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Rinspeed XchangE

This the GQ future of driverless cars

And, it's so bright, apparently, you gotta wear shades. We all know autonomous vehicles are coming, and while automakers have been slaving away to develop the mechanics to bring such technology to life, the Rinspeed XchangE has taken a Tesla Model S and envisaged the freedom it may offer its passengers. The concept takes first class air travel and adapts it for the road, featuring a big screen TV, plenty of touchscreens with internet access, and even a coffeemaker. The idea will debut in real life at the Geneva auto show next month, and while it remains merely a vision, it doesn't take much to see that this is the future.

We mightn't all be on-board with driverless cars, but experiencing the autonomous world through Rinspeed's eyes does make it seem more bearable.