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    Just for some clarity and confirmation, here's my understanding of the Sproutly / IBS relationship:

    IBS USA directly owns the APP technology and is the real driver of the product.
    IBS USA also owns the rights to sell the product in the US. But only in the US.
    IBS Canada was established as a company to license the APP technology in order to make and sell products in Canada, Europe/UK, Jamaica, Israel and Australia.
    Sproutly (aka Sproutly Canada) acquired IBS Canada, which effectively granted Sproutly the rights to use the APP technology to produce products. But they can only sell those products in the non-US countries mentioned above.

    So, Sproutly isn’t really just a shell company. They have value in the form of licensing rights outside of the US. But if the actual product and possibly the real value is in IBS USA, then why would anyone try to save Sproutly?

    Sure, IBS USA (and therefore Dr. Sen himself) has some money at stake by way of investments in Sproutly. But is it possible that losing Sproutly to bankruptcy would effectively restrict IBS USA from building their brand outside of the US? Since Sproutly owns the rights to sell into those countries, would those rights be tied up due to bankruptcy? So, by keeping Sproutly afloat, does that buy time for IBS USA to leverage Sproutly in order to establish partnerships outside of the US?

    One thing that bugs me is the lack of information and promotion coming from Sproutly. I see small companies like NextLeaf promoting themselves just about every day. Why is that? Is Sproutly just too focused on the financial juggling needed to save the company? It’s understandable, but wondering what others are thinking.

    Also, any thoughts about a company like Diageo having interest? They’re an international company, which could benefit from Sproutly’s licensing rights outside of the US – if my understanding of everything I mentioned is true.
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    Mike V
    The news signifies life support until April 2021 and potential extra diluted shares of 87m compared to 50m with the debentures price adjustment. According to the release half of the debentures were called in.

    No investor likes dilution but this at least allows Sproutl my additional time to land some deals.

