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These artists know how to nest

This nest by Jayson Fann sits at a home in Carmel, Calif. It seats 10 people and cost $15,000. "We celebrated the completion of this nest with a wonderful party featuring a Congolese dance company performance," Fann says on his website.

Human-size nests are extensions of home

They’re round, they’re made of tree branches and they’re perched up in the air. But these nests aren’t for the birds. They’re built by humans for humans.

Artists such as Jayson Fann of Big Sur, Calif., and Porky Hefer of Cape Town, South Africa, are redefining the term “nesting” by designing nests that act as playful extensions of home. (And here's just how playful: In one case, at slide 23, two nests are connected by a slide!) 

Why? To find out, click here for the full story on these human nests (plus video) on Yahoo! Homes' Spaces blog. | By Ilyce Glink, Yahoo! Homes