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12 hotel Images of the city that could have been

Designer Anthony Lumden proposed a 30-story hotel located 300 feet off shore in Pacific Ocean Park. The 600-room cylindrical hotel was drafted by Carlos Diniz and was commissioned by real estate developer and rancher John “Jack” Morehart. A four-year back-and-forth resulted in the death of the idea, and the area is just a plain old beach today.

Wildest architecture dreamt but never built

In these never-realized proposals of architects, designers and other

dreamers, you'll get a rare peek at an alternate universe where a sports

club that looks like a spaceship perches on a hill, and where you can

climb the world's tallest building up a spiraling walkway three miles

long. It's a city that never was -- but it could have been. | By Ilyce

Glink, Yahoo Homes