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  • M
    SP500 will be up huge on Monday! NASDAQ gets trimmed further!
  • l
    bonds spike, defaults expected at 10% near future, everyone and there dog is now a stock broker, all world investors piled in to the US stock markets, get paid 4.4% for junk or get 2.3% for 30 year bond, in what world do you think buying in this environment is a good idea not to mention the evaluations are out of this universe, P/E AVRG ratios 1re 15 to 1 they are closing on 40 to 1, do homework fundamentals will return and you will not want to be the one holding the bag when this falls apart.
  • J
    All sell-offs have historically been buying opportunities
    Did you know that every single sell-off and stock market correction in history has proved to be a buying opportunity? As mentioned previously, the S&P 500 has undergone 37 corrections over the past 70 years, each of which was eventually put into the rearview mirror by a bull-market rally. In other words, buying high-quality companies or index funds and being patient is an almost surefire way to create wealth.
  • J
    S&P 500 P/E ratio has only gone over 40 twice (46.5 Dec 2001 and 122.39 May 20). It crashed both times after that. It rarely goes above 30. It is at 39.27 today. It's coming, but nobody knows when....
  • A
    Here we are near the all time high of the S&P 500. How did we let it get so high. Earnings this year are slightly less than they were in Dec 2016. Yet the PE ratio is more than 2X. We should expect a correction to around 1900 (where the S&P 500 stood in Dec 2016) based on earnings. We let this market get WAY overvalued. Enjoy!
  • K
    interest rates distraction.
    they needed to liquidate to cover GME short positions or to get capital to maintain naked short position.

    they are still over 100% naked short.
    putting economy at risk.

    plus rates rising didnt help
  • D
    The federal reserve is bringing 100 new printing presses to keep this bubble going. How long can this go on??? We will be running out of trees to print money eventually.
  • N
    The SEC banned trading of 15 securities. But, allow the market makers to pump Airbnb 15% on reported $4billion dollar quarterly loss. Wake up people. The run is over and completely rigged.
  • J
    Powell told lawmakers it may take more than three years toreach the central bank's inflation goals, a further signal theFed plans to look beyond any post-pandemic spike in prices andleave interest rates unchanged for a long time to come.
    Well there u have it.
  • W
    Willi B. Weisenheimer
    Investors will be rewarded, but gamblers will be crushed by the markets. And these new brokerages that encourage destructive market gambling will be also be crushed.
  • C
    Biggest asset bubble of all time....thank you Federal Reserve for your recklessness. Creating an all-time high in a stock market while 20 million are unemployed and a small business sector crumbling from a pandemic proves how out of touch you are. The aftermath from this fiscal policy will be your downfall. The world has had enough of your recklessness.
  • A
    When the S&P 500 goes to 1900 (less than ½ of what it is currently at), there will be huge, widescale change. Speculators have let it get kicked up so high. Some stocks will drop to less than 10% of their current value. The drop will take 3-5 years to hit a floor. Remember in 2000 to 2004 how huge blue-chip companies were described – If you were to invest all your money in beer, percentagewise, the redemption value of just the empty cans that remained were worth more than the stock of those great companies just 2 years later. We’ll be feeling the pain for decades. Homes will be lost, marriages will be terminated due to the strife, lifestyles will be forever changed, individual bankruptcies will abound, cities and states will also file for bankruptcy. Investments based on borrowing will be exposed. Remember, when the tide goes out it is only then that you find who is not wearing a swimsuit. Bonds will default. On the bright side, dentists and orthodontists will do well because of all the grinding and gnashing of teeth.
  • C
    If people yell bubble every day, eventually they’ll be right
  • B
    I expect that 1.5 trillion will soon be pumped to the stock market. Buy on dip. 1 dollar issued by the Fed could mean 3 or more dollars in circulation. Earning will be block buster from the low base. The most dangerous place is probably holding cash and probably get robbed additional 10 percent of buying power. Innovations will keep inflation low and valuation of stock higher for a long time. If you go back in stock history, the 4 years after recession go up in double digits. Offense using equity is the best defense of depreciation of currency.
  • N
    They say inflation is back. Yet the young ones today have never seen inflation. The kids today clamour over "growth" stocks. But where will such companies' earnings be when they must refinance today's cheap debt at higher prices? No one in the financial industry talks about higher debt refinancing and how it will affect lower earnings. And just like today's real estate agents haven't seen hard times, so today's investment advisors are mostly kids who have not seen a major bear market. The products they sell actully sell themselves, so these kids are more like clerks rather than the sales people we remember. If inflation is on the rebound, then where do we invest while leaving the fluff behind? I say energies, food, industrial metals and banks.
  • S
    Silence Dogood
    Charlie Munger has said several times the best way to learn about business is to study the multi-decade financial results of great businesses.

    You must first decide what is a "great business". It's not difficult to make money if you have no morals.
  • T
    ROBINHOOD trading SINKING Markets !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    we need major rules here.....................................
  • B
    Oil futures in New York closed 0.5% higher on Thursday. The oil futures curve continues to signal a tighter market. U.S. crude inventories are near the lowest levels in about a year, while exports of five key crudes in the North Sea fields are seen slumping in April. As a result, crude time spreads are strengthening in a bullish structure known as backwardation. In a word, bullish on oil and marching.
  • W
    Willi B. Weisenheimer
    You can't rely on the Yahoo ticker tape. It's company factsheets and earnings page is also often wrong.
  • C
    The market is still 40% overvalued today. 2022 will finally be true valuation after people are kicked out of their rent/mortgage free homes....15+ million more are on the streets and the free government money runs out. Right now it is all Fed smoke and mirrors. Their balance sheet has tripled in past year....buying up $6 trillion of their newly minted debt. Without the Fed we would currently be in the worst recession of all time.