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    I bought this at lease 10 yrs ago almost sold for a tax loss buy looked it (up) today Only have 500 shares but like the gas output ratio and the low debt Any thoughts from you that follow it I am heavy in pipelines and they are doing fine
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    Okay $10 pps at least for 2022 should be a good goal in the short term 1Q. Raymond James blew it at $9 as well in 2021.
    Last year was a bust as momentum dropped off for what ever reason; maybe fear of the new CEO. Is he any good? Need the new CEO to provide his vision and place a positive direction to create shareholder value. $15 maybe a reality later in 2022, with good growth projects on the CO2 entropy subsidiary. Oil and Natural gas should be up in 2022.
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    $AAV.CA $AAV
    Target RaymondJamesFinancial Outperform CAD 9
    Target Up Tudor Pickering Buy CAD 9
    Maintains CIBC WM Outperform CAD 9
    Maintains ScotiaBankFinancial Outperform CAD 9
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    Dec 20 will be add to index plus investment plan for 2022
    ESG friendly as can get. good mix oil +liquids + gas
    been nibble it long
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    Well my target rating of $10 is going to be too high for 2021. Weak demand for the shares and investors cannot see the potential behind AAV at this time. Once Andy is gone and a new CEO directive is in place for 2022, $10 pps will be realistic in the 1Q. Strong numbers behind AVV on performance. Good buy now though.
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    Folks are skiddish it seems and selling, which drops the share value. Lets get back to $8+/share where we were before. AAV will hit $10 by the end of the year (or be close) if investors stay positive and focus on the CO2 Entropy subsidiary. They have to change; emission reductions and this is a great "plan of action". Even for the Canadian oil & gas industry. All about sustainability now.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    AAV.TO is up 6.13% to 7.10
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    AAV has plenty of room to grow to $10 now. Their CO2 entropic subsidiary is going to be big, as the oil and gas industry looks for ways to reduce CO2 emissions in Canada. AAV is also going to benefit immediately with their operations as they will be the first to get up and running with improved CO2 reduction technology.
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    I invest mostly in energy because I worked 30 yr spudding or plugging and understand the challenges associated with exploration and recovery of gas and oil. I purchased this stock when gas prices were extremely low. I like this company for many reasons.
    1, First & foremost it is a natural gas play, which is where i want to be. I do not hold any oil intensive stocks.
    2. Areas of North america where it operates have their own unique transportation challenges, but face less competition from large competitors.
    3. AAVF has had alot of recent success in their drilling operations. This is partially due to the locations where they are spudding wells, but credit must also be given to their seismic and drilling operations.
    4. They are debt conscious, critical in the current business climate.
    5. They are putting at least some effort in being environmentally conscious, carbon recovery etc.
    6. They are involved with academics and other institutions to advance methods of gas capture.
    7. Point #6 tells me the individuals in charge are capable of promoting long term interests of the company, instead of being a slave to short term profit interests.
    8. Canadian equities with low volume trading are more predictable.
    9. the canadian government maintains a vested interest in supporting growth of its small/mid cap domestic companies.
    10. As cars transition from combustion to electric, nat gas will become the big winner because the plants generating electricity will be predominantly fed by NG.
    11. Yes I am also invested in uranium and key pipelines which have also performed well.

    So there, that is why I am prepared to be a long term investor in advantage energy. Remember this. Small energy companies are comprised of a few humans, a few leased pick up trucks, and a whole lot of debt. Company value can only be assessed by the quality of their leased acreage, how well they capture resources and how efficiently they spend money. Everything else is noise.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    AAV.TO is down 5.97% to 7.09
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    I just bought 1000 shares lets see and hope for another green day tomorrow!!!
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    So this company is making money consistently, and has a fairly low debt ratio. I'm really confused why this isn't priced higher!!
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    What is with you odd investors?. Advantage hits $8 with strong potential to move to $10 and you guys/gals sell. The investor world is a crazy place with day trading it seems.
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    In the Globe and Mail today!
    RBC Dominion Securities analyst Michael Harvey sees momentum growing for Advantage Energy Ltd.’s (AAV-T +8.77%increase
    ) clean tech subsidiary Entropy, seeing the announcement of several project evaluations displaying “buy-in from other industry players, which improves visibility.”

    “Entropy Inc. has now signed Memoranda of Understanding (“MOUs”) with four separate emitting corporations, including two upstream producers (Athabasca Oil, Black Swan Energy) and two unnamed midstream companies to evaluate commercial deployment of Entropy’s modular CCS technology, with projects totaling 1 million tonnes per annum (“TPA”),” he said. “

    “The signing of additional MOUs increases visibility of the Entropy product and the breadth of potential applications. The Glacier Phase 1 project remains on track, with initial capital costs of $27-million positioned to deliver a 12-per-cent IRR [internal rate of return] at carbon prices of $50 per ton. For this project annual CF maps to about $1.6-million at a $50 per ton price point (CCS only) plus additional revenue ($1 million) for heat capture /fuel displacement. Larger projects are expected to generate more significant economies of scale with lower break-evens and importantly, would feature a recurring-revenue model less impacted by the cyclicality of energy markets.”

    Keeping a “sector perform” rating for Advantage shares, Mr. Harvey increased his target to $5.50 from $4. The current average is $4.66.

    “We increase our target price to $5.50/share - now reflecting a premium valuation to the group - with a view to recognizing latent value contained within the Entropy vehicle plus higher commodity prices,” he said.

    Elsewhere, CIBC World Markets’ Jamie Kubik raised his target to $5 from $4.25 with an “outperformer” recommendation.
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    Once onstream (scheduled for March 2022), Phase 1 is expected to capture, store and offset approximately 46,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per year

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    die Hard
    Enbridge Line 3 clears crucial hurdle. Enbridge (NYSE: ENB) received an approval on an environmental review from Minnesota regulators last week, setting the stage for final approval of the project in June. The Enbridge Line 3 replacement would overhaul the existing oil pipeline that runs from Alberta to the U.S., essentially doubling the system’s capacity to 760,000 bpd. The approval would be critical to the Canadian oil industry, which is suffering from steep discounts for its oil due to pipeline bottlenecks.
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    glenn morgan
    If you set aside any value of Entropy. They haven’t disclosed any prospective sales figures….
    The AFF is close to 200 million. This gives you a AFF/EV of around 3.5. Extremely low. A debt figure of just over 200 million. AECO gas prices look pretty stable for the next couple of years. They replace their production every year easily. They own all of their infrastructure.
    I think this is a great stock that is undervalued.
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    All this stock does it make money. Got in @3 and haven’t looked back. Adding when ever I can. This will hit $10 and above very soon
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    Approaching $8/share. With massive CO2 reductions imminent from the Liberal gov't from the oil patch, I can see their technology being used and share value rising above $10/share. Go AAV!
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    die Hard
    Bullish LNG market outlook. Up until recently, most analysts expected the LNG market to suffer from oversupply for years. The outlook is radically shifting, with more and more forecasts predicting a tight market in the 2020s. There is a lack of investment today because of low spot prices and a reluctance on the behalf of buyers to lock in to long-term contracts, which is preventing developers from moving forward with new supply. According to HSBC, the global market only added 12 million tons of LNG per annum (mtpa) in 2016-2017, while consumption increased by 27 mtpa.