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  • m
    Over 50% of the US population pays no taxes at all despite being the biggest users of government services. Time for them to start paying their fair share.
  • S
    We get red days all the time but we rarely set this many market record highs less than halfway thru the year. Say what you will but certain sectors of the economy are booming to the point production and manufacturing can't keep up. Product shortages are going to hold things back a bit but there is a big demand for stuff!!!
  • W
    Keep buying the PEAK!!
    Day traders love you!
  • n
    nick name
    Times are good! ... Trillions in deficit, runaway social programs, I mean "social infrastructure investment", 20 million workers drawing unemployment benefits - yet unemployment rate is reported as only 2% points higher than 2 years ago when the economy was reported to be performing better than any time during previous 50++ years; material shortage of all types; highest inflation in 50 years; highest budget deficit in history of the modern world .... things are indeed good! Remenber the 80's song ... future is so bright I have to wear ....
  • 元▲- †ȞƐ ƦξV€Ř∑И̼̱͇Ɖ -☯♍
    Unprecedented "free" government cheese handouts. Simple business ideas with billion dollar valuations. Digital air worth billions based on celebrity tweets. Commodity prices soaring like a runaway train. Easy math.
  • B
    Rates at 0, print an additional 40% of the money that was in circulation pre Covid, allow and encourage massive speculative buying of all asset classes, inflation is bad and getting rapidly worse and the Fed refuses to raise rates..... what can go wrong?
  • O
    Original Soothsayer
    The dips will get bigger and the attempted recoveries will get smaller, as we go on.
  • G
    Anyone know the % of people who own stocks in this country vs those who don't? I'm not selling until I see the FED stop propping up the markets with $Billions of funny money.
  • G
    Amazing what can happen when a president doesn't politicize a virus to win an election and instead makes it priority #1.
  • 1
    1929 Stock Market Crash
    It needs to crash to 17000 again for a fair valuation and fresh money to invest without fearing they are buying the top
  • O
    Original Soothsayer
    If you haven't noticed the markets have been plateauing, you haven't looked at a stock chart.
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    Original Soothsayer
    How can you reverse every economic policy of the last 4 years but keep the stock market performance of the last 4 years? You can't.
  • R
    For those of you who haven't been here before, the Markets are displaying Pre-crash behavior.
    Ignore deceivers Powell, Yellen, China Joe and Kam ala Toe. You're welcome.
  • J
    If yellen raises rates that will be create a sizeable selloff.
  • S
    Headlines saying a "micro crash" just occurred with Dow futures falling below 34k - but are suggesting to buy the dip 😄
  • t
    I’m so glad I’m out of the markets. Inflation ,rising interest rates coming and higher taxes. Not good
  • D
    I'm dumping everything in this market, you just can't lose, there is no risk, just making it up and up and up what a wonderful world this is.
  • J
    ADP employment 742k vs 850k expected. Yet another negative data point to add to the past several weeks worth. This is what Joey's trillions get us?
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    Original Soothsayer
    Remember when the FED was committed to controlling inflation? Like when it raised interest rates to 2.25% in 2018 despite the fact that inflation never got over 1.6%, just because they thought it MIGHT? LOL. Current FED policy is purely political. There is no economic justification to have zero rates at this point.