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Lizard Lick, North Carolina

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Lizard Lick, North Carolina
The name 'Lizard Lick' is tied up in old folklore about bootleggers, lizards, and whiskey. They got their first stoplight in 1997. It was a very exciting time in Lizard Lick.

Welcome to Hell, Michigan! 7 Hilarious and Unfortunately Named Cities in the USA

I can still remember the horror I felt as a child driving to Dead Horse Point State Park in Southern Utah. My mom was fully aware of my deep passion for horses, so why on Earth would she take me to such a terrible place where there were dead horses around everywhere? Why not take me to 'Live Pony Stables' or 'Very Healthy Horse Ranch?' Turns out there were no dead horses at Dead Horse Point, just a terrible name derived from a terrible incident that never went away. Some are just strange (Toad Suck?) while others are just ever so slightly off. Ever wonder how some of the most terribly named places in the U.S. came to be named? I asked my friends on Facebook to tell me what the most ridiculously named places and towns around them were and these are their responses. Click through for 7 hilarious and unfortunately named cities in the USA! -By Casey Mullins


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