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Top trends in airline food

Organic Meals -- Travelers are increasingly in search of healthier in-flight food options, according to a joint survey from airline food site Inflight Feed and the women business travel group Maiden Voyage. Flying Food Group's Gin says she sees evidence of that nutritious trend in the uptick of fliers eating fish, white meat chicken and other lean proteins. Side dishes have also taken a particularly wholesome turn: "Grains have become very popular and greens have become very popular. I think that's sort of a sign of the times," Gin said. "People want to eat healthy, but they want to have something that's kind of special or something maybe that they wouldn't have at home." Kullaflyg, a small Sweden-based airline with an environmentally friendly mission, capitalized on this diet-conscious trend by providing economy class passengers with organic in-flight meals. The airline obtains its food and beverage items from local farms, bakeries and other nearby businesses, and prepares all meals on each flight's day of departure. Similarly, Air Canada's NutriCuisine menu was developed through a partnership with the healthy eating program, Food with a Conscience. The program, which debuted in 2009, adheres to low-sodium, additive and preservative-free standards, among other guidelines. For those watching their weight, Virgin America includes calorie counts and nutrition information on their in-flight menus. --Photo by think4photop/Shutterstock

Top trends in airline food

Onboard space constraints, limited convection ovens and a major lack of ambiance all detract from the enjoyment of skillfully prepared in-flight cuisine. But the parties who provide airline food won't let fliers' dining experiences become subpar. Over the past few years, airlines across the globe — from US Airways to the United Arab Emirates' Etihad Airways — have reinvented ways to serve up savory mile-high meals. To bring you what's innovative (and delicious) in in-flight fare,U.S. News Travel spoke with two industry insiders: corporate executive chef Bob Rosar of airline catering company Gate Gourmet and Sue Ling Gin, founder and CEO of fellow in-flight food provider Flying Food Group. Prepare to have your taste buds taken to new heights with these seven growing trends. | Allison Michaels

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