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  • S
    Short shares on OCT 25M price was 4$ now shorted shares are 45M with price 9$. Short squeeze will be big.
  • N
    $MJ House Majority Leader to introduce floor vote next week to legalize cannabis $CGC $ACB $MJ....Get in Boys....Boat is leaving....
  • J
    This is no time to jump. it will soar next week. The true value was at $50. Then it went down. Now a recovery is happening and it will recover. Holding strong.
  • B
    'The medical cannabis industry could be in for one of its biggest symbolic wins in decades if a United Nations vote next week implicitly acknowledges the medical value of the drug.'
    During its reconvened 63rd session Dec. 2-4, the United Nations Commission on Narcotic Drugs (CND) could – with a simple majority vote in a virtual meeting based in Vienna – accept a World Health Organization (WHO) recommendation to remove cannabis and cannabis resin from Schedule IV of the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.
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    I am not a short seller as I find shorting a morally bankrupt activity. But folks, Aurora Cannabis is not a good investment. Buying and selling the swings for some short term gains, sure if you have a stomach for it. But as a long term play, the numbers are just not there. They hemorrhage cash. To stem that they dilute shareholders. Revenues are not raising fast enough. They are losing market share to Aphria and the like. It is not a well run company.
    I know I’ll get mostly thumbs down.
    This is not the droid you are looking for.
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    Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill Will Get A Congressional Vote Next Week, Leader Announces
  • D
    Ontario casino will have legal weed bar next March
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    Aurora Investor Relations - November 25th - Aurora Nordic (Denmark) made its first shipment to Germany.
    Can't post link, it's on Auroras website.
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    “U.S. House Schedules Cannabis Legalization Vote for Next Week”
    And let’s not forget about holiday sales.
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    Why this went up today?
  • T
    the Bullish Report on Aurora Cannabis Inc.
  • B
    Aurora has a Book value over $18.00. If you have trouble figuring this out. Once all debt is paid and assets liquidated, the remaining value to be distributed is 18.00 per share.
  • M
    Mark J
    LOL Big Pharma. I have been hearing that for more than 3 years. Not gonna happen anytime soon. The biggest step will be US legalizing and even then it will take much more time. Even with US legalization you have to hope the US does not find a way to cut out Canadien influence. That said, I have not added any shares since the split that almost sunk my battleship. But recent events and apparent proper guidance have me thinking I will add when it drops back to $8 US. GLTA
  • K
    Imagine being an American short, their market is closed and they are trapped

    Opening on Monday at ??? $20.00?
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    A. Brosnan
    It seems nobody wants to acknowledge the fact that president elect will not be able to unilaterally decriminalize cannabis. Even though it’s the simple truth - Congress has to create legislation to remove it from the Controlled Substances Act list. This won’t pass the senate. More and more states are legalizing it, but till Congress makes it federally legal, no banks will touch any pot business. The companies still have a long, long way to go.

    Look up the Forbes article on decriminalization.
  • E
    Edith B
    Happy Thanksgiving to all Edith's fellow longs of Acb that remember what Acbff all about! Yeah! Make Dollars Not cents!
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    MJ Stock Trader
    From Seeking Alpha - something the ACB and $TLRY investors seem to consistently miss:

    "A touch about Canadian companies

    Nowadays Canadian companies cannot export raw materials or products to the US or make purchases from American companies related to the cannabis field and this actually prevents them from entering the largest cannabis market in the world. Companies try to do what they can to get into the US before regulation allows. For example, Canopy signed a future letter of intent to acquire the American company Acreage (OTCQX:ACRGF) and quite a few other companies are doing business in the CBD fields, for example Aphria (APHA) acquired an American CBD beverage company named SweetWater Brewing or when Aurora (ACB) declared the acquisition of a CBD company named Reliva six months ago.

    Today there are many American companies that dominate many areas in the US and even when regulation will allow Canadian companies to start to operate in the US, will they really have a competitive advantage? I am not at all sure that wealthy American companies that hold all stages of the value chain from growth, processing to distribution will rush to "make an exit" with Canadian companies whose reputations are significantly damaged due to the wasteful policies of most. As we progress over time without the Canadian companies reaching American customers, the domination of the American companies will be very hard to be undermined. The same goes for cigarette/beverage companies and in the future also pharma who will join the cannabis celebration as soon as they are allowed.

    The Canadian advantage in my opinion will expire if it has not expired already."
  • S
    Sneaky Pete
    The sp jump happened so fast, a lot of short stops had to get triggered late. I don't short, just do fine long ball and swing trading. Really dangerous to short now with so much that could happen.
  • M
    I see and read people dreaming of $30 , don’t get me wrong I want that too .
    But ironically, that means $2.5 before split , while I purchase @ $8 pre split !!

    I still want to see $30 but eventually looking for $96 to break even !!

    Far from fetch
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    MJ Stock Trader
    Loaded up on some ACB and $TLRY puts today. Here are my 10 reasons ACB will be back to $6 by Christmas.

    1. The only reason people buying ACB is because of possible US legalization. I've yet to see a single person tell me "The fundamentals are strong!"

    2. $1.9 billion in market cap with $650 million ATM - for those not good at math, that's roughly 30% dilution coming. That's just what is approved. Expect more approval.

    3. ACB leadership likely has been diluting on this week on this run up. I know I would if I needed cash.

    4. ACB is declining revenue in a growth market. How do decline in revenue when literally everyone in the industry is growing 50-400%?

    5. ACB cost of revenue ($324 million) is far higher than their revenue ($273 million). This means they lose money every time they sell bud.

    6. ACB has a 22% stock options rate - meaning 22% of all revenue coming in goes into the leadership's pockets in the form of stock options.

    7. TTM operating income is -$451 million.

    8. $1.3 billion of goodwill on the books still - major write offs coming!

    9. More short term debt than cash. More dilution coming!

    10. $631 million in stock issued TTM. Yikes!

    This is not only the worst run MJ company, but one of the worst run companies period. ACB investors have APHA and about 20 US companies to invest in and somehow they keep buying ACB. It really is baffling.