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Cambium Networks Corporation (089.F)

Frankfurt - Frankfurt Delayed Price. Currency in EUR
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16.97-0.45 (-2.61%)
At close: 08:01AM CEST

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  • m
    Does anyone know how the secondary offering may help current shareholders?

    $ASO did this when it was around $24 and it skyrocketed!
  • P
    New to all this. Everything shows to go higher but the charts says permanent bearish?
  • G
    I bought at $50 yesterday thinking that is the bottom. I guess I miss judged this one. Will be holding for awhile.
  • W
    Any followers of this stock that have some insight as to the recent price drop. Looks like an opportunity, but there may be a reason for this swoon.
  • M
    Strange stock . Goes up 10 points one day, drops 20 points the next day... Buying low volume , low float stocks like CMBM is not a good idea. Easily manipulated,,, Anyway , I sold and am out... Good luck to you who are still holding...
  • W
    If they surprise and up the forecast, we could see 60 again pretty quickly. If the just meet and maintain guidance and say anything about supply shortages, look out below. Chart looks like the later.
  • K
    help whats going on?
  • A
    What’s going on ???
  • D
    CMBM is a very thinly traded stock with barely 200k shares traded daily recently. Only 5M float, which can be a very good thing if this stock becomes more in demand. There seems to be no news either positive or negative, but it does seem to be on the rebound since its recent dip to around 45. It recently reclaimed the 50 MA, which is a bullish sign. I got into this stock only recently and missed the big run up. But there may be more room to go on this stock. The fundamentals look sound. CMBM does seem to be growing revenue each qtr. So I plan to stay put here and see what happens.
  • S
    I bought small as it's been on such a huge rally. Any levels where you'd add? My cb is 56.22.
    Today's low was 60.33
  • D
    Did anyone notice that CMBM opened with a gap down at 45.63. It had enormous volume today, yet CMBM closed at about what about what it opened at. That is called Churning. Often that is a sign that as the weak sellers get shaken out, there are as many buyers buying to hold up the price. Often times that is a signal of a bottom, because most of the sellers are now gone, relieving downward pressure. It was an ugly couple of days for CMBM. We will see, but hopefully this was the worst of it.
  • P
    Any idea what's behind this huge drop today?
  • B
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  • P
    down to 48.00 going lower ??? shorts got in big time
  • D
    Hey. Do anyone here?
  • L
    Is secondary public offering dilutive or non-dilutive?
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Cambium Networks is down 9.86% to 51.83
  • D
    Got in in this stock.
    Well below where it really should be
    50-60 medium term.

    Just a game of patience here and waiting for the market to find it.

    It is however a good investment
  • P
    who KNEW !!!! /27/21
    Rau Sally
    General Counsel Sale 4,938 58.60 – 58.60 -- $289.4 K
    5/26/21 Ryan Ronald G
    Officer Sale 45,000 55.89 – 56.56 46,913 $2.5 M
    Ryan Ronald G
    Officer Exercise of Options 45,000 6.34 – 12.00 46,913 $515.2 K
  • s
    In at $4.50 today. Will probably hold as I believe this is being propped up by Institutional.