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CBOE Volatility Index (^VIX)

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38.82+5.47 (+16.40%)
At close: 4:25AM EDT
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  • J
    This was very predictable, a week before the election and end of October!
  • H
    The Vix has priced in Maximum Fear. We know the same things We knew yesterday. Vix is pricing in a Full Shutdown in the U.S.
  • D
    this might hit near march levels again. if that happens then 2nd crash is around the corner due to elections
  • B
    What if the VIX only moves up slightly to the election and after the election explodes to the upside?
    I feel that is where most pain is, and for market makers the most profitable situation.
    Gamma is slightly lower, meaning we should go a bit lower in the comming weeks.
  • H
    Shorting Vix with puts, for a short term Snap. Blood on the street
  • D
    The Volatility Index (VIX) is likely to have another massive spike upward as the second wave of the virus is exploding across the country. On Friday, cases started to go parabolic again and it was the 6th worst day of the pandemic with 69,215 new cases!

    Boeing had Zero new orders in September against over 1,000 planes cancelled so far in 2020. Zoom meetings are going to continue to be the means of business and education, heck the company could go to $1,000 per share!

    How much money is the Fed going to have to print to keep this bubble market afloat? Does gold continue to go parabolic?


    #ZM #VIX #AUY #BA
  • H
    VIX was elevated coming into today, AT 40, it's assuming a lot of Bad News. It's assuming no Vaccine, ever, No Stimulus, EVER.
  • M
    VIX VIX VIX , time to load up on MSFT & under appreciated GOOG.
  • O
    I’ve seen this game before. It’ll be down tomorrow with Pelosi announcement of progress on stimulus. But HUYA before it rips higher. And don’t hold this too long. You might live to regret it.
  • V
    After what I read about VIX on ( the other day, I’m starting to think about opening a position.
  • L
    March incoming ?
  • D
    The plunge protection team sells VIX calls when they want to suppress volatility. Combined with massive liquidity injections, they can manage the market quite easily. Legitimate price discovery has been suspended. Again!
  • y
    VIX is moving UP .
  • P
    I’d like to echo the question that others are posing here. How can it be that the volatility index is declining when so many investors are panic-selling? The DOW has lost 2.3% in just two days and the NASDAQ is down by 5% this week. But this week, volatility has declined by 8.3%, according to the VIX. Shouldn’t volatility be going up, not down?
  • W
    Can someone explain to me why the VIX does not show a volume trade
  • C
    Is VIX a historically correct presidential predictor?
  • V
    I’ve been pounding the table for the last 6 sessions. As the spx was rising, institutional selling was increasing. Huge air pocket finally popped. 20 dma crossed below 50 dma yesterday. Got squeezes on ES mini last night on 39 and 78 minute charts and this morning on the 195 minute. This is a strong confirmation of the beginning of a downturn
  • P
    Oh we are in for a ride!
  • W
    vix 90 coming soon
  • G
    No volatility? Everything is fine. We will all drive our Teslas over to the Apple store, make a pit stop at WalMart, check our porches for our Amazon boxes. Rinse. Repeat. This will work great!