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    Gustavo Arnal
    Read the Bloomberg report and it's an unnamed source telling Bloomberg that they are keeping their production in line with last year. Why are unnamed sources as impactful as named sources all of a sudden? Im really waiting to see what Apple has to say about this, if it really is true.
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    Those who really know what they want will go for it, I can’t be silent after earning from a reliable platform that’s why I recommend for others to earn too
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    Wow. The bears came out tonight. I guess that's the price you have to make for having one of the best stocks on the market.
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    I bought a brand new iPhone 14
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    Bloomberg report is similar to the analyst that reported in June and took the stock to lows.
    The report was exaggerated. Earnings were released and the stock took off.
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    Gustavo Arnal
    Will nibble on a few more shares of Apple most likely tomorrow. I don't see anything that shows the stock being overvalued. Profit margins are still great, demand for the 14 is greater than the 13, and the MOAT remains strong. Paying premiums on companies like Apple are worth it.
  • K
    Now Fed guys are saying the rates are being raised too fast! Lol
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    Here we go again folks . Same playbook from short funds every year and especially after product release’ ’Anonymous sources say apple cutting back production” . Watch the company come out with record earnings.
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    Common Sense
    Nasdaq down 34% Apple down 17% from
    ATHs. Apple continues to OUTperfom and is considered a safe haven during market uncertainty. Great place to park your money.
  • R
    If there was an asteroid heading towards Earth, people would still be buying Apple.
  • J
    So much for the recession. Cons confidence high and new home sales surged 28 percent.
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    Common Sense
    JPM: iphone 14 Pros continue to be in high demand. Apple Watch Ultra($799) is in high demand as well.
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    After hours trading very orderly and stable for Apple 🍎
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    Mantra Man
    Lets hope AAPL holds up for our countries sake and the sake of our markets.
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    Can’t wait till institutions pile back into aapl
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    Haaaa where’s the shorts??
  • A
    For all you newbies, Bloomberg does this every 90 days like clockwork. Amazing this still works..
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    Moving iPhone production to India is an excellent move that should have been made many years ago. India is more reliable than China. And not hostile to the West or trying to spy on the US. According to various predictions, India will be the next economic power and will replace China in the future.
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    MP 40
    Everyday, in the last 30 minutes of market hours, CNBC Bears. A whole year of fear and pessimism on that station. And, YES - it affects the market.