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  • c
    Apple is a consumer electronics giant that sells popular products ranging from iPhones to iPads and MacBooks. So, it is not surprising to see reports of the tech titan entering the AR/VR headset market.If you are interested in a real education on how to trade stocks and are willing to put in the time and effort, this platform is great. I'm extremely happy with my participation
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    Da Vinci
    Weeks ago, we posted a multi year display how AAPL does this then rallies to new highs.

    This was possible but not probable. I like this saying.

    We did not see this coming. We posted $187 before earnings. It happens!

    Almost time to “ make lemonade out of lemons” but not just yet.
  • F
    Frankie Pentangeli
    Maybe Apple’s AR/VR headset will allow us to live in a metaverse where someone else is president
  • C
    Common Sense
    Market timing is actually the worst thing you can do. Fed and State Cap Gains tax and the fact u have to be right twice create odds that are heavily not in your favor for making money. Although it’s not easy Long and Strong with cast iron patience is the only way to become wealthy in equity markets
  • R
    some good news ..covid is definitely winding down.....and that means the American machine is off vacation.....🍏🍏🍏😎
  • R
    I remember after the split 4/1 .....$135 was the s/ traded way down under $107..... similar texts about how they are buyers at $ that's $25 to $28 down of course it didn't stay down now we are down about $20 from the ath......only this time it's across the board..🍏🍏🍏💰😎
  • B
    Anyone else looking past this correction? Smart investors look out 2-5 even 10 years not 2 weeks! Bought more this week! Looking forward to $200 this year
  • G
    Apple reports earnings next week and the Big guys are planting fear so they can steal from the little guys. Think!
  • G
    Wells Fargo raised its price target for Apple (ticker: AAPL) stock to $205 a share from $165 — implying some 25% upside from Thursday’s closing levels.
  • A
    I lost heavily in Apple. Not by investing back in ‘04, but by fear induced selling in ‘07. I felt smart for getting out in time. Stay the course and don’t try to time it.
  • P
    For the mathematicians and engineers out there: A Question?

    The Top 10 Company's in the S&P500 are valued at fifty-percent ( 1/2 ) of the value of the Gross Domestic Product of the United States of America. Who will forecast when they will be equal to or exceed the value of GDP. If GDP grows as 2.5% annually, and the Top Ten appreciate at 8% annually, in what year will the Top Ten S&P 500 company's exceed the value of the US Economic Output.
  • J
    To my fellow apple and $MSFT longs - We have two options to consider in this volatile market condition:
    1st is buy the dip if you can.
    2nd is do nothing. Don't buy, don't sell. They will be the first ones to rise.
    Apple and Microsoft are the 2 best companies in the world. Market caps speak!!!!!!
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    Clara and
    Don’t panic, Apple always has its way back, just buy the dip and hold and try investing in Bitcoin as well, few people are gaining huge through Bitcoin with the right strategies or trader
  • X
    XDSL mPhase Green
    APPLE'S DIP small Compared to Many Tech Stocks. Will It Completely Disappear Monday.?
  • Y
    Who controls volatility. .Algorithms machine programed by ..
  • D
    Ahead of Apple's results, Wells Fargo raises its estimates for quarterly revenue and profits, and boosts the stock price target.
  • p
    pyrrhic victory
    It's amazing to me from these boards how little most of the posters here know about the most basic principles of investing at every level.
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    Da Vinci
    Here is an excerpt from an article...

    “ In any case, Huberty thinks the market has already priced in her upbeat earnings scenario—she points out that the stock has rallied 19% since the stock’s Oct. 4 low. Nonetheless, she keeps her Overweight rating and $200 price target on Apple shares, asserting that “revenue stability, upcoming product launches and expansion into new markets” makes Apple a defensive pick in a rising-interest-rate environment. Huberty also notes that the stock is down 9% year to date through Wednesday, underperforming a 6% drop in the S&P 500 index —and advises she would be a buyer on any further weakness.
  • B
    Apple should and must pay license fee to Ericsson. Charging 5 dollar per phone for the research and development patent is cheap.
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    Da Vinci
    My previous “ bad year” posts were to highlight AAPL’s nature”.

    But look at last year.

    AAPL opened at $133 ran to $145 two days before earnings then dipped to $110 only to run to $182.

    All year we posted “ Stay Long”