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    Corner Lot
    I can't get my head around valuations. I'm sitting on a pile of cash and only ankle deep in the market. Frustrating to see a PE of 40 is the new 10 and a PE of 100 is the new 20.
  • M
    Since tax plan, political risk and economic results are pouring in the end of this year, every investor wants to take profits! The slower, the less profit! That’s why we are seeing this expecting sell-off actually coming earlier this year!
  • A
    you know the stock market is based off of nothing these days, when it's only going up because a possibility of a stimulus check.....a package that is meant to help survive NOT thrive... big difference....if we were in a different economy where things were ok and for some odd reason the govt decides to give everyone free money, then and only then would it make sense for the market to behave the way it has been for the past few months...
  • s
    So what will change if the stimulus is approved? Does it bring back the 1980's or what? Such a shame where this once really great country has reached.
  • p
    I'm going to go out on a limp here and say that the Senate will not approve a 1.8T stimulus bill. There I said it.
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    Corner Lot
    The market is temporarily held up on stimulus hopes, vaccine hopes and upcoming election results. Economic indicators and company fundamentals will eventually put this market back into perspective. If you think differently you are not a investor but a gambler. Nothing wrong with that but usually is a losing strategy.
  • A
    people have gone from actually valuing companies and deciding whether they bargains or not..... to just buying anything and everything because others are telling them to ? it's no wonder the p/e ratios have gone through the roof....but hey that's what big news and institutions want. they want you to rely on what they are telling you, so that they can profit every single time off of the poor retail investors
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    Tommy P
    Market needs to give back all those gains that it was up on hopes. The only hopes that should be around is that the marklet hits new lows for the year.
  • T
    Markets headed for FRESH LOWS.
    cover 2200
  • L
    Lying Criminal Trump
    Barron's - Wall Street is lining up solidly behind Joe Biden, based on campaign contributions. Greg Valliere, chief U.S. strategist for AGF Investments, advises financial types “Some analysts say it’s simply a matter of backing a winner; others say a Biden presidency would be more stable and predictable, with a moderate trade policy and a huge stimulus in early 2021.
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    $SPY conversation
    Every night, futures green, but during the day time, the real chart shows a downtrend. Lower highs and lower lows. Smart money selling out under the guise of pump and dump non-existent stimulus before the mayhem come Nov 3 when Trump loses and incites civil war.

  • J
    it's really scary to be in a market that rely on free money from the's socialism at its purist.
  • C
    important update: stimulus talks continue
  • D
    Since the Democrats are leading in the Presidential race and will retain the House and perhaps gain in the Senate, it seems very unlikely that they will actually grant the Republicans any positive press by agreeing to any level of stimulus package until after the election.
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    Corner Lot
    A vaccine is complicated. If rushed will be unsafe and ineffective. If it was that easy wouldn't we have an effective flu vaccine? At this point its just a tool to pump the feeble market.
  • B
    NEWSBREAK: Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele voting for Joe Biden
  • m
    Unemployment numbers break a mil tomorrow.
  • B
    Some day we will find that much of the invested funds that are over inflating our stock markets are coming from China thru US intermediaries...they buy US companies that help their cause to transform the US...

    I.E. they own the controlling interests in companies like Fox News/Disney etc
  • M
    one way markets again, dont short anything, never seen anything like it, all dips being bought 11 years
  • M
    we got no stimulus, no vaccine, and record in covid infections and hospitalizations, but they ran market up 11% this month from Sep levels