    So much for bankruptcy in October bashers...
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    Would be nice to hear if they are at least working on some prospective deals. Been long since before long moosehead. its nice to have some US products out but wheres the carrot on this canadian stick. Give us some information (even forward looking) and I'll gladly keep buying. Im up to 250k shares. so I believe in this tech but let's make a deal even with a smaller company to get some points on the board.
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    My last note worthy dates reminders I post to myself has
    Corporate update due on or before September 30/20. So I guess we will see what happens this week.
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    Has it occurred to anyone that Pepsi in partnership with the US drink (can't remember name) is doing a test run with Sproutly? Coke is releasing its first alcohol drink in 40 years. Who will do MJ first?
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    Even though I've stirred the conversation of Sproutly being shell company, Sen did put his money in there. Just wondering if he will let it go bankrupt and screw the bag holders. Again like I said, don't pump this stock for no reason, if you're a real holder please put pitch forks for some sproutly answers not IBS USA. We don't get to take part in those income
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    Tyler need a healthier way to consume THC and CBD. They are wanting to get away from pain meds. The potential beyond recreational consumption is to great to give up on this. This is more than just introducing a new drink to the market.
    “It wasn’t a ‘Let’s get high as s–t and do nothing all day.’ It was more of a recovery sense or to fall asleep after a game”
    “It wasn’t a ‘Let’s get high as s–t and do nothing all day.’ It was more of a recovery sense or to fall asleep after a game”
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    the us needs to wake up! been saying this for two years almost. when they try to implement the new world order there will be a huge drop, they are trying and it has dropped,. once federal legalization happens this tech if it is the real deal will be more valuable than any pot company there is. I cannot wait to see what will happen when the cannabis industry starts to actually evolve,. notice I say if and leave room for open minded thinking,.
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    If you look at the volume of cannabis sector and last size, Sproutly is both higher compared to most. Investors will recognize this stock more and more once more deals come out using the APP TECHNOLOGY. I am pretty sure Dr. Sen is in talks with other potential partners and companies. To investors here, expect the upward trend once that happens again!
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    Majestic Flooring LLC
    Sproutly moved from their Vancouver location to the back of Keith Dolos pickup truck but don't worry good things will happen soon. I worked out of the back of my pickup and now i have 4 locations and a fleet of trucks that only took 20 years. Be patient it will happen!
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    Pumpers be like we down because of ACB financials lol. Always an excuse for this stock. If its not covid or health Canada then it's always something else lol
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    I want to throw some thoughts out here for people to ponder.
    First, is that the money in cannabis is now going to US MSO’s in anticipation (Speculation) of a Biden victory, and not to Canadian companies. A Biden victory and a senate shift away from Republicans, if it happens, will at least allow the safe banking act to pass. This matters because they do not have as good of access to capital as they would if the safe act passes, and the ability to borrow would allow them to expand and grow faster in a market far larger than Canada’s. If this all happens, cannabis investment money is going to flow in even greater amounts to US cannabis companies and not Canada. Why do I bring this up? Don’t look for investors to rush back into the same Canadian pot stocks that lost them money. This will make it harder for Sproutly to compete for investors dollars. Sproutly has suffered terribly in Canada from their crazy regulations. So has pretty much every company. Dr Sen made it known in a 2018 article in new cannabis ventures that he wants IBS to be a public company. Now, IBS and one of Sens partners MMCap are the largest holders of Sproutly. I can see with US legalization, that IBS and Sproutly will merge and become a US based company. I think the hammer is going to come down on Canada when the US legalizes and pretty much every major corporation there will want stick it to the government and move their Headquarters to the US.
    Second, we already know that the Kalo and Pepsi distribution deal is going to catch the attention of every beverage industry executive in North America. There is no way you can overstate how important this news is for us. They will all want to know why Pepsi selected to partner with Hillview Medical, a completely unknown company. Their research will lead them to come to the conclusion that it was the tech that sealed their choice. So we have Moosehead and Pepsi that decided that we have the best offering. With a licensing model it really doesn’t make sense for Sproutly and IBS to be separate businesses.
    Third, a US based merged company comprised of IBS and Sproutly with THC beverages in Canada and US based beverages will attract more investor attention. Let’s face it, Canada doesn’t have the population to really move the needle here on share price since Europe and other countries will not follow legalization until after the US does it. So it only makes sense for the largest holders of the stock to make one company and break it into groups much like Coca Cola does, where they have 5 distinct regional groups. Each region could then be built out as they move towards legalization.
    The winds of change are not blowing in Canada’s favor right now. Money goes where it is treated best and I believe Sproutly and IBS will merge since they are essentially the same company anyway. Edibles will be saturated like flower and I think Sen has realized that the market up there will not support his ambitions or those of his investors. My prediction is that in two years time we will be the same company with US profits available to those of us that stuck it out, and the last year and a half will be seen as the catalyst for a better outcome than just being owners of Sproutly.
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    Majestic Flooring LLC
    When the cease trade order is lifted for management pay attention to SEC filings i would almost guarantee management and insiders will buy large amount of shares that is when Sproutly will bloom. Dr. Sen is smart and so far that is how he has made money. I would almost bet Sproutly is already manufacturing for IBS.
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    Timber. 03s are next kids.😙
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    Lots of red today in techs and MJ sectors... but Sproutly is still at green side. This stock is holding up, lots believing in the APP TECHNOLOGY. No doubt about that anymore! Future is bright!
  • K
    Here’s the connection to Sproutly. Great synergies building here.

    "Formulation of Infuz2O in fresh-pressed juice products demonstrates a broader market application of APP Technology’s ingredients in beverages that are all natural; these formulation knowhow will be used by Sproutly Canada Inc. (CSE: SPR), the licensee of APP Technology in Canada, to produce multiple categories of beverages," added Dr. Sen.
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    Definitely a winner 🏆
    Two deals inked in the states already. I don't see insiders selling... I'm holding... taking my chances...
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    Anybody Else Averaging Down ?
  • T
    Lexaria announced a CBD deal today and it went up .11 today. We just need some news!