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Treasury Yield 10 Years (^TNX)

ICE Futures - ICE Futures Real Time Price. Currency in USD
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2.8490-0.0390 (-1.35%)
At close: 02:59PM EDT

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  • S
    Mr Austin platform has been so profitable. I am also looking forward to another successful month again, make the right choice by investing with the right platform! You can contact @AustinMoolman02 via tel**gram* or reach him on What>sApp +1 (330)-969-9583
  • M
    Just heard that TNX got alerted at ( I hope it pushes us higher!
  • E
    TNX looks like it is about to drop. Be careful guys. I have been reading ( and their stocks have been doing way better.
  • j
    A other 750 billion about to be dumped into the scam system yet again
    At this point they couldnt care less about inflation but dont worry at least oil is down, well at least until they cant dump anymore reserves into the system.
  • J
    Inflation "only" 8.5% now. LOL!
  • t
    people think there is no inflation and Fed cutting rates. zero interest again,
  • R
    Make sure to lock in some profits on the bounce…vacation time on Nasdaq bounce money lolll
  • j
    There you go, fake cpi data revealed and is go time.
    Who cares that 90% of the population cant afford rent, mortgage, food and heating.
    Years of pain coming to anyone who is in debt.
    Dont worry the 10 year will give you 2.5% return in 10 years.
    Clown system
  • K
    Argentina hikes interest rate by 950 basis points to 69.5%.
  • j
    So it's a recession but it's not a recession.
    Cant make this up anymore
  • P
    Amazing to see the raw power of the manipulation machine. A series of significant month over month increase in Fed Funds Rate. But 10YR drops like a heavy boulder.
  • D
    Broken market
  • R
    Investors being forced into stockmarkets with 10 yr falling fast
  • J
    China & Taiwan goes to war for Pelosi. The United States must sanction Chinese exports. CPI will rise sharply.
  • X
    Expert say this is probably the beginning of a new bull market: "Evercore ISI Senior Managing Director says we may be looking at a cyclical bull market.
    "Look, I'm not saying today is day one of the next great secular bull market. But I'm telling you that we are probably in a cyclical bull market now," said Ross.
    "The bear market that commenced back in January, February on an index level, is over. The lows are in. And we should now be buying dips rather than selling rips, as has been the case for the last six months," he added.
    “When you think about an S&P that peaked around 4,800, I think 4,600 is a realistic upside target. I think 15 and change on the Nasdaq 100 (^NDX) is a realistic upside target. Those are levels, that are worth playing for,” he added." (Yahoo Finance)
  • J
    Yeah the Fed is going to start cutting rates in a few months. Brought to you by the same people who said bitcoin would hit six digits by December 2021.
  • S
    The Fed says; Interest rates for me, not for thee.
    That is the current stopgap game in the financial pyramid propping scheme right.
    They actually figured it out, how to raise the interest rates without the in-house financial problems of raising their own interest rates. Looks like when China dumped US treasuries, that really put a brink on any rate increase. So what does it mean. Is the Fed winning from their self-centered perspective or are they completely losing control. Are they massively pulling off this scam or are there near to losing control of the US as having any credible claim to the dollar being the dominate currency when the sanctions and complex oil markets are causing a massive loss of grip on being the de facto currency of transactions in conjunction with SWIFT which is getting it's first real tastes of competition now. Yeah, run-on m.f. sentence.
  • j
    Well each central bank is now committed to fight inflation with more money printing and lower interest.
  • R
    Its a miracle 10 yr at 2.64%
  • B
    Bond is over bought for sure. The resistance is in.