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Best for Families

A stay at , on , goes way beyond Mickey Mouse and friends. The familiar characters are there, but so is five-star luxury and almost unparalleled aquatic fun. Aulani’s extensive pools include a river, rapids, tubing, caverns, and an extreme water slide. Even teens give the resort high marks for its teen-only pool parties and the all-teen spa. Adults have their own quiet pool with poolside bar. At this resort the whole family can enjoy.

Top 10 Hawaiian Resorts for 2013

Many facets make the Hawaiian Islands popular as vacation destinations, from breathtaking beaches and ocean fun to gorgeous tropical flora and lush rainforests.Along with the islands' natural beauty is a rich cultural history of music, dance, and arts. As it that weren't enough of a reason to book a trip, many of Hawaii's hotels world-class destinations themselves. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a family adventure, these are our favorite hotels of the year. 

By Leslie Lang