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San Francisco International, Terminal 2

Where: San Francisco, CA

Think of as the recycled airport—but in a good way. Architecture firm Gensler tackled a $383 million renovation of the terminal, with a focus on being green. The result is the first terminal in the US to achieve LEED gold status. Building material from the old terminal was reused, and passengers can refill water bottles at “hydration stations” around the terminal. SFO also doubles as an accredited art museum; look out for the hanging sculptures and rotating art exhibits. There’s also dedicated play areas for children and a yoga room. Even the shops and restaurants are cool. Take your pick from Kiehl’s, Pinkberry, or Vino Volo wine bar.

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World's Most Stylish Airports

While nobody enjoys hanging around an airport for hours thanks to delays or long layovers, it’s safe to say that once you’re past security, the experience has greatly improved in recent years. Airports have spent millions revamping their terminals, and while most of the changes are functional, some of that money has gone toward improving both design and amenities. Airport architects have transformed once-bland spaces into light-filled, inspiring areas filled with everything from indoor tropical gardens to massive art installations. The buildings themselves can also be works of art, often inspired by their surroundings, whether they be the Pacific Ocean, prairie lands, or a series of rocks. Here’s a look at 10 of the world’s most stylish airports.

By Christina Valhouli