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Aurora Cannabis Inc. (ACB.V)

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  • Aurora sky is going to be the biggest distributor of cannabis world wide. They are going to start making a killing. It's like any business. If you open a nightclub you spend 2.2 million on it. After the first year you make 1.2 million back. Second year 2 million comes in. 3rd year now your profiting. Aurora built biggest facility ever. You expect them to show profit on there reports already. Give your head a shake if your only looking at this companies profit. ACB / AURORA IS THE HOTTEST MARIJUANA PLAY prior to legislation. It's your choice. Be like me and have shares at $2.00 or be like the I wish I bought at $2.00 people and buy at $5.00
  • Aurora Sky had a good day today, it held well at $1.65. I also notice there was one trade at over $25,000. I read the board from time to time but I proceed with caution. I like to do my own research and base my decision on what I see and feel. I also noticed that Aphria, Inc. also had a single trade of over $67,000 and finished in good shape as well. I personally look at the P/E when it comes to investing in companies, however it's hard in this industry to pay a lot of attention to these numbers. I'm definitely holding my 1,000's of shares in Aurora Sky and like what I see, especially the recent hiring of their new COO as well as their acquisitions. I've also invested in Aphria, Inc. Has anyone seen the P/E on Canopy Growth Corporation, I was curious why their P/E is over -1,000? Can anyone explain why it's that high in the negative. Someone had earlier mentioned getting someone like Snoop Dog to endorse Aurora Sky, I like Snoop Dog and also Willie Nelson however I don't base my decisions on them and feel it's Marketing hype and I for one don't base any financial decisions on Marketing hype. Just my personal opinion but thought it might help others. I would be interested in knowing if someone could explain the high negative P/E on Canopy Growth Corp.
    Best always to those who believe in Aurora Sky. I for one believe we've made a great investment and won't be selling any of the shares I currently hold, may add to my portfolio when I have the opportunity in the futre.
  • I'm curious if Aurora will ever pick up a marketing ambassador like Canopy did with Snoop for tweed. Just a suggestion if any of Auroras upper echelons are reading this board, Tommy Chong would be awesome
  • Aurora is on a comeback. Go baby go!!!
  • PS : I can not believe all this " ACB Scam insider selling BS.

    Yes some guys inside got rid of some shares. These people do not follow the company or business. If I owned 8 mil shares. yes I would get rid of some as owner too.

    Keep in mind they are out putting more then they are getting back right now with investments from other places for the future. this means they have bills to pay... all the time to stay afloat until real profit comes. electric bills construction bills property taxes.

    Spend money, make money, Small Business, Big Business. It will just take time.There going to make Billions Just wait it out guys :)

    good to see you all again! stay positive like the green plus sign ;D I shall be back another day! off to afternoon Shift!
  • I've noticed that The Motley Fool leaves Out particular information In their articles to make certain companies like Aurora look bad.Example is the latest article written about Aurora, Aphria and Canopy pertaining to licensing in Canada expanding.What they failed to mention is Aurora and Aphria's "global" expansion. Alert for new investors in The marijuana sector, don't always believe what you hear from Motley fool, They don't give all the details
  • It will be interesting to see it we have a super Friday like in months past or if we see the sell off like most recent weeks.
  • Hey everyone... good new coming out after that long drought earlier this month. happy for all of you that hung on :)
  • I can't figure out if every day this stock goes up and down or down and up. So confusing.
  • Monty fool can #$%$ gobble this one. ..;

    Cannabis ‘backup plan’ in the works if provinces unable to regulate by deadline, Morneau says - The Globe and Mail
    A year out from legalization, Finance Minister says Ottawa will be ready to accommodate distribution, taxation for provinces that don’t meet 2018 target
  • I'm thinking of buying more. Someone give me the sale pitch. Why Aurora instead of Aphria?
  • Big investors loading up this week I suggest you do the same Monday morning. This is the all time low it will be. I remember when it was at 2.55-3.00cdn I dreamed for it to hit low 2s. This is a gift from God. I know this stock will be $10 in 2 or less years.
  • Getting ready to buy tomorrow...Someone sell me on this.
    When are these guys going to flip a profit,and are you worried at all with the amount of outstanding shares?
  • Time to Buy is now. Don't say i didn't tell you so
  • More fear/manipulation being created at the Motley Fool. I suppose their hedge fund friends want to buy cheap?
  • DCTH!! Get on the shuttle
  • Another article out by the liberal news

    Legal pot could come by mail, but some say retailers would keep prices lower
    Provincial finance ministers are being told to keep taxes on legal marijuana sales low, or risk undercutting the government's goal of ending black market cannabis sales. But enticing consumers to buy legal marijuana over illicit weed will also requir
  • Aurora held a ground breaking ceremony at the sky sight this morning. It is was beautiful. Can't wait!
  • ( update sky photo of aurora sky )

    Aurora Cannabis (@Aurora_MMJ) | Twitter
    The latest Tweets from Aurora Cannabis (@Aurora_MMJ). A Community Minded #Cannabis Company. Call 1-844-928-7672 to speak to Aurora's Client Care Specialists Follow @aurora_invest for Investor updates. Canada
  • Motley Fool is either anti legal pot or they are trying to drive prices down before they invest themselves.