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3,585.62-54.85 (-1.51%)
At close: 05:55PM EDT

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    First news that Tesla failed delivery target and you get massive bull posts and news trying to fog and cover up that fact. Just wait for second part of october, forecasts will sink faster than titanic.
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    For a Few Puts More
    Jeremy Grantham mentioned how, eventually, the larger caps start to roll over until the entire market gives way like one giant iceberg. Recent examples include NFLX, FDX, NKE....I'm probably missing several more. Watch Halloween earnings add to this list of melting icebergs until Mr. Grantham's forecast comes true.
  • R
    When the market crashes, it tends to go below the appropriate price levels. Don’t expect the crash to stop as soon as the S&P 500’s PE ratio becomes normal.
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    Ironically we are entering the same week that the market went down 20% in 2008...coincidence? I think not
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    Should we expect this to impact (put pressure on) treasury yields?

    China tells state banks to prepare for a massive dollar dump and yuan buying spree as Beijing's prior interventions have failed to stem its currency's worst year since 1994
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    Remember, this is just posturing as some investors were not happy with the split and are splitting (no pun intended). For the rest of us, we know GOOGL is a long play and are patient for the rewards.
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    Fridays action was critical. We entered into a technical bear market (20% )that started on Dec 27th. Since then we have normal bear market cycles of downward pressure and lower lows. 1/27 low @ 4397, 3/7 @4204, 5/16 @ 3901, 6/17 @ 3674. When we breached this low Friday we started another technical downward cycle. Each cycle varied in the amount but on the lowest side, 3400 is coming and possibly 3000. If you would have been following the advice of Paulson/Seigel and other hypesters given in January, you are down 30% plus this year. Very seldom do these doctorates bring up the chart between the fed rate and inflation rate. The 50 year chart will show you they are nearly equal/parallel historically. Currently inflation rate is 8.31 with a fed rate of 3.25. The fed will raise significantly to be inline. GLTA
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    We already broke into 3,500 territory yesterday! Is recessionary data getting better or worse today?
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    To those who saw the obvious signs and got out in time, congratulations.
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    Trai had better sell before it's too late...still has a chance to make a total return of 2.5% over the past 2.5 years.
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    This roller coaster chart is to welcome the lower low 3,400 ahead!
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    Broke 3600!
  • J
    And to think it started the day in the green. Go figure.
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    Massive rally ahead. Reversal imminent. Markets will be rallying well before the pause. I’m calling for a pause this November. We should be at 4500+ by November realistically.

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    Is it still considered a relief rally if you give it all back the next day? Ponder that.
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    Selling all stocks senselessly is not a good idea, but honestly, the smart people already at the end of last year would have sold a lot of stocks and held cash, like me.
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    I've been calling for the 3500 range since February. It feels good to finally be proven right after all the flack I have taken on this board since then.
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    That didn’t end well.