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    Aurora Cannabis has acquired a significant market share in both the Canadian and international medical cannabis markets. It is focusing on expanding its medical cannabis operations in Israel, France, and Australia. Further, the company’s CBD brand, Reliva, has been a hit in the U.S., with Nielsen ranking it as the top CBD product in the United States. The company hopes that its CBD experience would help in expanding its THC business once the federal government legalizes cannabis.

    Amid the recent pullback, its valuation also looks attractive, with its price-to-book multiple standing at 1.2. So, I believe Aurora Cannabis is an excellent buy right now.

    Rajiv Nanjapla
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    Check insider transactions Michael Singer and Swainson sold all their shares. Next the will be exiting the company.
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    Every Corp Exec at Aurora is a Con that fleeced there way to wealth - Terry Booth has a net worth now of over $125 million / Cam Battley now has a net worth of over $30 million - and now we see that Michael Singer and others are cashing out and quietly slipping out the back door. Miguel Martin was paid $40 million for RELIVA a company that does yearly sales of $3.7 million --------btw: RELIVA 'has posted losses every year .
    Michael Singer will depart by mid-spring / Glenn Abbott will step down and if you are paying attention you will notice that board members under Terry Booth has all departed in the last 18 months.

    Aurora is dead in the water and soon you will see the end game - the real true value of of Aurora is not $10.52 but divided by 12 = .87 cents . The cash they have on hand is not enough to : 1. Pay on going bills as they debt continues to burn cash as a fast rate ( this is why ACB always dilutes shares at discounted rates ) 2. The company has no major line of credit ( that was pulled by lenders in 2019 ) so what that means is AURORA has not funds to enter into the US MJ industry . 3. Miguel Martin knows that big MJ players in the US will never allow a company like Aurora to gain any traction in the US market

    Truth is that AURORA is finished and if you do not see that -----then you will lose in the end .
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    Analysts expect Aurora’s revenue to revert to growth during this calendar year, starting with a 7.6% sequential increase to $72.8 million by March to end the calendar year at $92.3 million for the December 2021 quarter. Estimates for the quarter ending in December 2021 show a respectable 36.4% year-over-year revenue growth.

    Perhaps the anticipated sales growth, aided by better product representation in Canada, a shift to higher-margin products, and highly contained operating costs could help the company please its shareholders through positive operating earnings numbers (adjusted EBITDA) later this year, and lift ACB’s stock price.

    Shares could potentially surge when the company finally reports positive operating earnings. If analyst estimates for positive EBITDA come to pass, investors could finally hear ACB’s management brag about an earnings positive quarter during the second half of 2021. I would love to listen to such an earnings call.
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    @harry I am still waiting while things are improving dramatically in ACB. I can see in few more quarters, by the end of year , the PPS and the bussiness should improve substantially.
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    The 2 most common themes on this board are 1. the reddit army is coming 2. We need a partner. First off the reddit thing is short term. It will provide an exit point for some suffering longs and provide a great swing trade until normalcy returns. As for a partner, at this point of the game the cream rises. What can ACB provide that some other company can't? They do have great facilities and some good brands. But those things have not turned into profit. And that is where the focus needs to be. Top facilities, award winning brands, low cost per gram and most importantly the leader in medical sales and they can't put it together. The reason is simple. MANAGEMENT. Singer has been pulling the strings and continues to do so. The sooner he's gone the sooner ACB can recover.
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    I just checked the recent institutional share holders positions on ACB. Every company listed was buying over 100,000 shares in the last quarter. Most all of them increased their holdings by over 10%. When this stock takes off hold onto your horses. This stocks will make their share holder into instant millionaires.
    Remember this was over 100 per share 24 months ago!!!!
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    Feeling good about ACB outstanding shares...looks like CGC is going to big-time dilute with a $2B shelf prospectus...luckily ACB took the pain early and is on the right track.
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    I am taking a thorough look at the chart. We are looking like a base is forming here. In my opinion this is a great entry point and could see as high as $36 per share by the year's end.
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    Aurora says its Danish cannabis has reached German pharmacies

    A subsidiary of Canada’s Aurora Cannabis says its “made in Denmark” medical cannabis products have reached some Germany pharmacies for the first time – a milestone that was years in the making.

    The German distribution comes before the products have been cleared by authorities for sale in Denmark, where the medicine is produced. It’s the latest example of the immense regulatory obstacles often facing medical cannabis businesses.

    Aurora Nordic Cannabis A/S has awaited approval by Danish regulators for months, after receiving its European Union-Good Manufacturing Practice certification by the Danish Medicines Agency.

    “We started to deliver to the first pharmacies who ordered the product from us,” Yvonne Moeller, the company’s director of communications for Europe, told Marijuana Business Daily via email.
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    Longs, ⛽ers, IWs 🖥🗡, and 👎🤡🤡....You're just one step away from being rich. All your need now is money..... 😎👍
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    Harry is the new Lu
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    From this morning, I agree with this article. Thats why I am not selling my shares. The shorts want you ti unload, be mentally tough, don't sell, wait and shove it back to them!!! And by the way, I dont care how many accounts you have artificially created to pretend you have numbers, your thumbs down mean nothing to me. At 88 I only care about God and nice people.:"Despite its historical performance, Aurora is still a formidable name, especially in the #$%$ business. It?s still Canada?s number one medical cannabis platform by revenue and has a variety of recognized brands under its name in both Canada and the United States. If the cannabis market is turning up for the better, there is a strong possibility that Aurora stock might grow by 100% again."
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    I hold $acb and $apha, as my only two Canadian lps. All other cannabis holding's are in the u.s. mso's.. look to the states for a much faster and more solid play. All 4 big mso's, as well as undervalued / lesser known players like $jushf , $rwbyf, $plnhf ... Look into it for yourselves, good luck to all .. except for you short #$%$s,
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    Do you guys think aurora will ever go pass $50.00 this year? Regardless of what all of things that was said about it’s downward trend?
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    The bad news is that it looks like Aurora is being squeezed out of the U.S. market. Back in May 2020, the company acquired Reliva LLC for a multiple of 8.5 times sales. At that time, Reliva had a trailing-12-month revenue of $10 million. Fast forward two quarters, and the cannabidiol (CBD) subsidiary generated just $2.7 million in sales in the second half of 2020. That's despite Reliva having its products sold in 23,000 stores across North America.It seems like the company overpaid for its acquisition, yet again.
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    Aurora has fallen 45% during the month of Feb and will continue to fall as there is no value in MJ as it pertains to a investment . There are too many growers and the margins in MJ is just not enough to make profits. The truth about investing in MJ is now coming to the surface and more and more investors are cashing out .
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    The company continues to increase profits.Financing in place and cash burn reduced. Great North deals, foothold in medical MJ like no other company in the world. All the other guys are trying to nail recreational MJ and Aurora dominates medical. Recreational users are getting medical MJ cards for better pricing , medical insurance discounts or full coverage for some in Canada. In 2 years how many retailers will become medical users if they can get the same product at a subsidized discount? Aurora closed some facilities but never sold them all off. Aurora isn’t going BK , they would have by now if it were to happen. Aurora has its fingers in all the MJ pies from growing to distribution to sales. They are capturing the market slowly through the medical backdoor while everyone focuses on the retail side....that Aurora is coming for
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    I have the fuse who has the lighter..Aurora share price SPLIT in half... Pick a half...
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    So baggies, if this is such a great long and strong stock why has Singer sold nearly all his shares. Why does he not hold for the moon rocket ride? I know this kinda spoils weekend pumper fantasy time but just wondering pumpers.