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Xiaomi Corporation (1810.HK)

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9.460-0.220 (-2.27%)
At close: 04:08PM HKT

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  • E
    Buying here. All time lows
  • D
    here in France everyone has Xiaomi scooter, smartphone or TV.. undervalued stock
  • T
    I still like this fish! Buying more!
  • D
    check out the new robot
  • A
    Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, has received certification from TRUSTe, a subsidiary of the U.S. firm TrustArc, that confirms the company’s products are in compliance with the EU’s privacy rules outlined in the GDPR. Today’s news makes Xiaomi the first-ever Chinese enterprise to receive the certification by TRUSTe.
  • S
    I owned 3 phones of Xiaomi already and knew from the start this company was going to skyrocket because their phones are just so amazingly good! They almost top the Apple Iphone but for half the price! Just wait a few years and see the sky. I already have 10x my money back from when I bought my first phone and thus stock!
  • I
    A lot of people in the US don't know this company but they are huge globally from smartphones to electric scooters to fit trackers to earbuds to Wifi cameras. I live in Mexico and own and use a lot of their products here because they are a good value and available. China. India and Europe love this company, the USA not so much because of its very Chinese name. Even if Xiaomi gets trade blocked from the UsA it will still be a huge player in a couple years...
  • B
    Low volume because no one knows who they are are. I believe you pronounce the name like "Sho-Me". They just surpassed Apple as the 3rd largest mobile phone maker in the world. Only Samsung and Huawei are bigger. The valuation should be 100 times bigger and one day it will as they begin to build their presence outside China.
  • G
    How interesting to read about China broadly and more specifically Xiaomi potentially having issues with the rest of the world with data privacy. But no one in the U.S.A is complaining about Facebook tracking people and who knows how they are handling first party data.
  • S
    quesion: is Xiaomi big in the US? Are their phones and other products well known in America, or is it only in Azia they have a great market share. Me myself I'm from Europe, over here Xiaomi is just getting well known in thelast few months?
  • P
    Xiaomi is so undervalued, and since folks writing on YF originate mostly from the States, most of them do have not any idea of the brand's popularity in Europe & rest of the world. Their sales are skyrocketing and they will nail the upcoming earnings report. Everywhere around I am surrounded by their products, not just in my home country, but when I travel as well. People are buying their phones, el. scooters, household electric products, and hey even launched a robotic vacuum cleaner which can easily compete with iRobot.
  • C
    "A federal judge in Washington blocked the Defense Department from restricting U.S. investment in the Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi Corp." "Cheeto" loses again!
  • P
    I am quite surprised by how many in this forum seem stressed about not being able to get rid of their Xiaomi investments.
    I am seriously pisse dof because it looks like I will have to accept the extreme currency exchanges to get in on the stock in Hong Kong.
    Are you guys seriously trying to get rid of this stock? Now that it seems obvious that it would have rocketed if it werent for the US ban?
    I guess that temporary ban made some people pretty rich, and they can afford to go outside the US to invest now that it is lifted, but with a time delay, too. If I were American, I would ask myself if I had been funked by the elite :)
  • E
    Hnag Seng Index has been showing a general downtrend and Xiaomi is just riding on this trend. In fact, the headwind has been the mildest on Xiaomi as compared to other Tech companies in the market. Eventually, market should consolidate and if Xiaomi is able to live up to its price with the performance in subsequent quarters, that should be able to give it the boost for the rebound. In either way, this will be at least a mid term investment ranging anywhere from 1 - 3 years for a good growth. If you are looking for a quick buck, this is probably not a good stock for your bag.
    I am in this at 18.50. Will average down the cost in time to come. Good Luck to all.
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    a smart electrical engineering pal of mine says 80% of ALL cell phone profit goes to Apple. That leaves a small slice for all the other wanna be companies to get profits to share. This company has Billions of outstanding shares. Looks good; I'm just saying...
  • m
    purchased shares.... key reasons: (a) Roborok S5Max is awesome! and (b) numerous retail stores are starting to carry products from Xiaomi in Europe
  • A
    Company is solid! Good choice for long-term investor
  • D
    I personally believe q4 earnings at Christmas are gunna be huge, the fact it’s now becoming a major player in the hang seng index is brilliant it means more chance for people around the world to access . I really don’t know where this could be in 1 or 5, but considering Apple has 2 trillion market cap right now and xiaomi is an alternative,