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    $AMZN conversation
    Remember when Amazon reported earnings loss in Q1, and I warned ahead of time showing their website hits dropped dramatically? Well, it's even worse now. After the Ukraine invasion, consumers stopped buying stuff they don't need because of a massive rise in oil prices, and therefore inflation. Q1 only included ONE month of the Ukrainian invasion effects (March). Wait until next quarter when their losses will include THREE full months of the Ukrainian invasion effects AND 2 full months of China's Shanghai lockdowns.

    Read the news about $TSLA production isn't ramping up? Supply chain issues. $AAPL indefinitely affected as China keeps locking down again in the future. Shanghai is opening up, but a report shows only 0.5% of companies are on a white list. That's HALF a percent of companies!!! It'll take time to get shipments to the rest of the world, months and months. The next 2-3 earnings will be epic losses.

    China's dead set on zero COVID policy, meaning the moment the virus just ticks up a few cases, they'll lock down hundreds of millions of people again. Putin isn't giving up no matter how many Russians or Ukrainians die. The only option is Feds keep raising rates aggressively and undoing a ridiculous $9 trillion QE balance sheet to lower inflation.

    The selling is nowhere close to be done. In a bull market, you buy the dips. In a bear market, you sell the rips.

    The Nasdaq $^IXIC $QQQ , S&P $^GSPC $SPY, Dow Jones $^DJI, and small caps $^RUT indices will need to fall -50% at MINIMUM. There's a good chance we'll see -70% or more given China's unwavering zero COVID policy.

    Click to see full image, or go to Wolfram Alpha website and plug in Amazon's address, and click the SHOW HISTORY. It's going to get so much worse.
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    I'm a firm believer that the world will survive global warming the question is will mankind survive in 35 years the world population will be 10 billion and I don't think we will get along any better than then we do now:)
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    Just incase you feel good about these present levels, take a look at the weekly, two year chart....
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    It's funny really, but someone told you if Biden "won" you would see the stock market crash, wars breakout and gas prices soar.
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    You did powell. Not only did you cause a market crash you’ll send us into a recession. Good job
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    Alberta Oil Fund
    I lost 2 years of profit, + another 5% down
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    "Inflation is an asset" J.B.

    We are rich in this Brandon asset!!!! way to go JOE!!!
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    This is about to break support, if it goes under 11K, good bye to whatever little left you had in ur 401k
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    IMHO recession is a given. It is the only tool your American Fed has to fight inflation that got out of hand. They cannot raise the rates despite all the noise. If they were serious to fight inflation with rates they would need to be at 7% minimum. We both know that is not going to happen because of the mountain of debt. So how else do you fight inflation? By slowing down the economy, hence recession. And you hope it will sort out inflation. And you hope the recession will be transitory. Lots of hope I know but this is what is being done and not just here but back at my place in London, UK, and Europe as well. Watch this space.
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    May end up the biggest stock market crash since 1929
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    Lin J
    That was very good guys. Just need about 22 more days in a row like this and Nasdaq will be 0. We can then pickup all the stocks for free. Keep up the good work.
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    This is exactly what I meant. Powell speaks market don’t move. Because the big players have calculated all the moves and they know which way they are going. They try to instill a trend. And they change the trend when everyone knows about it. And that’s why no one trusts Nasdaq. People have sold so much at 11,200. And many new short opens shorts at 11500 until even now. The market is controlled by the extremely wealthy. They move the markets. They get us out of our positions. They brought us back to pre-Covid levels. And everyone in NBC is saying it’s the end of the world?

    Really ? Or is this a rigged game they are playing to control the narrative. That’s why I’m not invested in shorting because it doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what the ultra wealthy think. And what their agenda is, they get the news faster than we do. And already 5 steps ahead of us. By the time we get a whiff it’s too late and we lose our shirts.
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    All yesterday gains
    evaporated................................... do NOT trust markets here.
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    Here are the reasons I sold out back in November an continue to wait it out.

    1. Stocks were WAY overpriced.
    2. The world around me reminded me of 2005 to 2007 Too much. It still does.
    3. Everyone I know is making good money with OT and they all bought new cars, side by sides, new expensive houses, and about 50 other BS items just because they can afford the payments.
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    Approaching the point of where the NASDAQ should've been naturally (10,500) if the FED didn't pump it astronomically in 2021.
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    Look for a bounce to 12,000 this week, going on to 8 straight weeks of red is unlikely, but I easily see us hitting 10,000 end of june.