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  • B
    Balici Rahela
    Bitcoin at $20k is depressing…
    Scary indeed…
    Lots of people have lost their money trying to hold…
    But it’s on the rise again
    The market is green and the best time to trade
    Quick advice… Do not hold crypto.. trade it, try to flip and double it.. chances of gaining and profiting is higher…
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    Coronavirus Tips Covid Flu Patch
    If you live near a nuclear plant, sell and buy elsewhere because property values are going down
  • S
    More tax money spent on one prisoner than one foster child in USA.
  • T
    Another interesting development -The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York law that placed strict restrictions on carrying concealed firearms in public for self defense, finding its requirement that applicants seeking a concealed carry license demonstrate a special need for self-defense is unconstitutional.
  • T
    What a wonderful day. What a wonderful day! (from Mad Max Fury...applies here too).
  • a
    Just to be clear: The market plummeted on fears of recession. Then, Powell confirms that those fears of recession are warranted and recession is “possible” then the market jumps 1,000 points? Help me understand how that makes sense?
  • C
    Here is what I called yesterday:

    $^DJI conversation
    Bottom may be in. Tomorrow is day 4 of a breakout attempt...Tomorrow or Monday we need to see monster volume and up 800-1000 points. If that happens its off to the races, if not then we will have a failed attempt heading south with another lower low...

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  • R
    Average car payment is $650 per month. How does the average person afford that? When do the defaults start?
  • J
    After today’s Supreme Court decision I will be investing in mobile homes
  • S
    Anyone think we will have 6/24/22 committee hearing on this Row v Wade
    issue. Another reason to spend our tax dollar
  • P
    Mother bear cashing out. Folks many economic advisors approved this message. Recession in the U.S. is 'absolute certainty' in the third quarter. Short or long-term economic pain is inevitable. Fed's action. will effect severity
  • T
    Don't know what the big ado is over the overturning of Roe vs. Wade (U.S.), it just takes it out of the Federal govt. domain and gives it to the individual states to decide. Now companies are weighing in, Why? guess companies under pressure- to get political- Whatever happen to contraceptives that prevent? what about voice for unborn child? tired of hearing from the left- how the poor(poverty) minorities are going to be affected, they should be concerned that people have to live in poverty.
  • k
    Kamala Harris: 'This is a heath care crisis'
  • j
    Investment# 15 is Marty and Joey And about 20 other different ideas that is a fact 
  • R
    Robert 2.0
    Market is up why ?
  • C
    Riots over weekend will #$%$ markets Monday..
  • M
    Success depends on the actions and steps you take to achieve it. Show me a man without investment and I will tell you how long it will take for him to go bankrupt. Investing creates a safe heaven for the future with the right investment choice that has at least 3% minimum risk and with the advice of an expert, profits and the interest are 100% guaranteed..
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    Mad Tater
    Single handedly being held up by CSSE, unbelievable
  • E
    I just sold old, made 155K today alone
  • B
    The market loves babies