it was a direct question that they refused to answer)makes it appear that their Q2 EBITDA target is in jeopardy. These assets should have been disposed off during their Q4 fire sale, not during Q2. You now have to seriously consider that those option awards were done in case ACB is controlled by the bank in the near future. If they miss EBITDA again, they can be in technical default. The banks renegotiated those covenants twice now, I doubt they will a third. Finally, while we're seeing them sell assets at loss again (Cann Group for a reported 28 million loss, another impairment coming) you don't see those closed facilities or halted construction sites up for sale. It would appear the bank which holds them as collateral, is not willing to see them disposed of. Start looking into these moves.
  • H
    Who ever wins the election, weed will be legal very soon jobs are needed, and taxes for the fed. budget. like a no brainier with half the country legal in some capacity
  • H
    let's go Aurora I'm an official baggie now. long ACB. 4.78 USD.
  • J
    16% on a market negative day. legalization hype 2.0.
  • J
    Nice. ACB only has to go up to $55 for my mom to get her initial investment of $82,400 back. Only 1200% to go! You can do it ACB!
  • J
    At this point you should only be trading ACB, not investing in it. Yes, the stock could get a bounce, but there are some major issues in my eyes that will not go away and lead to bankruptcy within 2 years:
    - From Jun 2018 to June 2019 the company went from 47 million shares to 84 million shares. They are now at 109 million. They are running out of cash and won't be profitable so more dilution is coming. 150 million shares within 6 months.
    - They issued C $60 million in stock to executives. Real leadership would have canceled stock-based compensation.
    - They are overproducing and can't even sell half of what they produce.
    - Goodwill and intangibles are at $1.3 billion still.

    This company is criminally run. They took a gamble and built huge capacity and then coronavirus struck. But even before that, the company wasn't going to sell their inventory. They overplayed their hand while clearly enriching themselves with no care for the shareholder.
  • D
    You can’t make this up. Here is a company less than 5 years old that has not only never made an operating profit, managed to lose hundreds of millions of real dollars in addition to costing its naive stockholders hundreds of millions of their investments, watched its top management walk with millions from stock options they gave themselves, threatened with continuing shareholder lawsuits and on the cusp of having the banks forclose on all their assets if they can before before the company seeks bankruptcy protection. Yet we have these newbies seriously debating when this will recover and shoot to the moon. This is what a Greek tragedy looks like. Unbelievable.